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Saturday, April 23, 2005


Don't fuget ya bunch o meatheads. A big tuh doo tomorrow at dah lame-caster town hall. Ya betta believe I will be deh. In full force baby!

Lancaster Caucus and Coos County Dem Meeting Sunday 4pm
Lancaster Town Hall

Friday, April 22, 2005


House passes pork-laden energy bill

The House of Representatives approved broad energy legislation yesterday by a vote of 249 to 183. The 1,000-plus-page bill contains some $12 billion in tax breaks and subsidies for energy companies, less than 5 percent of which go to clean energy or energy conservation. It contains a provision that would funnel $2 billion to deep-water oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. It would open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. It would allow "downwind" states to delay meeting air-quality standards until "upwind" states have met them. And it would protect from liability lawsuits the makers of MTBE, a fuel additive that has contaminated some 1,800 community water systems in 29 states, with projected clean-up costs of $29 billion. All of these measures, say critics, pad the pocketbooks of large political contributors but do next to nothing to solve the country's long-term energy problems or current high gas prices. House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Joe Barton (R-Texas) was philosophical: "well, isn't something better than nothing?" The bill's fate in the Senate is uncertain, but a supportive Bush administration is optimistic.

straight to the source: The New York Times, Carl Hulse, 21 Apr 2005
straight to the source: The Washington Post, Justin Blum, 22 Apr 2005
straight to the source: USA Today, Associated Press, 21 Apr 2005

from daily grist
I thought Will would like this one.

Next Door Neighbors

Howard Dean has said no, so it looks like Bernie might be the man to replace Jeffords in Vermont.

And, according the sirotablog, Dems are quickly coalescing around Bernie Sanders for U.S. Senate.

The Boston Globe reports that Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) said if/when Sanders declares his candidacy, "senior members of the [Democratic] party would discourage other Democrats from challenging Sanders, avoiding a three-way race that could tip the election to a Republican in the liberal-leaning state." Meanwhile, AP reports that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), head of the Democrats Senatorial campaign committee, said it is "very possible" that Democrats would back Sanders.

Washington Post reports, "Sanders has proved an effective vote-getter in Vermont since winning his House seat in 1990, often appealing to working-class conservatives by stressing trade protection, jobs and higher wages." The paper continues, "he has been treated as a Democrat in the House and likely would face only GOP opposition.", the terrific grassroots progressive organization, today sent out a note asking Vermonters whether it should aggressively back Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the 2006 open-seat Senate race.

If you are a Vermonter, go to Moveon's special Vermont site to respond to their letter - and let them know Bernie deserves their support in 2006.Why is this important? Because Bernie doesn't take corporate PAC money, meaning he has to raise money the old fashioned way: through the grassroots. Groups like Moveon will be critical to raising the small dollar, grassroots contributions that he needs to keep this seat for the Democrats.

All of this post comes from the siroateblog. Here is the moveon post and here is Dems support bernie post.

More Medicaid woes.

It's news like this in and others like the tragic tales I have been giving you off the floor that make me, and I'm sure even Herb and Edie, wonder what the hell the Righties are doing still controlling the purse strings??? If you check this thing out you will see where another slippery slope lies for our numbers crunchers in Concord to relay to Washington. If we say we're doing well, then we get beat by the Feds. If we say we're in dire straits, then the RMC gets more heat. ( Frankly, I hope they get heated right out of the stove) Coupled with the way our solons vote to keep our own Federal tax $$$ going to other states and this new Medicaid metrics from Washington, Fred King may be on to something with helping wealthy towns keep their funding to campaigns going strong. No win for anyone at this point except the usual RMC's. Check out the link to Stateline. You better sit down. GET ACTIVE!!!

Gambling, Bass and other gems.

There are a few good stories that this blogoscyte has been relating already in todays NHInsider that allows you to link to expanded, readable versions of my coffee fueled blerbs. Some of you may have noticed (or not) that I didn't include "Granite Status" from the Righty Union Leaders propaganda rag in yesterdays blogos. That's because it sucked. Peace.

Political Songs

Here is a cool song I heard on the Mike Mallory Show:

Elroy - Republicans Suck

You can download it for free here.

As always you can download my Anti-Bush Songs here. I recommend Bushism 102.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mediacid funding update.

Something is rotten in Denmark and it isn't just Shaws produce. It appears that more than a few shenanigans (skulduggery) is going on with Medicaid funding and the dispersment of funds. This is a breakdown of the voting for the monster HB691 Medicaid funding bill that is as big as HB1, HB1a and HB2 (see related post).

Unfortunate NAYS- (the correct vote)
Buzzell, Buco, Mears, Merrick, McLeod, Theberge, and 2 Righties Richardson and Remick. About the only 2 with a conscience.

The dirty YEAS- King, Lary, Morneau, Tholl, Stohl, Ward. ( Essex, Abbott)
I have a couple of wayward D's from the Flatland that may just make the poll for the shed this month. Anyone with additional dish on these 2 turn coats, send me an e-chat and I'll gladly put them up, semiLefty David Essex, Hillsborough and semiLefty Dennis Abbott, Rockingham. The ONLY 2 Dems to vote this terrible bill with the Righties. The ramifications of this bill, should it pass the Senate with no re-consideration, is tragic.

Now these guys have RRR all around them so my guess is they sissied out and are now drinking a few pints of the amber nectar with their new Republican Allaince buds. I haven't met these 2 shit bags yet but if you read that post from yesterday (linked above) you can get the idea of what this HB691 really means to lots of unfortunate people. Madda fack, these 2 Righties in RED clothing are on the shed list. These 2, plus Lynch and Kathy Sullivan. There's your wood shed poll candidates.

Anyhooo, more on the HHS debacle. Current financing aside, there seems to be talk of serious investigation to corruption, graft, nepotism, cronyism, antiblogism and all kinds of other regular Righty standard operating procedure. It seems that contentions made by more than one solon, former HHS workers and in and out of state parties that do binezz with our own community health service providers and case management providers are leading down a trail of terrible abuse of power and bilking the tax payers out of millions from services not provided properly. This ice berg is massive and the AG will have her hand full trying to find out potential collusion in her own ranks. You probably heard it here first. The cow flaps will be hitting the fan before the World Series is over. This professional losing former House candidate will keep all 14 of you apprised. This will be huge!!! VIGILANCE says I.!!!

Right to vote.

Is appears the Secretary of State made a big sale to keep the First in the Nation gaff here in the Granite State. Mr. Gardner advised Senators to kill the HB154 party affiliation bill that would have required mandatory party allegiance for 90 days after a primary election. He said it would infringe on peoples rights to choose and hinder participation in the elections. I agree there. Now I can't find out how anyone voted on this yet but it is clear that our local guy usually does not have a problem taking free choice away from we the people. Especially if his party bosses ( read; lobbyist campaign donors) , require him to do so. This first in the nation things is still a mystery to me. I guess we will become as insignificant as the square states if we don't continue to bribe folks like Howard Dean to ensure our first status? Hmmm. Interesting. Anyhooo, you undeclareds can keep your undecalredness for at least this next cycle and until the Righties can figure the wording on this thing to make it more palitable for the Sec'y of State to swallow.
I'm beat. See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

HB90 Senate hearings and more

These important developments forwarded by trooper Susan B from more than one source. Susan is still well aware that when she wins the Nobel Prize for Journalism and the $1M, she buys me lunch. Maybe a yummy steak at Merlinos!!!

I asked our point gal for some insight on todays hearings and we are treated to some graft and potential payoffs for passage of the original damaging SB458...

The hearing was before the transportation committee - chaired by Letourneau, vice chair is Morse. Letourneau, Morse, and Flanders ( half the committee) received campaign contributions from CMI after SB458 passed last year.

Letorneau: $500
Morse: $100
Flanders: $100

Letorneau was the one they dug the deepest for.

The other CMI recipients:

Clegg: $250
Gallus: $250
Boyce: $200
Boyce: $250 (yes, Boyce was gifted twice)

Poor Gallus can't seem to remember who asked him to sponsor this bill. Yeahright.

This following story sheds some light on the nuts and bolts of the hearing. Forgive me again on the format difficulties...

Nate Giarnese and David Carkhuff
CONCORD—The same Senate committee that last year passed the controversial race track law, Senate Bill 458, took extensive testimony Wednesday on another bill calling for its partial repeal.The Senate Transportation Committee Wednesday morning heard over two hours of arguments on House Bill 90, a bill to restore local jurisdiction over a proposed driving facility in Tamworth. This bill, drafted by local representatives, recently was amended to fall short of a full repeal of SB 458 but to remove a critical clause. The targeted clause exempted the planned Club Motorsports Inc. driving facility from a Tamworth race track ordinance. Under passage of HB 90, that exemption of the proposed track from local ordinance would be eliminated.Last year SB 458 passed the House and Senate unanimously, although legislators in both houses later conceded they heard only developers' side of the story.The April 20 hearing overflowed Senate committee chambers, mostly attracting staunch opponents of SB 458. Area citizens and officials charged the law passed far too silently.Conway selectmen supported passage of House Bill 90. The board sent newly elected selectman Mark Hounsell to submit testimony during the packed hearing in Concord."I think the testimony to pass it was very compelling. I went down and read the selectmen's letter," Hounsell said in an interview following the April 20 hearing.In a strongly worded letter to the Senate committee, selectmen said they believe that local decisions "should be supported by the state legislature, not contradicted or overturned through legislative sleight-of-hand."Selectmen voted 5-0 Tuesday to lend their support to passage of House Bill 90 "because it restores local control," Hounsell said."It was packed, standing room only," Hounsell said of the morning hearing of the N.H. Senate Transportation and Interstate Cooperation Committee. "Clearly attendance was in favor of those in favor of passage."Rep. Howard "Crow" Dickinson, one of the sponsors of HB 90, gave a synopsis of the bill.The effort to repeal Senate Bill 458 has ignited strong emotions on both sides of the controversial Club Motorsports Inc. driving facility proposal.The state law robbed towns across the state of control of similar projects, according to Hounsell. He told the committee that the original law passed in an "unfortunate turn of events."Sponsors of SB 458 have maintained the law simply carves out a spot in the state's economy for a new type of business and that it passed legally and did not usurp authority from towns. They argue that communities can opt to pass zoning laws to regulate any development. Senate Bill 458 backers Wednesday called HB 90 an effort to subvert legitimate, locally approved Senate legislation. "By approving HB 90, you are taking (local control) away from local people," said State Rep. Harry Gale, who voted in committee to kill a full repeal of SB 458, before the House passed the amended version. Gale and other repeal opponents Wednesday said most Tamworth locals, including Tamworth selectmen, want the driving facility. Supporters spurned the effort at partial repeal, calling it the work of a wealthy special interest group, Focus: Tamworth.House Bill 90 supporters, however, who have testified repeatedly at hearings in Concord and in Tamworth, said again Wednesday that CMI made a secretive detour to the state to dodge a local race track ordinance, crafted by resident volunteers and local officials. The legislature "blundered" into town business last year, setting a "dangerous precedent," said State Rep. Peter Schmidt, D-Dover."Legislators blundered into a situation they would better not be in," said Schmidt, who wrote the House committee minority report, supporting the repeal."It removes a portion of every town and city in New Hampshire, a portion of local control," he said.Focus: Tamworth member Steven Gaal told lawmakers that while many citizens may welcome the track, with its promised jobs and tax relief, Tamworth has proven in voting patterns its determination to regulate such a facility locally. Gaal said he didn't know how many residents want CMI as a neighbor, but said, "We do know very clearly about how the citizens of Tamworth feel about regulating the track." Should HB 90 pass, he said, "Taxes will still accrue, but the community will have control." Club Motorsports President Lloyd Dahmen warned lawmakers that to overturn the state law would tell businessmen to think twice before bringing new enterprises to New Hampshire."You would send a very clear message to businessmen who are thinking about building in New Hampshire," Dahmen said, warning that anyone with long-range, big-dollar projects may shy away from the state "because a year later the entire legislative landscape can be changed on you."Should HB 90 pass the Senate and eventually become law, officials said Tamworth likely would regain some control of the Club Motorsports development — control lost under SB 458. If the Derry developer operates in a manner outside the law's definition of a practice track, local control would kick in, they agreed. That means SB 458 likely would continue to define the Club Motorsports facility as a practice-style track, separating it from a larger, louder, Loudon-style spectator facility, officials agreed.

Last word from the floor

After one heckuva long day, the Big Granite Block House is closed for binezz. The second portion of the biennial budget passed with HB2 voted yea. The good guys tried a slick parliamentary move along strict party lines to upend the bill so the whole dirty budget, including HB1, would have to be reconsidered. Due to the gutting and starving of essential services and the developmentally disabled, mental health care, special community health service programs and medicaid provisions, this bill is still over 10% above last terms spending with approximately $9B. Tragic. Who is paying whom???

The school funding package HB616 passed with no help from Fred King to the North Country. Fred put in his own finance committee chairmanship version of some crap that got blown out of the House. A real floor amendment was then passed , then the main bill along with the new amendment. A Fred King attempt to reconsider was also blocked by logical heads. It seems that the North Country towns all get a bump in finding again no thanks to Fred. I thing Fredhole is planning on moving to Amherst or Milford and will be hailed as the man there since his heart seems to be trying to help those districts instead of his own. You know I hate pork but this is basic funding without the bacon. Maybe Freds grandchildren live down that way??? See you at Edies retirement party Chairman King. Well, at least I'll see your pics in the paper.

Anyone who's anyone...

Now here is one gig not to miss. I don't know how this Dorothy gal gets such cool guests??? Maybe because hubby Stan was on the State platform committee so they all owe these 2 party troopers huge? I don't get it. We can't even get Nick and Johanna on our side of the hill.
Dorothy sent this little invite and I'm thinking it would behoove us stalwarts to spend a few bob and listen to the former Secretary of Energy speak. Guvnah Richardson was also on the short list last cycle for Veep. Hmmm. Maybe testing the H2O for a higher seat??? Here's Dorothy's announcement...

The Carroll County Democrats will hold their 10th Annual Grover Cleveland Dinner on Wednesday, June 8th at the Grand Summit Hotel in Bartlett, NH. The event begins at 6 pm with a cocktail hour and dinner at 7 pm. The cost is $40 per person. Our special guest speaker is Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico. Please contact Dorothy Solomon at 447-1199 for tickets.

Hope to see you there.

Vote for the shed.

The first edition of the Liberal Patriot Newsletter hit the streets yesterday and early public opinion is it will be an excellent tool for informing the electorate and great for free media. You 14 regular readers of this particular media outlet in the blogoshere are in for a treat. There is a column in the newsletter penned, (mostly) by this semi-novice blogologist called "Takin' 'Em To The Woodshed". A run down of vital local and state political dish. Towards the end of the column I do indeed take a straying Lefty to the shed for a strightening out session. This is where you come in. I want your votes for the next recipient of a round trip ticket to the woodshed!!! We'll keep a count of your candidates during the time in between printings and let you know the ongoing progress and the results will be announced in the next newsletter. You can vote for any peoples party figure you want and I do have a few suggestions already. {Incedentally, being as I am one of the keepers of the key to this particular piece of free press and free speech, I may not allow you to vote me into the wood shed. If you feel the need to send me there, start your own blog} If you actually read this thing you could probably figure out my current potential wood shed recipients. My best bud Susan B won't argue with my next choice I'm sure as she was instrumental in my noticing the last straying party dog. Sooo, get your choices in for the next errant party solon or committee chair/party hack and they just might catch the wrath of the Liberal Patriot readership. Now GET ACTIVE!!!

Hemp update.

Representative Merrick advised the Senate Enviro Committee, of which Senator Gallus sleeps, yeasterday and Superscott said it went well. Gallus did not, however, give his full, unfettered support to this HB55. Word is that Gallus will cave to the prehistoric backward thinking of the Righty party as usual and it sounds like the law enforcement community is lobbying hard and is totally against this type of practical legislation for economic development and agricultural progress.

You may remember, and if you don't I'll remind you so you can tell your freinds, this HB55 passed the House although all Righties Richardson, Stohl, Morneau, King, Tholl, Remick voted against. Tholl and Stohl have law enforcement backgrounds. Frankly, I think if you enforce the law, you should not be making the law. I see a conflict here. PROGRESS!!!

Fresh from the floor.

This is just the taudry affairs of politics that keep Citizen Colin Powell from seeking elected office. This is also the stuff that disgusts me to the point of infuriation and keeps me in the game with more unbridled, unabashed, and alot more adjectives, to get the Majority Righty Cowards out of office.

The point, (please) is the added tax to smokers. Now I know alot of us environmentally freindly folks don't care but the HB535 cigarette tax hike is passed the House. Another 28 cents on the backs of a discriminatory few. We would all be upset if they added a tax to our beloved amber nectar I'm sure. Anyhooo, an additional few pennies to fund education while apporximately $1M annually from the tobac tax does fund smoker related illnesses. Nuff said.

Here's the spoiled meat... HB1 ( the first part of the State budget) has passed the House with no additional (approximately as reported yesterday) $23M to fund essential services to medicaid and HHS. This doesn't even include the new, updated, strategically placed, $15M shortfall hidden, that's right I said hidden, by another potentially corrupt Righty figure in HHS. This failed amendment, Hager/Wallner, would have reaped an additional $9M, thats nine freekin million sheckles, from Federally matched funds. This fed $$$ was ours to begin with and these Righty bucket heads have given it to some other State with all the reckless abandon of a Marine coming off the hill, spending his pay down town once a month. Now these Righty obstructionists that helped kill the Federal funding assistance and basic State funding to essential medicaid and HHS services, and vote against any support for developmentally disabled, community health programs and mental health care include Fred King, RRR- Colebrook, Eric Stohl, RRR Columbia, Renney Morneau (who???) R-Berlin and Littletons own John Ward, RRR.

Now Representative Ward will need to explain to White Mountain Regional Health Center located in his own district, why they have to boot out most of the developmentally challenged and mentally handicapped patients to seek healthcare, oh, I don't know, Canada. We buy their hemp, we might as well buy their health care too.

Disabled and mentally challenged conservative compassion is only available 3-6 weeks before the general election. This is the stuff to get all those aformentioned adjectives together and get friggin hot at the MRC's overwhelmingly shortsighted, narrow minded, obdurate thinking and management methods. I think even the Coos Economic Development Corp would give up their County tax payer supplied pork and would give a few pennies to allow funding for these down trodden souls that Hubert Humphrey warned us years ago to protect.

The second portion of the State budget, HB2, is on the floor as we speak. GET HOT!!!

Veterans stabbed in the back

Dorothy Solomon, the Carroll County Head RightyBasher, sent me this little tid-bit this A.M. Now this guy Congressman Bradley is on several committees dealing with veterans issues and last year he voted against a pivotal amendment to fund future veterans needs. His back stabbing last year will result in $40-B to be reduced from military housing and veterans services in the next dacade. Bass didn't even know what PTSD was when I posed a question concerning the issue during his last fishing trip to ripoff Social Security. (Hey wait, trip???) Read the following PR and you decide where Congressmen Bradley, and Bass and Senators Gregg and Sununu have their hearts and heads. No bravehearts speaking up for our military on the New Hampshire Federal delegation. Not nearly in the best interest of military families and veterans. Tragic.

News Release

April 14, 2005

Veterans Health Care Supplemental Defeat a ‘Bitter Disappointment’

Disabled American Veterans National Commander James E. Sursely today expressed the organization’s bitter disappointment that the United States Senate blocked an amendment to the $80 billion supplemental appropriation bill to provide $2 billion to cover a critical shortfall in funding for veterans medical care.

“Less than half way through the current fiscal year, Veterans Affairs medical facilities across the country have already run out of money and face huge deficits, an emergency situation if there ever was one,” Sursely said.

The amendment failed to win approval in two procedural votes that saw just one Republican, Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter, along with every Democrat and the Senate’s lone Independent voting in favor.

The amendment, offered by Senators Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii), would increase funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs by $1.98 billion for the current fiscal year and designate it as emergency spending. Some $840 million of that money would be used to provide each veterans regional health network with an additional $40 million. The amendment designated $610 million to address the needs of servicemembers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and $525 million would be used to provide mental health care and treatment for veterans.

“That money is urgently needed to stem the flow of red ink that threatens health care for today’s veterans and thousands of men and women injured and disabled during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Commander Sursely. “Sick and disabled veterans are bitterly disappointed that some in Congress refuse to act before this emergency becomes an even worse crisis.”

“VA facilities in every region of the country have exhausted reserve funds to meet critical needs. Many have stopped hiring doctors and nurses because of shortfalls, while still others have cut back or even eliminated medical services. Health care for millions of today’s and tomorrow’s veterans is in limbo because Congress and the Administration have continually failed to adequately fund the VA,” Sursely said.

The 1.2 million-member Disabled American Veterans, a non-profit organization founded in 1920 and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1932, represents this nation’s wartime disabled veterans. It is dedicated to a single purpose: building better lives for our nation’s disabled veterans and their families. For more information, visit the organization’s Web site


A rose by any other name...

Some definitions from economic for some commonly thrown around words:

Liberalism is a political current embracing several historical and present-day ideologies that claim defense of individual liberty as the purpose of government. It typically favors the right to dissent from orthodox tenets or established authorities in political or religious matters. In this respect, it is held in contrast to conservatism.

With the coming of industrialization, a new wave of liberal thinkers began seeing government as a tool to encourage social progress and hence supported government action as a means to this end. This was a departure from the belief that government interventionism restricted liberty and thus inevitably retarded progress. The change led to a fundamental split in "liberalism" as a broad ideology, with one wing believing that the tenets of liberalism had been set by the late 18th and early 19th century, and another believing that liberalism was an evolving commitment to progress.

These two diverging branches of liberalism are known in the United States and some other countries today as libertarianism and social liberalism.

Neoliberalism is a political philosophy and a political-economic movement beginning in the 1970s – and increasingly prominent since 1980 – that de-emphasizes or rejects positive government intervention in the economy, focusing instead on achieving progress and even social justice by encouraging free-market methods and less restricted operations of business. In some areas of the world, it is simply called " liberalism". Though many liberals adhere to neoliberalism, their ideology has a broader content and other liberals oppose neoliberalism.

Libertarianism is a political philosophy which advocates individual rights and a limited government. In common with many other modern political ideologies, Libertarians believe that individuals should be free to do anything they want, so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. Libertarians typically emphasize civil rights (such as the right to a fair trial or political participation, sometimes thought of as negative rights) over social rights (the right to a free education or employment, sometimes thought of as positive rights).

Classical Conservatism - Opposition to rapid change in governmental and societal institutions. This kind of conservatism is anti- ideological insofar as it emphasizes means (slow change) over ends (any particular form of government). To the classical conservative, whether one arrives at a right- or left-leaning government is less important than whether change is effected through rule of law rather than through revolution and sudden innovation.

Ideological conservatism - In contrast to the classical conservatism, ideological conservatism is, as its name implies, ideological. It is typified by three distinct sub-ideologies: social conservatism, fiscal conservatism, and economic conservatism. Together, these subideologies comprise the conservative ideology in most English-speaking countries:

Social Conservatism is generally dominated by defense of existing social norms and values, of local customs and of societal evolution, rather than social upheaval, though the distinction is not absolute. Applied to foreign policy, a mild social conservatism manifests itself in Rudyard Kipling's defense of the Indian natives against British imperialism and in American opposition to the "forced democratization" of post-war Iraq, but conversely, betraying the complexity of ideology, the vast majority of American conservatives in keeping with their accepted values fully support the current effort in Iraq. In its more extreme foreign-policy manifestations, social conservatism breeds nationalism, tending towards isolationism, on the order of Pat Buchanan's anti-immigration, anti- internationalist stance.

Fiscal Conservatism is the stance that the government must "live within its means". Above all, fiscal conservatives oppose excessive government debt; this belief in balanced budgets tends to be coupled with a belief that government welfare programs should be narrowly tailored and that tax rates should be low, which implies relatively small government institutions.

This belief in small government combines with fiscal conservatism to produce a broader Economic Conservatism, which wishes to minimize government intervention in the economy. This amounts to support for laissez faire economics. This economic conservatism comes from two schools of thought: the classical conservative's pragmatism and the libertarian's notion of "rights." The classical conservative maintains that free markets work best, while the libertarian contends that free markets are the only ethical markets.

Neoconservatism -- strictly a U.S. term -- refers to the views of a subclass of conservatives who support a more assertive foreign policy coupled with one or more other facets of ideological conservatism. Historically, conservatives tend to be mildly isolationist, but with the rising internationalism represented by such groups as NATO. Neoconservatism is a somewhat controversial term referring to the political goals and ideology of the "new conservatives" in the United States.

But as a certain Massachusetts senator once said:

"But look, what's really important, the president is just trying to scare everybody here with throwing labels around. I mean, "compassionate conservative," what does that mean? Cutting 500,000 kids from after-school programs, cutting 365,000 kids from health care, running up the biggest deficits in American history."

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Starters and the entree.

This biscuit is so hot I'm burning my 2 fingers off blazing the keyboard. If you got this before me, your spy sent it with his Blackberry. Here is the starter.

HB1, the honkin State bugdet bill, will need an amendment to add another $23M, that's twenty three freekin million balloons, just to meet anticipated essential funding requirements. It seems some of the County heads had their heads in their chandler and gave some dubious anticipated revenue figures. This bill hits the lower House floor tomorrow and will be beaten more than a party pinata. I'll get you what I can tomorrow but I have to work to buy dog food to feed the kids.

The main entree... Big D party go to guy and our team leader in the House Judiciary Bernie- I ain't takin prizznors- Buzzell, D-Berlin, will be on the floor speaking to, get this, suspected improprieties concerning an additional $20M-$40M, thats twenty million to forty million freekin balloons, in another shortfall from HHS. Can you say corruption and Righty ethical improprieties? You should be able to since we have this crap up to our peepers daily. I don't know too much about politics but I'm thinking this guy, HHS Commish John Stephen, really has his head in his chandler. Where did he learn math??? How does he run his shop??? This chile was surely left with his head in his behind. Stephen is an obstructionist holdover from the failed Benson monarchy.

Buzzell along with Dems head manager Jim Craig will be taking the HB691 medicaid funding bill and speaking to more than just the continued shortfalls mysteriously being strategically placed, err,discovered. One issue raised by both sides of the aisle is the fact that the independent management portion of the State run medicaid case management is losing an average of $3M, that's three freekin million tacos, per year since its inception from 2001. It appears that this savings plan (!!!) was instituted by former HHS Commish and current Crotched Mountain Health CEO... well, I'll let the indictment speak for itself. I am not at liberty to divulge names since dude may leave town with approximately $3M,that's... you get the idea. HB691 is another contentious bill getting run through the paces tomorrow. Noone is happy about any of this and the Feds will be busy spinning heads trying to catch up with all the accepted future plea bargains and rats flipping on their former buds. Incedentally, all aformentioned facts are alleged. You know.

On more for Buzzell. I said it before. If it has health services or medicaid attached, Representative Buzzell is the man. I have no doubt that as soon as Lynch stops reaching across the aisle packing important appointments to ungrateful Righties, Bernie is the pick to replace Stephen. If nothing else, at least we'll have a guy that won't use fuzzy math and has no sights on the corner office. Now where did I hear that before? RISE UP!!!

Silencing the Majority

Time to save the Filibuster!!

Given that the judges and justices have life tenure, for the democratic minority party to have this kind of input seems not only reasonable, but necessary. But now the Republicans want the Democrats, to have no input at all.

That is particularly unfortunate given that Senate Democrats represent the majority of Americans - as Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne Jr. has pointed out.
Dionne found, based on July 2004 Census Bureau figures, that the 44 Democratic Senators represent 148,026,027 people, while the 55 Republican Senators represent 144,765,157. Independent Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords, who votes with the Democrats on such issues, represents 310,697, making the gap even greater. { From the Left Coaster}

If the filibuster is ‘nuked” that means when Bush puts up his Ultra Conservative Anti Abortion Nominees for SUPREME COURT all the Dems can do is watch.

Long story short the republicans need 50 people to vote to get rid of the filibuster. We have all 44 Dems and Jeffords. We have McCain and Chafee.
These are the swing votes. We need four of them.

Collins (ME)Hagel (NE)Snowe (ME) Sununu (NH)Gregg (NH)Lugar (IN)Warner (VA) {from the DailyKos}

Pick up the phone and call. Tell them that you what Gregg/Sununu to vote KEEP the filibuster and the right of the minority in the senate to have a say in judicial nominations. Make sure you tell them your name and address.

Judd Gregg(202) 224 - 3324SEND AN EMAIL
John Sununu(202) 224-2841SEND AN EMAIL

From the desk of Paul Hodes

I copied this little tid bit from and I thank all parties concerned for allowing me to do so even though they didn't know I did so. I don't think Mr. Hodes will mind one bit. I met this guy a few times last cycle and he is the man!!! The format may be slightly screwed up but deal with it. You're a working Democrat used to dealing with adversity.

For Immediate Release Contact: Paul W. Hodes April 18, 2005 Phone: 603-225-1036 Paul Hodes Calls on Congressman Bass to End Support of DeLay

“Charlie Bass has long been a loyal supporter of Tom DeLay,” said Hodes. “Congressman Bass has received $14,233 from Tom DeLay’s ARMPAC, he has repeatedly voted for Mr. DeLay as majority leader. He even voted to weaken House ethics rules to help protect Mr. DeLay. It’s time for Mr. Bass to realize that Tom DeLay is a cancer on the Congress, and his unethical behavior is compromising the American people’s faith in the institutions of government. It’s time for Mr. Bass to stand up for New Hampshire and join the growing bi-partisan chorus of elected officials calling for Mr. DeLay to step down.” Last year, the House Ethics Committee reprimanded Mr. DeLay on three different occasions. Early this year, House Republicans voted to weaken ethics committee regulations to make it more difficult to investigate Mr. DeLay’s questionable activities. The latest controversies surrounding DeLay include trips he took that were allegedly paid for by lobbyists, his relationship to lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who is under F.B.I. investigation, DeLay’s payments of more than $500,000 to family members for “campaign work”, and DeLay’s involvement in possible illegal activity by his Texans for a Republican Majority PAC. Paul Hodes ran against Congressman Bass in New Hampshire’s Second District last year. Mr. Hodes is currently exploring his options and considering another run against Mr. Bass.

The full text of Mr. Hodes’ letter is included below. -30- April 18, 2005 Hon. Charles F. Bass Washington, D.C. 20515 Re: Majority Leader DeLay

Dear Congressman Bass: I am writing to discuss a matter of utmost importance to the United States Congress, the American political process, and the people of this country. Last year I called on you to renounce the unethical actions and tactics of your Majority Leader Tom DeLay, but you chose to remain silent. Today I again call on you to stand with the growing number of principled members of both parties who believe that Mr. DeLay’s ethics violations are a cancer on the Congress. As you know, the House Ethics Committee – which your party recently turned into a toothless body in order to protect Mr. DeLay – admonished Mr. DeLay on three separate occasions last year. Since then, additional allegations continue to mount about improper dealings with lobbyists, questionable expenses on his behalf, and his involvement in the TRMPAC scandal. With each passing day, more information comes to light about Mr. DeLay’s abuses of power as Majority Leader. And every day, more and more members of your party are publicly calling for Mr. DeLay to resign his position in order to restore faith in the Congress and party leadership, and yet you remain silent. And so again I call on you to rise above partisan loyalty and publicly denounce Mr. DeLay’s behavior as Majority Leader and demand he resign from his leadership post. Your continued support of Mr. DeLay’s abuse of his powerful position makes a mockery of your 1994 election pledge to support the Republican Contract with America which stated that one of its guiding principles was “ In the last session of Congress, you voted with your partisan party leadership more than 90% of the time, but now it is time to stand up for and answer to the people who elected you. You finally have an opportunity to be an independent voice for the people of New Hampshire. So I again implore you, for the good of this great country, to call for Mr. DeLay to resign as Majority Leader. Please act now, today, to give the people of New Hampshire the independent representation they deserve, and to move this country beyond the politics of fear, intimidation and scandal.

Sincerely, Paul W. Hodes
Paid for by Paul Hodes for Congress

Liberal Patriot Newsletter LAUNCHED!

The Liberal Patriot Newsletter’s first issue is finally out! The newsletter will be a monthly publication promoting progressive local and national politics. Currently the newsletter takes the form of a 8.5" x 14" double sided sheet of paper. But like so many of my projects this one also has a web component.

Now the paper version is much more beautiful, so definitely check it out, but for those of you who just can't wait to lay you hands on it... here is the ONLINE VERISON.

The Liberal Patriot Newsletter webpage is here.

The rundown.

Representative Scott Merrick will be testifying today, (actually he will be advising. Gene Chandler will be testifying {to the IRS and Federal Grand Jury}) to a Senate sub-committee on the forward thinking hemp program bill, HB55. This is the important bill that gives our state agriculture and clothing manufacturers another step up on foreign imports and allows more economic development at every level of the employment chain from the soil to the person that wears clothes. Merrick was instrumental in getting the lower House to pass this bill so he is the logical choice to speak to Gallus and his colleagues as to the benefits of HB55.

The lower House will be beefing it out tomorrow on the school ed bill and the State budget. Word from both sides is this will be interesting, tough debate and many hands will be raised to take credit for creating the metrics for solutions to the never ending problems of adequate education and State funding. Fred King is the one trying to grab most of the headlines after such a stagnant, flip-flopping political career up to this point ( to ITL or not to ITL, which will enhance my career?). It is about time he got off his crusty haunches and gave some positive direction to the MRC in the House. Lynch brainstormers have developed most of the specifics to these bills calculations and Fred-hole just moved a few terms around and dragged his feet a bit. Yeah, he's the go to guy. More off the floor as things develop tomorrow.

One interesting bill will be the youth bicycle helmet law requiring kiddies under 16 years of age to wear a helmet that goes to the Senate floor this week. If they don't don the safety device, they will be forced to do 200 hours community service with Gene Chandler. Now I'm all for safety and kids doing their time when they break the rules but I have to say here that the Righty methodology of "Live Free or Die" is not the way our MRC's rule the roost. Infringement, power grabbing, anti local control and anti public input and growing gumment are the true tools of the Rightguys. I'm sure we will see more examples such as these as we travel the long short road to the mid-terms. The trouble I got into for making my sweating opponents voting records available to more of the public last cycle was worth it. I love watching these guys make their own beds and end up short sheeting themselves. Voting records. Great stuff.

Finally, (whew, finally) it seems the Lynch team is suffering from a tragic case of amnesia and not learning from history. Linda Pepin and Angela Blaisdell must be cracking up with Herr Benson on his bulldozer with the volunteerism debacle. There is word that Lynch was singing from an old Benson press release last evening defending his own use of volunteers in his administration. It will all come out in the investigative wash called for by majority leaders. I hope spokes gal Pam Walsh can shed some light on this subject and I will certainly keep you posted on any new dish. I really think we need Jesse Ventura over here to straighten things out in good shape. VIGILANCE!!!

Hide Henry.

It was announced late yesterday that career politician Congressman Henry Hyde, R- Illinois, will not be seeking re-election next term. I think that is great. This guy was one of the driving forces to impeach President Clinton for conduct unbecoming. Hyde also had admitted his own extra marital dalliances but unlike then Heir to the unethical Gingrich speakership, and fellow Righty adulterer Bob Livingston, Hyde chose not to resign in the midst of the Righty witch hunt against the charismatic and generally swell guy, Bubba.

Several reasons were given by the Hyde camp as to his retirement to pasture and health is a concern. I hope the Congressman gets over his bouts with liabetes and deniabetes. These are 2 afflictions the Righties seem never to recover from.

Monday, April 18, 2005


Here is a story from Terri Jones

For those of you out there who are complacent and under the impression that every is OK in the land of the free, think again.

Recently, during one of my trips to Lancaster, I made my usual stop at a well known shop on Main Street. Being acquainted with two ladies who are volunteers, we exchanged small talk about the weather, etc. The subject of President Bush came up and I voiced my unfavorable opinion about him and his administration. I was firmly told that "We do not talk about HIM like that here."

At first I thought they were joking, but as I continued to add a few more comments, I was told "Stop it, right now!" in a very loud manner. I kept my mood as light as I could, wished them good day and left.

I cannot help but wonder--would these ladies turn me in if they could? Would I be visited by the thought police in the dead of night? Would my family be watched and monitored? Would my property be seized by the Far Right and my life given over to their mercies?

I will continue to visit the shop, but I will never feel the same about these two
ladies again. I am sure readers would be amazed and appalled if I were to reveal
their identities.

They are your neighbors, your mothers, your grandmothers, your aunts and maybe your very own sisters.

Charlies Bass, Republican Toady

Recent House Votes
Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act - Vote Passed (272-162, 1 Not Voting)This House bill would permanently repeal the estate tax.

Rep. Charles Bass voted YES......send e-mail or see bio

Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act - Vote Passed (302-126, 7 Not Voting)The House gave final approval to this bill intended to make it harder for people who declare bankruptcy to get out of paying their debts.

Rep. Charles Bass voted YES......send e-mail or see bio

Stark raving development

It appears that one of the locals that have made Stark the gravel pit capitol of the planet wants to cut up one of his parcels and sell to some unsuspecting Flatlanders. ( Hey, I was an unsuspecting Flatlander. Now I'm an unsuspeting former DemocraPtic loser candidate)Harley Mason has announced his plans to develop an approximate 110 acre piece up past Percy and include rights of way for ATV and snow machine trails. He aleardy cut the property some time ago. That's great. He however did not, and does not think he should, be pigeon holed to include new and updated flood and drainage plans and a properly prepared road bed. This guy has a huge problem accepting local, State and Federal guidelines and requirements as far as anything he wishes to accomplish for the "betterment of the community" but hear this. He is imposing a laundry list of covenants and provisions that are attached to the new home owners deeds. Nice. Problem with rules unless he is the one to infringe on ones own Freedoms to pursue happiness, privacy, etc, etc.... Harley and his graceful skidders and slashers are the cause of the constant mess the State and Town of Northumberland have tried diligently to remidy up behind Dupuis near Perras. Big confusion and flooding and drainage problems there. Take a ride by during a rainy day if you missed the messes from the melt off and ice. Thanks Harley. I'm sure the old gals living down from your new development will be glad to don their skates and get their mail in the ice path you are going to create for them. That is if they can afford to stay in Stark after your flashy $280,000 4 bedroom camps you're going to build.

There had been talk last year that Stark was (and still remains) a back up location for the Tamworth race track. No local planning and zoning to speak of except developers coventants and it's easy pickins for the bulldozers. White Mountain motors was an interested party in this venture and I think we have not heard the last of this issue. Get on Gallus and tell him you pay his salary, not the ATV/ motocross lobby. SB121 ( now in the lower House) and HB90( now in the Senate) are big deals with this type of excavation and "development".

Stark planning board is meeting 28April2005 at 7:00p.m. at the Town Hall to hear public sentiment and abbutter comment, and see any revised sight plans. Colin Sutherland is the surveyor. Planning board members, including yours truly, are meeting with some Groveton planning board members to get an education in their mistakes. See you at the meeting.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Recent Senate Votes

Family Planning Amendment - Vote Agreed to (52-46, 2 Not Voting)

During consideration of the $34 billion Foreign Affairs Authorization Act, the Senate approved this amendment that would reverse a U.S. policy that prohibits foreign aid from going to organizations that provide or discuss abortion services.

Sen. Judd Gregg voted NO......send e-mail or see bio
Sen. John Sununu voted NO......send e-mail or see bio

Republicans on the DeLay dole...

Here is a tip from susanb.

Next time you hear mention of Tom DeLay - don't forget his good buddies:
Charlie Bass took $14, 233 in campaign contributions from the Bugman's PAC.
Sununu got $15, 703, and Bradley $15,000.

No wonder Bradley was heard defending him on NHPR - and turned tomato red when asked about taking campaign $$ from DeLay at his extremely unsuccessful (unsuccessful for him - HUGELY successful for constituents) meeting in Moultonborough on March 29.

Bradley will get another warm Carroll County welcome in Eaton, on April 23.

Entire story Here


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