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Friday, August 19, 2005

Bush breaks the record for the most vacations days

over an 8-year term. 336 days. He accomplished the feat in an amazing four-and-a-half years.

from C4AP

On the stump.

Yeah, that's right. If gumment spends your money everyday, I am going to work to allow you to see the choice you will have in this North Country and the State. More of Me and the Issues...

Federal/Local control-I am confused at how many laws are pushed through every term and how our government keeps expanding its size and power at the expense of your personal interests, input and local control. I will not propose any legislation, and I will be hard pressed to support any legislation, that consolidates or usurps local control to the State, unless appropriate, legitimate concessions are made for local, public input. Local government is the New Hampshire tradition and crafting laws that keep marginalizing any group into oblivion while increasing and consolidating one party or special interests power, will not be receiving my support. Since late 2001, 917,000 new bureaucrats have had government sector jobs created for them. No small local government.

Agricultural- I will work to ensure this State has the best, most innovative plans on all levels especially agriculture. Easing, reducing and omitting restrictions and regulations to cottage industries such as dairy processing, meat processing, truck veggies and specialty foods and plants, should be left to the States to decide. Waiting to follow behind others, or for some square state to set precedence, is something I will not tolerate when I am serving you. Working with the farmers, I will look for ways around obstructionist bureaucrats and our State will be the trend setters in agriculture and economic development. We will create less bureaucracy and more avenues for markets and jobs here in our State and Country.

I will not take no for an answer when there are so many creative, positive solutions to be realized. The failed Hemp programs bill, killed in the Senate this term, ( not even allowed a floor vote and helped to a speedy death by some Democrat Senators !!! Hmmm, more wood shed candidates???) is one example of out of touch Legislators failing their constituency, not allowing them to reach more markets and reducing the fallow farm land that agricultural professionals are hamstrung by paying view taxes on. Innovation and progress is the key.

One huge, overdue shout out to North Country Head Righty Basher Susan B!!! Let's hope she gets back on her feet and back on the job at hand. Getting the truth in the public eye and putting integrity and good working folks back in government. Get better Susan. SMOOCH!!!


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Working More, Enjoying Less....

This info comes from Elizabeth Warren, Harvard Law School: Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law and author of The Two Income Trap: Why Middle Class Parents Are Going Broke.

I clipped most of this from a article. You can read the full thing here.

Today's two-income family has 75 percent more earnings, inflation adjusted, than their parents had a generation ago. The reason is because today's average family has two people in the workforce, instead of one. But this year, more children will live through their parents' bankruptcy than their parents' divorce. Being a parent is the best predictor that a person will file for bankruptcy.

In the 1970’s US family savings was 11% of income and their personal debt was 3%. Today average family savings is 0% and personal debt is 13%.

Some critics like to say that this is because of over consumption. They claim that people are choosing to go to the mall, out to eat, and buy designer clothes and sneakers instead of save.

The data show, however, tells a different story. Today's families are actually spending less on consumption that their parents spent a generation ago: 22 percent less on clothing, 21 percent less on food, including eating out, 44 percent less on appliances, less on furniture, less on floor coverings.

Today's families are in financial trouble, because they're spending so much more on big fixed expenses -- mortgage, health insurance, car, preschool, after-school care and college. What has happened is that the cost of being middle-class has shot out of the reach of ordinary families over the past generation. Today's two-income family has 75 percent more income than the one-income family had a generation ago, but by the time they make four basic payments and their taxes they have less money to spend than their one-income parents.

Once a family builds a budget around two incomes, once they count on having both paychecks 52 weeks out of the year in order to be able to make the mortgage payment and the health insurance payment, they have a problem.

Because they have twice as many chances to get laid off, twice as many chances for someone to get too sick to go to work, and if grandma breaks a hip, or a young child becomes seriously ill, one of those two wage-earners will have to quit work to take care of the family member. So that means that they have more income, but they're actually more at risk.

A stay-at-home mother a generation ago not only took care of the children and tended the home fires, but she acted as an economic safety net for the family. If Dad lost his job, or was too sick to go to work, Mom could go to work, and could bring in a new source of revenue to the family. She might not make as much money as he made, but the combination of her new income plus unemployment would often keep the family at about the same total income level. And if she stayed at work after he went back to work, they had extra income for a few months and could boost their earnings. The same thing if they were hit with an unexpected expense, anything from a child going to college to uninsured medical bills. They had a second source of revenue, someone who could work whose salary hadn't already been figured into the family budget, and could add that extra shot of income to the economic mix.

That made a two-parent family with one parent in the workforce and one parent at home a stronger, more secure family economically.

This is not an argument that women [or men] should stay at home. Today's mortgage costs and health insurance costs and day-care costs mean that today's families can't survive on one income and use the second income for extras. Instead, they have to commit both incomes just to making the basic payments.

Over the past generation mortgage costs have increased 70 times faster than a man's wages. Think about that. That means for many families in metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. the only way to buy a home is if both parents go into the workplace.

In 75 percent of the metropolitan areas across America, a police officer cannot buy a house on one income. The same is true for a teacher or a firefighter. In other words, a one-income family in most of the United States cannot afford to be middle-class homeowners.

This is not about spa bathrooms and granite countertops. The average family in the U.S. today lives in a house that is 6.1 rooms. That's only SLIGHTLY larger than the average family in the early 1970s -- they lived in a house that was 5.7 rooms.

As more and more families desperately cling to an American dream that is already over lenders are laughing all the way to the foreclosure.

Alan Greenspan says that the fastest growing part of the lending industry is the sub-prime market. The notion is that the credit card company offers you a credit card at 6 percent interest, but if you lose your job and miss a payment, then the interest jumps to 29 percent. Or, you have a mortgage at 5-1/2 percent, and when you miss a mortgage payment, there's an industry that descends on the homeowner offering to refinance to give some cash to the strapped family, but doubling or even tripling the interest rate on the payments.

Don't try to borrow your way out of debt. It never works. A family in financial trouble should never, underline never, take out a second mortgage or refinance the mortgage on their home. Companies are making billions in profits by talking families into putting their homes on a roulette wheel, and the companies come out the winner. Home mortgage foreclosures are up more than 300 percent over the past 22 years. It's really scary.

Iraqi/US military ready for cease fire

This latest from Tom Paine's Robert Dreyfuss is quite eye opening. The war blows and the Vulcans and Hawks won't allow any type of negotiating unless the Cheney-Bush presidency writes the rules. (Hey, on a side note, the Bushies are insisting the Iraqi Constitution include Citizen Access Socialized Healthcare System... What on Earth is the problem with his own tax paying Citizens getting some of the same??? Oh I know, our poor folks don't pump oil...)

Anyhooo, the link here from Robert Dreyfus and Tom Paine speaks volumes. Now if we can get the politicos out of the way and let the US boots on the ground work with their Iraqi counterparts, we will have Peace realized on the horizon alot faster.

Check out the story.


Taft shouts FOUR or FORE!!! (you'll see)

Yeah this is the guy that controls Ohio. No wonder there are so many shady voting shenanigans there and permeating the Nations Heart land. Or is that heart ache???.

His forebear, William Howard Taft, is the only person to serve as President of this USA and then move on to be a Supreme Court Justice. It seems, with the current criteria, set by the Righty regime, this generations Taft is well on his way to fitting the bill for SCOTUS. The story is from the AP in Cincinnati...

Gov. Taft charged with four misdemeanors
By Jon Craig, Enquirer Columbus Bureau
COLUMBUS – Gov. Bob Taft, under investigation for not reporting as many as 60 golf outings as required by state law, was charged Wednesday with four criminal misdemeanors, a city prosecutor said.

Stephen McIntosh, chief prosecutor in Columbus, said he hopes to have the case against Taft finalized this week. That would mean Taft or his attorney, William Meeks, will appear in Franklin County Municipal Court on the charges Thursday or Friday.

Taft is the first Ohio governor ever charged with a crime. Each charge carries a maximum fine of $1,000 or six months in jail. Prosecutors said it is unlikely Taft would go to jail.Taft, 63, a Cincinnati Republican, is a descendant of President William Howard Taft and two U.S. senators.The charges were to be detailed at an afternoon news conference by Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien, a Republican, and Columbus City Attorney Richard C. Pfeiffer Jr., a Democrat.

Taft’s office promised to release a more detailed accounting of the golf outings, including a pair with rare coin dealer Thomas Noe, later Wednesday.Taft will respond publicly on Thursday and is not planning to resign, spokesman Mark Rickel said.Investigators have looked for weeks at Taft’s alleged violation of a law requiring officeholders to report all gifts worth more than $75 if the donor wasn’t reimbursed for the amount of the gift.O’Brien said Wednesday the outings that Taft failed to disclose included a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game.

Taft, 63 and nearing the end of his second term, would be the highest-ranking official to be charged in a ballooning state investment scandal that began with revelations of problems with an unusual investment in rare coins. His former chief of staff was convicted of an ethics violation in July.

Email jcraig@enquirer.comThe Associated Press contributed

They know how to live the highlife with gambling junkets, golfing and corn roasts. They usually get away with screwing the tax payer and are always rewriting the rules. Nice moral values.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Let's get Baldacci here in our State

At least Maine has a Governor with a full set of baggetts. Maine now has legislation, based on Civil Rights no doubt, that will help end Legislative supported discrimination. Although this protection is already found in our US Constitution.

"...Gov. John Baldacci signed a new law in March that would extend the Maine Human Rights Act to make discrimination based on sexual orientation illegal in employment, housing, credit, public accommodations and education."

The Concord Monitor has the story and this should keep the fires burning for those interested in Civil Rights and equality for all. I'm thinking, since our Legislature usually waits for some other State to set precedence, we should see some kind of similar legislative protections for the people most likely in this next session.

My position is this...
Freedom to Marry-This is a Civil Rights issue and I fully and firmly support an individual to choose Freedom and exercise their right to marry another individual, as long as each person is the legal age of consent. As Senator, I will be a vocal and visual advocate for this equality. Nuff said.

Check out the Monitor story... RISE UP!!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

I know whow I am supporting in 2008 for President

Not much here yet, but check it out

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cowie INDIE campaign kickoff event a success

Yeah we all had a blast. The weather was perfect. The food was mighty tasty and there was lots of good eats. The band was kicking even before they got hammered. The dancing was...well... just let it be known that I can dance!!! Interesting words of wisdom were added from Representatives Buzzell and Merrick gave the riveted crowd great insight into the workings of the political machine in their State House and across the State.

A nice intimate crowd of about 2 dozen inquisitive Citizens, now well informed supporters, showed their support for me and my team. I am very encouraged that they expressed their views of dissatisfaction in the current lack of equal representation from goverment and the elected elite should and are taking me so seriously. I got word from some Granite BlockHouse insiders and also got calls from a Righty committee member, about how I was running a smear campaign. This is due to the fact that I publish voting records here on this blogo of truth and in the Liberal Patriot news letter. Yeah, well, if they are ashamed of my "smearing" their own voting records and that's all they got, I'm good with that. I'll win with the truth. I'll do the job that the MSM won't do and that's to let the public know what the 2 party sham is doing to We the People. I'm glad now it is public that the current elected oligarchy cannot consider me a non threat to the establishment.

I also got a few calls and e-mails from several of my supposed Democrat freinds, or former freinds as I am now considered by them. They cannot support my bid as an INDEPENDENT candidate so my advice to them is, if you want change, keep on your same losing strategy and the Righties will allow you to further change and marginalize yourselves back into the private sector. Smarten up!!!

The ho-down was indeed a success and I look forward to working with all of the folks and meeting their friends, on this continuing battle to put real integrity and true working class leadership, with legitimate outspoken representation for you, the people that elect your own government. That's what it's all about for me... serving YOU!!!


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