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Saturday, August 06, 2005

More of "Me and the Issues"

Alternative Energy Plan- I will propose real energy incentive programs that give entrepreneurs and everyday, common citizens a choice on their own energy sources. There is an optional, lame community alternative energy tax exemption that only 57 communities provide their residents. I will look for a wide reaching, comprehensive program at the State level reflecting certain Federal programs and allow individuals the choice of plans and energy sources should they decide to be forward thinking with the advantage of a certain and robust future economy and keeping responsible environmental protection in mind.

A bio-diesel and hydrogen fuel corridor up from the Massachusetts border to Canada is something I have in mind. I would also work with the border States and Canada to continue this corridor that could add to our tourism service providing economy in this Granite State. Crafting a common sense plan with an approach for fuel options that could be applied to snow mobiles, ATV’s, boats, cars, planes, trains and automobiles.

This wide ranging, all inclusive, comprehensive, alternative energy initiatives approach will also add high tech, good paying, long-term jobs to an untapped, burgeoning alternative energy market. Wind, wood, water, solar, geo-thermal, all renewable resources that have limitless boundaries to take advantage from and make work positively and responsibly for us. The HB185 is a good, albeit a bureaucratic start.

One more note on this and that is I keep hearing PSNH refusing to admit they can make money on anti-pollution protection systems at their power plants. They claim the cleaner technology does not exist or is too expensive to implement. I think it is time to fire all of the engineers that are too inept and incompetent to figure this problem out along with the managers coercing these same engineers to keep any new pollution protection devices from seeing the light of day. Time to recruit and hire someone that can do the job. My utility bills never go down and I never see a reduction in pollution from these plants without huge Federal tax payer funded pork plans. I would also not sign onto another pole tax exemption for a utility firm as we are already paying to support these companies through several taxes on our bills. No more free rides for tax payer exploiting businesses until they really play ball with and for the people. They will always pay, like we the people pay.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Daily Outrage

Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC) now has a different story as to why his "no" vote didn't register during last week's House vote on CAFTA.

From C4AP

If you believe this I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Insist your vote be counted

There is alot of debate going on about voting machines, paper ballots, voting official accountability and the ripoff to democracy by too many "discrepancies" at the polls. I have run into many voting officials that apply their own intepretations of Election Laws and it depends where you are as to those specific intepretations. Even here in Stark, confusion reigns supreme when counting ballots and I have had to explain rules to the team concerning how to read ballots. DFNH has a team on the job insurung the provisions of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA ) are met here in this Granite State.
"The commission shall approve such voting machine or device in its discretion, and no voting machine or device shall be used in any election in this state unless it reads the voter's choice on a paper ballot and is of a type so approved by the ballot law commission."

This latest edition of the running Election Committee to buying voting machines is put together by Nany Tobi from DFNH. Read more and give your support to fair, infettered voter access and election official accountability. Check out the information and GET ACTIVE!!!

Lancaster Street Fair

Here you have Aaron, the True Majority Oreo modile man, talking to Gov. Lynch who represents the true majority of voters in New Hampshire. Dan and Terri Jones, or as we call them back bone of the Coos County Democratic Party, stand nearby.

Here is Aaron speaking the truth to the good people of Lancaster.

The message was definately getting out there....

Higher Ed Act Rewrite Shortchanges Teachers, Students

NEA and other higher ed advocates were able to scale back efforts to provide unlimited access to federal funding by for-profit institutions in a bill (H.R. 609) passed July 22 by the House Education Committee to reauthorize the Higher Education Act. The bill, however, includes an NEA-opposed program that provides school districts $100 million to link teacher pay to student performance. It also puts students at risk of incurring thousands of dollars more in debt for college loans.

Approved 27-20, the bill includes a token increase for the maximum Pell Grant and it raises the interest rate cap on student loans from 6.8% to 8.25%, ensuring the average middle class student would pay thousands of dollars more for a college education.

NEA helped to limit the federal funding made available to for-profits. As a result, they will have access only to funding through the Higher Ed Act. Funding for higher education institutions that serve blacks and Hispanics is protected in the bill. As originally drafted, the bill would have given for-profits access to all federal funding.

The original bill also sought to repeal the requirement that for-profit schools get at least 10 percent of their revenue from sources other than federal funding; while modified, the "90/10 rule" was retained. In a significant setback, the "50 percent rule," which excludes institutions that provide more than 50 percent of their coursework by distance education from receiving federal funding, was repealed.

from NEA

Senate Bill Could Lead to Weaker Public Pension Plans

The Senate Finance Committee approved legislation this week to overhaul federal pension laws. The bill, National Employee Savings and Trust Equity Guarantee Act of 2005 (JCX-57-05), could destabilize private defined benefit pension plans and ultimately cause state legislatures to weaken public pensions that cover teachers and education support professionals.

The next steps are uncertain, including when the bill will go to the floor and whether it will be combined with the work of other committees. In the meantime, NEA, along with its cyberlobbyists, will continue to press for legislation that does not penalize employees or responsible employers. Of particular concern to teachers, education support professionals and other public sector employees is a growing trend to erode the foundation of public pensions by making it more difficult for employers to provide such plans. Among those specifically impacted by the Senate legislation are NEA's and its state affiliates' employees, who participate in private defined benefit plans.

from NEA

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