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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Great Moments in Imaginary History

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Power, prison and well... power

The announcement came over the wire last P.M. about the PSNH (Mayor Boob's boss) proposal to buy the Fraser Berlin papermill and use said mill for a wood burning power plant. I guess that's great. The impact and requirement study should take 6-8 months. My concern here is that since this area is soooo badly hit by economic woes, and given the dynamic, back room, tax payer funded, real estate duo of Danderson and Gallus, that anything might be allowed to be placed in this still beautiful area for the price of a few promised jobs, and most certainly many promised campaign contribution $$$'s and real estate fees to the personal pocket book. Good government there eh?

That brings me to the announcement this A.M. from US Senator Judd Gregg's office that the now impending Federal can will actually start ground breaking January 2007. There are a purported 300 permanent jobs to be gleaned from this huge project. I asked Mayor Boob at my last CEDC annual meeting if we could get assurances from the Feds to use local NH contractors on this construction job and he said" We don't demand anything from the Federal government". Thanks Bob, I'll remember that when you get to DC. The hang up here had been those pesky environmental impact statements for the 3 pieces of property the Bureau of Prisons were reviewing and the ever watchful eyes of the people trying to avoid and possibly catch yet another illicit, back room real estate dealio in the offing. I am quite sure this sale will score more than going ATV State Park rate of $185K, to the current district 1 State Senator. You know, you can't get away from that type of dirty, ethically questionable binezz when you do said binezz in the Righty, self serving State Senator's/real estate mogul's backyard...

Keep this in mind as well, the lack of support for one aspiring INDIE solon is a definite vote for the aforementioned, integrity challenged bad guy. By the way, the lovely pic was done by the love of my life, Margaret. They are genus purplis standingup flowerus. Nice.


Stark raving results

Here's my lunch plans. Eat my losing Town campaign strategy and finally do away with the thing and press on to the State Senate having been more encouraged, educated and renewed strengthened resolve. I am better for this process once again...

Of the 214 total ballots cast with 338 registered voters, the results:
Eich-103 (I)

School board;
Randall-102 (I)

Now this is truly how the people have spoken. That's great. I know where my base is not located and I am on to greener pastures, as it were.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The process and the cranium

Town Meeting is awesome. I am totally enamored of our entire electoral process. I have just come back from the first Town Meeting session in Stark where the town business was acted upon by the Citizens. I must say, it never fails to amaze me how many fokks talk about a certain issue and promise their support but when it comes time for the votes to be cast, I have been the lone ass voting for or against. This A.M. was no exception but as I was leaving, the same "fans" were spurring me on to come back to this P.M.'s portion to debate the school budget and fight for We the Peeps and against our unaccountable, arrogant school board and SAU office
despot-in-charge. Now, just how long can I take being the head that continually gets cut off you ask??? Yeah, I ask the same thing.

A few weeks ago I was a tad overwhelmed and considered withdrawing from my current aspirations to serve We the Peeps as INDEPENDENT district 1 State Senator. ( yeah you're tired of reading that) I had a shitty couple weeks back then. After much prompting, cajoling and coercing from my true loved ones and usual true freinds and fans, and bag loads of semi-fans (much like the folks that left me and my ass out this A.M.) convinced me to forge ahead and take on Gallus as best I can. To date, I still have not received an overwhelming amount of volunteers and $$$ to help me in this endeavor.

I ask you again, just as a rhetorical question to bring some insightful debate, how freakin long and how many times does one need to stick his head out only to look behind him for that "support" simply to get said cranium handed to him in a basket???

I forget what old, long dead, wig wearing white gyuy said this but... "I forge these rapid waters alone, if I must".

If I must... I'll report back later this P.M. after the votes are counted and I get that call from the head ballot checker.

RISE UP!!! I'll change this World for the better one day...

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