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Saturday, April 09, 2005

More equal rights action.

This issue will not go away and rightfully so. The Connecticut Courant has a story that continues to keep this broad equal rights issue on the front burner. Civil Unions may not be the most desired outcome but as a gay friend of mine recently said she "...will take what they get in baby steps and move on from there." By the way, how do all thesecool polls keep missing my house? Keep RISING UP!!!


Israeli-Palestinian Ceasefire under Threat

Scientists Fudged Nuke Waste Data, Won't Testify

Testing Pesticides on Babies, EPA Forced to Stop

The Anti-War Pope

Waxman Probes Legality of Bush Social Security Trips

Unchecked Lobbyists Thrive in the Shadows

Friday, April 08, 2005

Wild life watch.

Recently 2 deer were found in upper state New York that had contracted CWD, or Chronic Wasting Disease. This is a close cousin to BSE, or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopothy which is also related to CJD, or Creutzfeld Jacob Disease. All 3 are related and all 3 are fatal. Vermont Guvnah Jim Douglass has taken a proactive stance on this and already has named a committee to look into this thing should more deer and wildlife roam over the border and are discovered to have contracted any rare disease. There has not been a direct link to these diseases from animals to humans yet publically announced, but a small handful of hunters out left have died from one form or another of this wasting disease after purportedly eating game tainted with CWD. Not all of them have died in the same location and are not apparently related in any way. I'm sure there will be some connection made as research continues and the beef industry lightens up on lawmakers to keep any findings from reaching the public domain. After all, ranchers out left on BLM land are forever fighting to kill buffalo that "share" grazing with domestic cattle and brucellosis has not yet been found to have a direct connection to beef cattle from wild animals but that won't stop ranchers from blasting a bison. New Hampshire still innoculates cows for brucellosis as of last year. If a direct connection was publicized from any of these maladies to a human being, there would be very upset hunters, ranchers and abbittoir owners. Also steak lovers like me. Anyhooo, time to get back to buying from the farmers gate.

Big pork fest.

If I had a tv that was plugged in I would be peeping this show. The Citizens Against Gumment Waste, (yeah, I know) are having 15 minutes of fame on 60 Minutes, Sunday, 10April 2005, at 7:00 EDT. They will be discussing the waste and pork spending on the Homeland Security Department. I would appreciate someone taping it for me since I just got indoor plumbing here in Stark and electrical appliances and audio/video equipment are on the list for next year, if my County tax contribution doesn't break me and send me to the poorer farm. Gumment waste, mmmmm, bacon.


During the next few weeks, the integrity of our democracy might well lie in the hands of New Hampshire voters. The radical Republican bid to seize absolute power to appoint extreme judges (using a parliamentary maneuver known as the "nuclear option") is nearing a final showdown in the Senate.

Democrats are standing united, but to win we must secure at least 6 votes from moderate Republicans. In the end, it will all probably come down to one or two final swing votes—and those votes may well come from Senators Judd Gregg and John Sununu.

Senators Gregg and Sununu are under intense pressure from the Republican leadership, and they need to hear from you today. We've set a national one-day goal of 25,000 calls, but participation in New Hampshire is extremely important. If you call today, your voice will combine with thousands of others to have a huge impact. Please call right now:

Senator Judd GreggDC Phone: 202-224-3324
Senator John SununuDC Phone: 202-224-2841


DC-based Democratic consultants come to England and help Blair lose!!

"If Tony Blair is inviting the Kerry consultants over to give him advice, he's halfway home to being ousted. And in fact, the best thing for the Lib Dems (which is whom most of us here are rooting for) is for the Conservatives to do surprisingly, even shockingly well at beating Labour"

Entire story at MyDD Blog click here

If there are 2 things I hate it’s the DLC and Joe Leiberman

DLC Democrats! These are the democrats that make you ashamed to be a democrat. These are the democrats that people site when they say that voting doesn’t matter. These are the democrats that people point to when they say that all politicians are in the pocket of large corporations.

Basically the DLC is the part of democratic party that want to cash in on corporate money like the republicans do. The difference is that DLC democrats do it but betraying core democratic principals and republicans have no principals to betray.

Recently we have seen a beautiful glimmer of hope rise up to out shine the business as usual politics. It has been the arising of the grassroots. [, Howard Dean, Bloggers, etc.] They have proven that you and I, the people, will come out if we are given non DLC corperate whore candidates, AND that there are enough of us that our little under-a-$100 donations can equal or beat corporate funding.

Besides being corperate whores, and betraying core democratic principals, the DLC strategists have lost the democrats BOTH the house and the senate. The got away with this because they had Clinton. Now they don’t and many DLC politicians have lost political office. Now there failures are exposed to everyone. Yet they are still trying to hang on to power. They have even attacked viciously Howard Dean,, and even Michael Moore for some reason.

Another way the DLC is trying to SLEEZE their way back to power is by taking credit for popular democratic leaders that they have nothing to do with.

Here is a story about that from DailyKos.

Ever wonder why Wal-Mart has more workers on Medicaid than any other corporation in America?

Most people know that Wal-Mart hurts local businesses, by intentionally running them out of business with it’s low prices.

Some people know that Wal-Mart hurts consumers by raising it’s prices as soon as it run’s all the other businesses into the ground.

A few people may even know that it also hurts local communities when, after it runs all the local businesses out of business, it closes it’s stores. Often times after getting the local communities to foot the bill for the costs of construction of the building and roads for the Wal-Mart store.

What many people don’t know is that WE, the tax payers are subsidizing those low prices. They pay their workers SO poorly and have such HORRIBLE health care benefits that most of their employee most resort to public assistance programs to survive.

CEO Lee Scott explained Wal-Mart’s health care was so dismal that employees were better off living off of the state:

“There are government assistance programs out there that are so lucrative it’s hard to be competitive, and it’s expensive to be competitive.”

Get the entire story from the Think Progress Blog

States have been suing Wal-mart to make them either PAY their employees enough to live or pay the states back for all the money they spend making up the difference. This is the same sort of reasoning behind the states suing the cigarette companies. Studies showed that the states, and therefore the tax payers, were picking up the health care tab for all these smokers smoking related health problems. Like wise we the tax payers are paying to subsidize Wal-Mart’s low prices by picking up the cost of living and health care for their underpaid employees.

A Fighting Democrat!!!

Barabara Boxer continues to make us all proud to be Democrats!!

"Senator Boxer was the star of yesterday’s confirmation hearing for Stephen Johnson, Bush’s nominee to lead the EPA. She dug up information on a little-known program being sponsored by the EPA and the American Chemistry Council in Duval County, Florida.

The program targets low-income African-American families and asks parents to videotape their children crawling around a pesticide-infested environment (their homes). Scientists watch the tapes and regularly test the babies for pesticide exposure. In return, the families can keep the video camera and are paid $970 over two years.

The American Chemistry Council (ACC), which numbers many pesticides manufacturers among its members, is paying $2 million to help sponsor this study.

Sen. Boxer responded to Johnson’s affirmation that the program had been suspended but not cancelled by saying, “… you should pull the plug on that program tomorrow and if you don’t, I’m going to do everything in my disposal to make that happen.” A single senator can hold up Johnson’s confirmation, and from Boxer’s remarks it appears that she is ready to take this one all the way. "

from the Think Progress Blog Click her for the full story

Paying for our own demise!!!

Most of use know by now that Bush is going around the county trying to find buyers for his Social Security Snake Oil. Most of use are taking comfort in the fact that by now almost EVERYONE knows it's snake oil and no ones buying. True, maybe but guess who is paying for his little "Bamboozlepalooza Tour". WE ARE!

'The Washington Post says that the Bamboozlepalooza Tour "may be one of the most costly in memory, well into the millions of dollars, according to some rough, unofficial calculations." And even Republicans on the Hill seem to be getting concerned.
from talking points memo blog click here for the whole story


from David Sirota's Sirotablog check it out for the more disturbing figures.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Rolling the dice.

Big Lou D'Allesandro had some tough hours in the Senate today. His beloved SB225 got its butt kicked up and down the floor but miraculously landed back in committee for re-reconsideration. This is a bill that will allow for about a million (not that many) one armed video slots to be placed at several but specific locations around the state including the 3 Grand Hotels and all the critter race tracks. The recent indictments of certain race track owners in the south did little to convince the nay-sayers that this bill is good for the State.
Co-sponsors Gallus and Charles Morse, R-Salem along with Big Lou are at least satisfied that after this bill got its jock knocked off, the few attempted amendments and lengthy discussion made the Senate vote for re-reconsideration back to Ways and Means intitially. Gallus and Big Lou sit on that committee so they should be taking a few of their colleagues out for a few steaks and lobsters no doubt on the gambling lobbyists tab, SHHH!
I really don't know what the beef is about this dealio. If the AG's office is issuing the licenses, and the specific location monitors the players, I think a potential hundred few million a year will help the kitty in the long run. There was some discussion of having a Texas Holdem type venue with a $500- limit per night per player. Now I don't think that would bring out many professional rounders but with thinking like that, I can't see the logic in the opposition if at least they are discussing another revenue source that isn't picking my pocket and that of the rest of the States Concerned Citizens. If it doesn't work out after a few years, repeal the thing??? Just one losing powerball players opinion. JACKPOT!!!

Chandler, D'Allesandro, Gardiner and stuff.

I just can't get enough of this political crack. I wonder what I'll do if I get a real job??? The Union Leader has Granite Status and it contains some quick tidbits today. It seems that banking officials want Chandler to step down. I wonder if he'll bitch about the banking industries ethics rules?

Big Lou D'Allesandro is being taken to task on his gambling affinity.

Sec'y of State Bill Gardiner lobbying against one of my favorite bills to hate the HB154 and its potential to hurt the "First in the Nation" bragging rights.


US May Be Holding Iraqi Women Hostage

CIA Leak Case Hits Dead End

Homeland Insecurity: Nuclear Plants Open to Attack

Santorum: Frist Will Go Nuclear

Mount Sunapee

A bill to stem development on the Mount Sunapee ski resort was killed yesterday with much assistance from Rep Fred King- R-Colebrook. This bill, HB419, was intended to slow contractors for the current lease holders of the resort to stop construction on, reportedly, several hundred new condos. The House action killed the chances for the House to get involved with responsible environmental development with the excuse given in part by King that, "...the lease contract is an agreement with the Sunapee lease holders and the State. This is an issue for the Executive Council and the Governor to review". Gotcha Freddie. Come to think of it this might be a blessing in disguise. I would rather have Ray Burton and his group, under the close watch of the Guvnah, reviewing this type of environmental impact lease. Although the economic development arguement will surely be brought up as construction being good for the State. Better heads usually prevail in that Executive Council and the money is a bit more publicized. Ruth Griffin sits on the Council with Burton and she is taking heat for similar improprieties as Chandler, albeit not as toasty a fire. Perhaps the next ethics review will be at several hens in the barn not just the old goats. Heh-heh-heh.

Lighting up moose

Here is a sleeper bill that passed the House and hits the Senate floor today coming out of Gallus's Enviro and Wildlife committee as OTP. The HB107 allows for hours to illuminate moose with artificial lighting means to be extended but it does not specify whether you can light up those same moose with your 30-06. This is one co-sponsored by Gallus and it was intended to be implemented in Coos County supposedly to add to the "moose trails" and "moose watch" type tours. I'm thinking this is opening up a huge loophole for allowing jacking. I'm all for livin off da fat o the lan but I am probably not all for the hunting of sleeping moose. I will try to get more explicit wording and intent on this but if anyone already has a handle on the Fish and Game report issued to the House committee on Recreation, let us know and we'll post it here.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Fighting Democrats!!!

I bust on them when they lay down I should give them a knod when they take a stand:

Ok, bush has been saying that there is nothing in the social security trust but useless IOUs. Never mind that this is because he took all the surplus to give tax breaks to the ultra rich. Well those useless IOUs are actually US Treasury Bonds. A special kind of US treasury bond "This is the most privileged of Treasury bonds issued to Social Security, redeemable at any time at full face value, unlike any other bond that they issue. "

This an incredible speech from DeFazio Representative from Oregon:

But the President did say today something extraordinary, in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and suggested something unconscionable. The President said, ``There is no trust fund.'' And then he went on to suggest that our Nation might not honor its debt to Social Security. This is what the President said does not exist. Let me read from this. This is a Social Security Trust Fund bond, considered the best investments in the world, U.S. Treasury Bond. This is the most privileged of Treasury bonds issued to Social Security, redeemable at any time at full face value, unlike any other
bond that they issue.

These are the most privileged of their bonds. The President says it is nothing but an IOU. Well, here is what it says: This bond is incontestable in the hands of the Federal Old Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund. The bond is supported by the full faith and credit of the United States. And the United States is pledged to the payment of the bond with respect to both principal and interest.

The President questions that? He is questioning whether we are going to repay our most privileged debt to Social Security. We have $7.9 trillion of debt. He is adding to it at a record rate, borrowing $1.3 million a minute. Who is he saying we are going to repay and not repay?

Are we going to repay the Chinese but not the Social Security Trust Fund? Are we going to repay President Bush, he happens to have some U.S. Treasury Bonds in his personal portfolio, but not the Social Security Trust Fund? Are we going to repay other wealthy investors around the world and in the U.S., but not the Social Security Trust Fund? We are going to selectively default on our debt.

Suggesting something like that, if the bond markets believed the President, the dollar would drop to near zero tomorrow, and there would be an economic catastrophe, but they do not believe him. They know this is just politics and rhetoric on his part. There is no intention of the Government of the United States defaulting on its debt.

Read the entire thing at Atrios Blog

Another good one from Pelosi:

'And what [Bush] is saying now to the American worker: "We will honor our debt to the Chinese and the Japanese, but we are treating you differently. We are not honoring our debt to you."

Read More at the DailyKos

But I can't let that be said without this:

"Republicans like Lieberman more than Dems" - More at DailyKos


Stop the Republicans from Killing the Filabuster

Stand with Senate Democrats against this Republican abuse of power: Click Here.

See the ad - and count yourself among those personally supporting its message. Click Here
- John Kerry

Help get rid of Delay

Ask your Representative to stand up against Tom DeLay’s abuses.
- True Majority

Please sign our petition urging Congress to remove DeLay from his leader post at the link below.

Stop the nomination of William Myers III

William Myers III, a former mining industry lobbyist, is President Bush's nominee for a court that's supposed to help protect the beautiful, scenic areas in America's West. And if we want to keep the West wild, we need to act quickly.
- League of Conservation Voters

Tell congress that we need an exit strategy with a timeline.

As it considers another $82 billion for Iraq, Congress needs to insist that America has an exit strategy from Iraq with a timeline, that we do not construct permanent bases in Iraq and that we end war profiteering by corporations. Please sign our petition urging Congress to act today.

Notable quotables and ethics... a weekly rant

It seems that the will of the people isn't the will that is the stuff on the floor for debate and legislation. Travesties and misuse of power and hubris and arrogance and so many other dark adjectives that describe our elected officials and the process don't begin to lend a decent resolve to the problem. They are indeed just words. I look to folks like the crafters of our Countries future and they were more than willing to die for shit that was hitting the fan and have no compunction about doing so. Here's one. Nathan Hale, 29. I only regret that I have but one life to give for my Country. Words uttered just before the British hung the guy for being a spy and after his cousin ratted him out. No money from special interests to Hale. Just friggin Freedom.

That pecker head that sometimes comments about sending us to Iraq and hoping we get shot have no clue as the amount of crap that goes on with the people he keeps putting in office. He is probably some 30 something weeny still living with his mother and peeping kiddy porn while keeping his loud mouth bashing the very party trying to put sense back into our system and keep his mother supporting his diddler ass with food stamps and Social Security. Here's another good one for you from this century. You'll probably not love me for it but that's me. This is public recorded domain and does not require permish from the publishers but I thank Senator Coburn all the smae for his wisdom.

This taken from a 1999 floor debate on the omnibus spending bill from then Congressman Tom Coburn-very R- Oklahoma."I would love to have been in a room with our founding fathers, because while we talk about majority-minority parties, I am sure they did not talk about majority-minority parties. They talked about doing what is best for this Country regardless of what an individual's party says...It should be what is best for our Country, not what is best for our party. The Founding Fathers never once rationalized getting in power and having control so they could stay in power. What they said was, we are going to put this Union together and we are going to make it work because the people are going to have the integrity to do what is best for their constituents and they are going to have the vision to make sure that they do not make a short-run choice that sacrifices the long-run choice". Boy how tragic our gumment today.
Coburn is now a Senator and cannot make his party yet realize that shitbags like Delay and so many other Chandlers, Griffins ad-infinitum are the problem. P.J. Rourke once wrote that a Republican was complaining to him that government doesn't work. Now those same Righties are proving their own theory.

One more and I'll let you go back to sleep. This from the top of my head. "Cowardice asks the question, is it expedient? And vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right?" Martin Luther King, jr. Today we have nothing but political expedience to protect incumancies, too much vanity and hubris and no conscience asking if it is right, only if it is legal. Holy crap we have some in our own party loaded to the nines with ignorance and obdurate thinking. Our system is the best in the world and I have spent substantial time seeing the sun rise and fall in 8 different countries around the world. Some that I still have bad dreams about. The trouble is we let it get away from us and don't demand accountability for the Gallus's, Chandlers, Bass's, Hendersons, Bush's, Cheneys' Rumsfelds, the list is endless, and maybe includes the Theberges. Crap. I love that guy!!! If nothing else I hope the 9 regular readers of this blogo tell their freinds to get educated about the conglomerate system that is running away from us. We don't need to know every piece of 302(b) federal budget process or the HB55 hemps bill proposal but get to know where and what the solons are doing for you and to you. I have to go put my 2 fingers in ice water.

PEACE OUT. Much love.

Another win for the good guys.

Swallow this with your second lunchtime taco. HB90 has passed the House and the info is not even published yet but that is not necessary for us not to celebrate. Let me clarify what this means initially. HB90 repeals certain wording in SB458 (that calls for no public input) on race tracks and other motor sports "education areas". It actually requires these tracks be called what they are. Race tracks are mandated to fall under certain legislation that exists and requires public hearings and planning board review. This new bill removes the slickster wording that Senator Shady Gallus inserted for his motorsports lobby pals. It goes across the hall to Gallus and his Senate crew.

Here is a quick look at some North Country pols that are voting to keep you in the muddled, poor, broken minority. These are NAY votes for HB665, the minimum wage bill that passed and you have been hearing so much about.
Tholl, King, Stohl, Ward, NAY Shocking. Tholl is leaching every Dalton tax payer dime he can with his official cop job over there and he complains about the very same Dunkin Donut workers, where he spends so much of his duty time, for wanting a bit of a wage bump. What a hypocrite. Now I really need to go set these tiles. Peace.

Steaming hot update.

You will not get speedier service from Jiffy Lube. This came off the floor before the echo stopped ringing in the House bathroom. I heard it too. The minimum wage increase, HB665, passed the House by around 197-157. It now goes across the hall next week and then to finance. A big win for the hard working down trodden.

The important HB90 is now being debated and is meeting some resistance by Lobby Funded Legislators. I really hope they make some stiff rules on this type of philandering with special interest harlots and their whorritry ( or is it ho-itry?). Like SB458 calls a race track, not a race track, special interest money funding legislators is called graft and bribery. Hmmm. More on this debating semantics action as it happens.

Minimum wage on the floor.

The HB665 hits the floor of the House today and as always will meet with stiff resistance from Righties that work under the thumb of the business lobby and Shaws grocery stores. It came out of committee with and "Ought to Pass" (OTP) majority report and is essentially a small incremental increase on 50 cents, twice over the next 28 months, to bring our state minimum wage ultimately to $6.15. I wonder how many of the prehistoric goats in the House that could survive on that. I'm thinking it would not break Shaws or any of the hotels getting $130- a night for a room in Manchester to give the working folks a little boost. This is a bill specifically designed for working mothers, single parents and our older folks that need to boost the ever dwindling benefits promised them but our gumment. I'll keep you posted on the bills movement on to the Senate (we hope).


Republican Senator Fans Flames of Courthouse Violence

Military Recruiters Targeting Minority Teens

FBI Wants Greater Search Powers

9/11 Aftershocks Hit Canada, Mexico Travel Rules

Tentative action schedule...

Lots of opportunities to get plugged in and take advantage of coordination meetings and training at the local and state levels. This is a quick rundown of a few meetings coming up.

A fairly new idea on the block is taking off with great enthusiasm. The New Hampshire Young Democrats will be meeting at the Barley House, 132 Main street, Concord on 12April 2005 at 7:30pm. Contact for this event for young up and comers in the party is President of the NHYoung Dems Amanda Grady, or Johanna Voss, new field director for NHDP . Don't mention my name and I'm sure they will give you the time of day.

The Carroll County Dems will hold their regular monthly meeting at Merlinos Steak House (mmmm- steak) in North Conway on 18April with optional dinner and pre-meeting shmoozing, 5:30 and business at 7:00. A special guest will be speaking to the crowd that recently arrived from performing his duties protectiong our Nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. An American Iraq war vet will give us the real dealio on the stuff that is making heros. For more info contact newly elected NHDP secretary and Carroll County Dem Chairgal, Dorothy Solomon,

The Coos County Dems monthly meeting will be held at the Lancaster Town Hall on 24April 2005, and will have caucus elections for new Lancater town chair. Bob Fink wants to stay in the pasture and ride his cows and milk a few horses. Thanks for all your years of wisdom Bob now don't get too groughy in your twilight years. County platform will continue to be worked on and I hope adopted after long hours of thought and crafting from the platform committee. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of some real, nuts and bolts planning and party participation. Contact Coos County Dem Boss Paul Robitaille .

Another chance to really stay active and see the State Party Heads earn their pay is the mid-term convention. Again this is a trip to the Rundlett Middle School in Concord on 7May 2005. Meet some real life party heads and rub elbows with a few that need more strokes than a lap dog. This is the place to network and share ideas with working groups around the state. I'm am sure at least some of the state party officials will attend since they live down the street from the school. The local bailiwick always gets the attention. Anyhooo, I'm not bitter, can you tell? Contact Abbe Ross for more info. Invitations are poda be limited but I'm thinking if you want to go, let me or the County party folks know and you'll get the much coveted invite.

Lastly, (whew) is probably the most important appointment you could make. The New Hampshire Citizens Alliance, will be holding a Strategy and Framing training in youm guessed it, Concord on 4 June 2005. The location is as of yet not solid but more info from your contact e-mail above and I'll try and keeop you updated. This is very good training for hopeful candidates, activists and semi-professional blogologists. Lots of good people at the NHCA and a plethora of good info to be had from the experience there. Have a great day. Peace out!!! GET ACTIVE!!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Equal rights for all.

I found this on the NH Insider this A.M. but blogoshere malfunctions precluded me from passing it on. I think it is a giant positive step in the actual equal rights for all as defined in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. It is about gay marriage Not a bad dealio. PEACE!!!

Loan sharks and usury.

This is one that is something to watch. I'll put Tom Paine up then you can go from there to David Sirota and peep his offerings. This is a story of a bill being introduced into the House as members are preparing to debate the bankruptcy bill that already passed the Senate. The Loan Shark Prevention Act, proposed by Bernie Sanders, I- VT. Sounds like some Soprano type action on the Hill. No surprise there. Check out both blogos. Very interesting.
Spend and vote wisely $$$

The HB90

This little gem hits the floor tomorrow and has mixed sentment coming out of committee. It did, however, glean an acknowledged minority report in "Ought to Pass". The majority report was the dreaded and cowardly ITL. HB90 attempts to repeal certain provisioned jammed down our throats by my nemisis ( I won't have to look that one up again) Senator John- forever in your binezz- Gallus. His last term ram rod SB458 effectively took away local governance as does much of his previously, personally proposed and supported intrusive non-Libertarian legislation. How the hell does this guy win those awards??? This HB90 bill could also have unintended positive consequences on this terms SB121 and others that run skidders and ATV's right through your drinking water well. Mmmm, yummmy. Hopefully this HB90, that has a few heavy Righty hitters supporting it and indeed actually having proposed it,(5-co-sponsors-all Righties) will make sense to the majority House that shows up to vote. Stay tuned.

The Governator.

Gotta share this little tid-bit of really innovative action from a real Guvnah. I wonder if we can get him to move to Cow Hampshire? This guy may not be correct all the time but he has a set of equipment that is seriously lacking in our Head State elected officials.
March 17, 2005 -- WE'LL never change the Constitution to let him become president, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is conducting a one-man revolution aimed at providing presidential leadership.
The East Coast media has missed the full dimensions of the California governor's accomplishments and bold proposals. Together, they constitute one of the most astounding, imaginative and forward-thinking agendas in our recent history.

Start with the War on Terror. While President Bush hunts the terrorists down and pressures nation-states to give up their sponsorship of terror gangs, Schwarzenegger is working to solve the problem of Islamic terrorism once and for all — by ending our dependence on foreign oil and stopping the worldwide economic and climatic distortions that global oil usage causes.

He's doing it by providing aggressive state leadership to open the way for hydrogen fuel cell cars. While President Bush speaks of the advent of these vehicles in the indefinite future, Gov. Schwarzenegger is bringing them to the here and now by converting gas stations along California's interstate highways to provide hydrogen fuel as well as gasoline.

With financing projected to come one-third each from federal, state and private sources, California will offer hydrogen fuel every few miles in urban areas and at least every 20 miles along the highway system by 2010. Eventually, he and the leaders of Washington, Oregon, Baja California and British Columbia will work together to create a "hydrogen highway" that will run from B.C. (British Columbia) to B.C. (Baja California).

The Schwarzenegger plan calls for state-subsidized production of hydrogen and for tax incentives for those who purchase hydrogen cars.

Replacing gasoline engines with hydrogen-fuel cells would eliminate two-thirds of America's need for oil — a demand that we could meet entirely with domestically produced oil.

Solid American Resolution

After many bills of this nature have failed to hit the floor, one piece of excellent legislation in the form of a non-binding resolution is HCR-8. This urges Congress to hold a moratorium on any future international trade agreements and to review all current agreements and those on the table awaiting ratification. It also searches for terms that are in the best interest of the State and Country as whole sovereign entities. This should help the ball to start rolling and to stem unconstitutional trade compacts between and with UN sanctioned trade rules. The Free Trade Area of the Americas ( FTAA-my favorite compact to hate) the NAFTA, CAFTA, Law of the Sea Treaty, (LOST) and WTO are just a few of the treaties and compacts that Congress and our Co-Presidents are supporting with the hope that we the people don't catch on that we soon will not be legislating our own Country, State and communities. Talk about gumment intrusion!!! HCR-8 has passed the House and is currently in the Senate Internal Affairs Committee.

The Senate will be looking to re-ratify the WTO agreement this summer. The NAFTA agreement of 1994 was pushed through with much pressure from Congress to then President Clinton and Speaker Gingrich. This has proven devastating to our job market and has made our textile industry nonexistent. One unfortunate consequence of the proposed FTAA will be that we will be forced to work with 34 mostly third world countries that include anti-American activists and Marxist Commy leaders as Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Lula DaSilva. Mr' DaSilva runs Brazil which openly sanctions their police forces to quell anti-government dissention with murderous massacres.

All in all, this HCR-8 is a forward thinking resolution letting Congress know we want to keep America in our own semi-responsible hands.

Arm Chair Militias attack Social Security Surplus!!

The minutemen vigilante border patrol is fizzling out nicely. It’s kind of fun to watch these right wingnutters fall on their face while they also piss off everyone [the border patrol and local towns]. We have to give credit to the mainstream media for pumping up this spectacle. Let’s just hope no one gets hurt. Check out Marc Cooper's Blog for the story.

Speaking of illegal immigration…. It turns out illegal immigrants pay as much as 7 BILLION per year toward social security [yet as you know they draw no benefits]. which means they are hugely responsible for the solvency of social security. Furthermore a NY Times article states:

While it has been evident for years that illegal immigrants pay a variety of
taxes, the extent of their contributions to Social Security is striking: the
money added up to about 10 percent of last year's surplus - the difference
between what the system currently receives in payroll taxes and what it doles
out in pension benefits.
More then any republican scheme illegal immigrants are “bolstering” social security. I thought they were only responsible for cheap strawberry.

GOP dirty tricks New Hampshire style

Fourth man indicted in Republican phone-jamming scheme

Recommended Reading

There was an article in "The American Prospect" about how the protest movement is hurting liberals. This blog debunks that assertion and shines lights on the real reasons why it is being made. This is a good argument to counter all those people who think good politcs is quitely and respectfully stating policy. It reminds me of the times when I have tried to take part in political action only to be told by some organizational type to modify my actions to what they considered appropriate levels. [no hand made signs, be nice to reporters, etc]

Here is a quote from the blog:

I don't know who this group of hippie protester strawmen are in Kevin
cautionary tale in this months Prospect, but I've not had the pleasure. I don't think there exists a vast number of nostalgic baby boomers and utopian youngsters out there who are planning to launch another Summer of Love, unless he's specifically talking about the anti-Iraq war protests, which of course, he is, but won't admit it. That's because those war protesters weren't trying to hop on
a nostalgic magic carpet ride back to the days of Hanoi Jane, they were
participating in a worldwide protest about a very specific unjust war being
launched by an illegitimate president --- a war which the "fighting liberals"
like he and Peter Beinert foolishly endorsed.
Here is another:

My instinctive reaction to this entire line of paranoid ramblings about the
wild and crazy lefites making a big scene and ruining everything is that if this
guy thinks that a bloodless, wonkish liberalism is ever going to compete with
the right wing true believers he's got another thing coming. American liberalism
grew out of a passionate progressivism and a worldwide union movement, both of
which featured plenty of "protest politics" in their day. And if he thinks that
the modern GOP's political might hasn't drawn much of its power from pulpits and
talk radio demagoguery, then he hasn't been paying attention. Nobody does
political theatre better than the right wing.

And another:

I don't know where this vast horde of reborn hippies worshipping at the feet of
Jerry Rubin are but I do not see them. What I do see is modern political
activism that is demanding change in modern ways. It seems to me that it isn't
"the left" that is nostalgic for the past, it's these centrists who for reasons
I cannot fathom have decided that their grandfather's political methods are the
ticket to political dominance in the 21st century.

Read the whole thing here


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Monday, April 04, 2005

A quick look

See where your purpoted "moderate pols" are in this quick reference by the NH House Republican Alliance. They are so far right that soon they'll be paddling the Bering Strait.

Ethics and chocolate cake.

One of my favorite things is hearing that the chocolate cake is ready for chocolate moose track ice cream, Cheerios and milk. A very close second is the continued, self made problems of deposed House tyrant Gene Chandler. Now I was taught that we shouldn't revel in other peoples pain but like I said, this guy made his own bed and if it be Gods wiil that Mr. Chandler suffers a heinous, firey yet much deserved bumpy ethical road of consequence ahead, then I will indeed pray on God and His will be done.

A special ethics committee will (or has been, no info yet) named to have a ,get this, public hearing on further ethics charges and possible violations by Mr. Chandler. He could receive sanctions, removal from office, (if it be Gods will , I hope) and other hand slapping that will let him keep his job at the House. It was Chandlers House that allowed such hubris and arrogance and power consolidation to run so rampant. Now dude is eating cake made with crow, not yummy chocolate. I hope he chokes on it(if it be Gods will). The Rules Committee which is chaired by the new Speaker Scammon himself, would be a good place to start and air your concerns and input. I am quite sure Speaker Scammon and the rest of the big juice on this Committee will take the considerations of we the people very seriously. The adage of " for every one constituant that writes a contact about an issue, there are 100 with the same sentiment" should allow us to continue on our course action of truth and transparent government and reform. This coming mid-term is ours to lose if we don't get our voices to the Gallus crowd in Concord. Chandler, Griffin and the rest of the alleged criminals disregard the 6 reguklar readers of this blog at their own peril. We will be heard. RISE UP!!!

Right to voting and reproductive choice.

This is one of those bills that makes it easier for both parties to track everything from when the last time you voted to, in some cases, what magazines get delivered to your home. I am against this thing with every ounce of Freedom of Expression in my body. ( A body, I might add that I've been told, is akin to the examples of physiques touted in Greek mythology) Anyhooo, HB154 goes totally against any semblance of Libertarian gumment and allows Senator Gallus and his bullies to further push their way into your lives. It takes away your right to remain an undeclared voter for at least 90 days after you declare your party affilliation at the primaries. Screw that!!! It has passed the House and is in Internal Affairs in the Senate with much support. I don't think this one will be found Inexpedient to Legislate. Gallus has already proposed and voted for legislation making it easier for his corrupt pork eaters to further increase their majority. So much for power to the people.

One more thing, Jon (our Jon) has an excellent link to legislation containing reproductive rights located on the home page of this fine media outlet to truth. Gallus ( the bad John) has voted for SB30. Another in the too few well thought out pieces of legislation that allows for pharmacies to opt into an emergency contraceptive program. Driving his ATV into your bedroom, nice. Now I wonder if Gallus et-al; ( or is that et-Herb) would allow for more kids and responsible adults to stay at their own homes due to unwanted pregnancies in lieu of funding emergency welfare funding and contraceptive education in schools??? I think not.

In case you have not noticed, I have taken up the cause of ridding our Good Granite Block House of the likes and dislikes of Senator John Gallus. This is bigger than me and it is no doubt part of my destiny. Wish me luck because this is for you too. I just might run against the entrenched solon. He is aristocracy and proper representation at its worst. RISE UP $$$

Hemp and economic development.

Many pols, including Herb Richardson R-Lancaster, espouse good jobs and economic growth for their bailiwicks. This has me very confused since Richardson was again assisted to office by Peter Riviere, director of Coos County Economic Development Corp. A purported non-profit, non-partisan organization created to help find jobs and recruit companies and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to this North Country region. The hemp progam bill, HB55, did pass the House due in large part to the back bench, high balcony section, Democratic whip Representative Scott- wake up Mr. Remick- Merrick. As I said last week this is a very innovative, far reaching bill that allows agriculture to use fallow land and many New Hampshire companies now using hemp for their industry, to grow, sell and purchase hemp locally instead of from China and Canada. These 2 countries are fine I suppose but Herb and his confused lot want to keep the Chinese and Canucks fat on the tarriffs paid by our own agricultural professionals and industrialists using hemp for their manufacturing. Here is a breakdown of the voting for hemp.
Richardson, Tholl, Remick, Morneau, Stohl, King; NAY
Merrick, Lary, Mears, Theberge, Buzzell,; YEA

Incedentally, Riviere has managed to secure his pay check and other personal fiduciary compensation, and attatch his lips around the never ending nourishment from the left rear teat of the golden tax payer funding cow, due in large part to the fact that he sold his soul to the politicos of the Right that include the Congressional Prince of Pork Charlie- what is PTSD ?-Bass along with Richardson, Tholl, Stohl and King. (sounds like a corrupt law firm but it is only a few of your seemingly corrupt legislators)I used to have mad respect for Peter as well but his path is the same that the Gallus ATV is driving down loaded with Righty hacks and special interest lobbyists.
I'm still confused as to why 6 of 7 North Country Righties voted to keep the overdue hemp industry in China and not here in our own back yard? Very interesting indeed. Look in the papers and you will no doubt soon see a trip to the Far East that includes Peter and his merry tax payer funded pork sucking, oxygen thieving bunch. They already went to Canada and the United Kingdom on your dime although they'll tell you PSNH paid for that.
"The definition of a good Representative does not necessarily include mandatory fiscal responsibility in every other district except their own." Senator Tom Coburn R-Oklahoma.

SB121 still breathing.

Our own elected whore to the special interest lobby, Senator John-Trollop-Gallus, has again shown his contempt for his constituancy and disregard for the clean drinking water while increasing his personal power and State intrusion in our supposed democratic form of local governance. Gallus voted for the SB121 after inferring to several concerned citizens, including Liberal Patriot blogoscyte Jon Easton, (posted below, and since I still don't know how to link these things , you being a Democrat won't mind scrolling down yourself I'm sure!) alluded to the fact that an Inexpedient to Legislate effectively killed the bill. NOT SO !!! I did warn you stalward party troopers that ITL is just a ploy to get the bills past committee and onto the floor. Gallus and his ilk use this ploy to the nines.This SB121 now moves to the House and it appears to have early, strong support. Jefferson cautioned us of the growing government and those seekign power and Gallus is the very purloiner of we the peoples rights to redress gumment, local sentment in public hearings and our planning boards regulating, or not regulating, our own communities. One more analogy proffered by Abraham Lincoln, "Any man can withstand adversity, the true test of a mans characted is his use of power". Gallus has shown a penchant to power and character traits similar to Saddam Hussein, Idi Ammin, Nathan Bedford Forrest and Adolph Hitler. All are big in real estate, increasing their own power and that of their special interest buddies and making the voices of reason, logic and dissention ever more disenfranchised. Gallus is keeping bad historical company. No respect from this disgruntled political junky. GET ACTIVE !!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Interesting alternatives from conventional energy

I recently came across a very intriguing artice discussing a process that allows for CO2, a byproduct of coal power plants, to be injected into existing oil wells to allow for a 20%-40% increase in oil gleaned from supposed dead, depleted wells. Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) is currently in use is specific trial wells to see the benefits and economics surrounding this interesting process. The CO2 is captured from scrubbers in coal plants and injected into wells then producing byproduct hydrogen which, from this same process, is captured for use in fuel cell autos and power plants. GM and DOW are experimenting with this science and now has a hydrogen cell power plant in operation producing, ultimately, 35 megawatts of electricity or the equivialnt to power 25,000 homes. One question I do have is what happens to the injected CO2?

Another factoid that is not nearly as cozy and comforting as the aforementioned, is the mining plans of helium-3 from the moon. Apollo astronauts discovered huge caches of helium-3 and with this element, nuclear fusion is possible. I'm thinking, for me, I'd like to see more IGCC research and keep the moon where it is. I have grown accustomed to it's presence up there.

Things are impossible until someone figures out how to do it.


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Pro-Choice Legislation in New Hampshire

Will brought this topic up with a post about SB30. I found this great link while doing some research of my own. It lists all the pro-choice and anti-choice legislation in New Hampshire. It is now a permanant link on our sidebar under the heading "Favorite NH Political links"

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