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Thursday, November 04, 2004



NOTE FROM Paul Hodes

NOTE FROM The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: It's not over!

NOTE FROM UNITED 4 PEACE: Don't Mourn, Organize

NOTE FOR TRUE MAJORITY: This the end? Or the beginning?

NOTE FROM MOVEON.ORG - Because of you, there is hope.

NOTE FROM DEAN : What You Won't Hear on TV Today


Dear New Hampshire Democrat,
Like you, I am disappointed in Tuesday's national election results. But we need look no further than New Hampshire to have faith and hope in what is in store for the Democratic Party.

On Tuesday night, New Hampshire was the only red state to turn blue.

For the first time since 1964, our presidential nominee captured more than 50 percent of the New Hampshire vote.

For the first time in New Hampshire history a Democrat ousted a Republican Governor in his first term.

We picked up an all-important Executive Council seat. And we saw successful gains in the State House and State Senate.

We were successful because we did it the New Hampshire way - straight talking, aggressively and person to person. We mounted the largest grassroots campaign in our state's history with the help and efforts of wonderful supporters like you.

We want to thank you, and all of our volunteers, for helping us do what no other state in the country did. We want to especially thank all of our candidates; win or lose, the effort by every person who ran for office on the Democratic ticket helped us elect John Lynch as governor. Thank you!

Our work is not finished. New Hampshire Democrats will lead the way in the next two years to mount successful campaigns at every level, and we need you to keep faith and keep working as we continue to do our part in making sure this happens.

We now have the tools we need to build a bench in our party, and we intend to do so.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party is as strong as it has ever been at every level, and we intend to do all we can to build from this Tuesday's success.

In addition, we will work as hard as possible to secure our first in the nation primary, so that we can show America what you know - New Hampshire takes its job in electing the President seriously, and we will never let the American people down.


Kathy Sullivan

NOTE FROM Paul Hodes

Dear Friend,
I want to thank you for your support throughout thiscampaign. I have been involved in campaigns many times in the past, butuntil you actually run yourself, you can't really appreciate the hard workand commitment of supporters, volunteers, and staff. I must say I am humbledby all the energy and enthusiasm you brought to this effort. I really cannotthank you enough for everything you did to send a message for change in NewHampshire and America, and I can only hope I lived up to your expectationsand desires as a candidate.

I know this is a tough time for many of us, and it's goingto take some time to shake off the disappointment. But it's imperative forall of us to refocus our energy on continuing our fight for change in NewHampshire and America. We must not let any momentary setback stand in theway of progress. The future of this nation is really in our hands, and wemust never relent in our quest for an America that guarantees opportunityfor everyone.

I said many times during the campaign that I neverintended to run for Congress, but I could not sit back and watch thiscountry go in the wrong direction. I had to stand up and fight for what Ibelieved in, and I will continue to do that. You all joined me in thatfight, and I ask that you continue to stand with me and our fellow Americansas we continue to strive for a better America and a future we can be proudto hand to our children. The stakes in the world and here at home are toohigh for us to walk away from the fight, and together we must rise to thechallenge again. This fragile experiment in democracy known as America willonly survive if we all continue to participate. We must work for change. Wemust hold our elected officials accountable by voting, running for office,and making our voices heard one way or another.

Once again, I want to thank you all for your support, andI want you to know that we have made a difference. We have spoken; we havechanged the dialogue, and our elected leaders cannot ignore us. We willcontinue to stand together and to recruit more voices to join us. Changedoes not happen over night, but it only happens if people stay committed tomaking it happen. We have started the process, and I hope you will continueto work along side me and work towards the future we all deserve.

Thank you,
Paul W. Hodes
Paid for by Paul Hodes for Congress 26 S. Main St. # 253, Concord, NH 03301, 603-223-2004 Contributions to Paul Hodes for Congress are notdeductible for tax purposes. Corporate contributions are not allowed.Federal law requires political committees to report the name, address, andemployer of each individual in excess of $200 in a calendar year.


Dear Jon ,
This is NOT the email I planned on sending after the election. I wanted to just thank each and every one of you for caring so much about our future. I wanted to acknowledge our deep and sincere gratitude for everyone that contributed their money, time, or both to help us in these vital elections.
But John Kerry has conceded the race and we were unsuccessful in winning the House. And while this is not a time to mask our disappointment in the outcome, it is even more importantly not a time to surrender.
That is particularly true because this election is NOT over!
There are two House races in Louisiana that were so close on Election Day that they will be decided in run-offs on December 4. Now that George W. Bush has been reelected, these two races are critical for us to win. We need every seat we can get in Congress to stand in the way of President Bush and his congressional allies.
I urge you to contribute to the DCCC today:
I can't tell you how much I would prefer to just be thanking you, as opposed to asking for your help again. But with these two seats at stake on December 4, and no resources left, we can't waste a moment.
Here is what we know. Republicans unleashed every weapon in their arsenal to deliver a knockout blow to Congressional Democrats.
They failed!
Despite President Bush carrying 28 states and winning a majority of the popular vote; despite the loss of Senate seats in the south and midwest; and despite Tom DeLay and Karl Rove RE-redistricting Texas to force many Democrats to run in newly Republican majority areas, we successfully defended Democratic Members of the House, losing only one incumbent outside of Texas.
We knocked off Republican incumbents in Illinois and Georgia. We picked up open Republican seats in New York and Colorado.
And now Louisiana provides us with the opportunity to add two new Democratic victories!
Of course, this fight isn't over "seats," but rather what they represent.
No longer concerned about his reelection, President Bush will feel no constraints in pushing his extreme agenda. Our economy, our homeland security, our health care system, our childrens' education, our environment, and our personal freedoms will all be under siege in the next four years. It's up to us to stop Bush and his Congress from doing even more damage to this country we love.
We poured all our available resources into the November 2 elections. That means we do not have the funds on hand that we need to win the Louisiana run-offs. So I urge you to contribute generously to the DCCC today:
A friend told me about a conversation she overheard between two young people discussing the election. The young man expressed his anger and frustration and said that he was "done" getting involved with politics. His female companion responded, "But I believe in the same things I believed in last night, and I'm still willing to fight for them. Aren't you?"
It's exactly the right question. Won't you please act now!
Jim BonhamExecutive DirectorDemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee

NOTE FROM UNITED 4 PEACE: Don't Mourn, Organize

ACTION ALERT * UNITED FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE 212-868-5545 To subscribe, visit
In the wake of Bush’s election, time to regroup and take the long view:
The bad news is obvious and awful,
but the good news is that our movement continues to grow ===========================================
Here at United for Peace and Justice we share with millions of people around the country – and millions more around the world – a sense of horror about what happened on election day. The largest grassroots electoral mobilization in memory was not strong enough to unseat George W. Bush. We are upset by the outcome, and disgusted that the politics of fear have been so fine-tuned by Karl Rove and company. We are outraged by the voter intimidation, vote suppression, and other tactics of disenfranchisement used before and on November 2.
But we are not totally surprised by the outcome of this election. For more than 40 years the right wing has been planning, organizing, fund raising, and executing strategies for taking control of this country. With George W. Bush and the so-called "war on terror," they have found the perfect instrument for consolidating their power.
We’ve known for a long time what we are up against. We worked with all our might to stop the U.S. from going to war against Iraq, but we could not prevent it, even with 10 million people taking to the streets simultaneously around the world on February 15, 2003. We have all been working hard to end that war and occupation and to bring the troops home, and even though the lies behind the war have been exposed, we have not yet succeeded.
At the same time, every day we are inspired by the outpouring of energy and creativity around the country. In the past few years the peace and justice movement has been re-ignited: vigils, rallies, and marches in hundreds of cities; a rich outpouring of cultural dissent; activism in schools, workplaces, and places of worship; and some of the most massive mobilizations our country has ever seen. Just this past August 29, at least 500,000 people marched in New York City on the eve of the Republican National Convention. And in these past two months vast numbers of people put their time into an unprecedented grassroots electoral mobilization, including voter registration, voter education, get-out-the-vote and election protection campaigns.
Our long-term hope lies in this grassroots upsurge, and to win, we need to take the long-term view. No, the Bush Agenda was not defeated on Nov. 2, and we share the frustration and anger of so many activists. But the truth is that the progressive social change community...the peace and justice not yet strong enough to successfully change those in power.
That does not mean we are giving up or going away. On the contrary: As we take a moment to catch our breath, and get some needed rest, we are already beginning to sort through the lessons of this election and our recent past. In the days and weeks ahead we'll all see lots of analysis about what happened. We encourage you to organize discussions about what happened in the election, and where we should be headed as a movement.
United for Peace and Justice always knew that our work to end the occupation of Iraq would not be immediately affected by the outcome of the presidential race. We are preparing to move into a period of much more focused organizing on the Iraq war, working with local groups around the country on implementing plans to reach the people we don't usually talk to. As that work unfolds, we are exploring ways to strengthen the impact of our mobilizations, including planning for activities that might make it harder for those in charge to actually carry out this war.
Look for new organizing materials from us in the near future, as well as resources for deepening the discussion and expanding our grassroots base. In the meantime, we encourage you to keep the fighting spirit alive by displaying one of our "Say No to the Bush Agenda" flags or t-shirts, available through
As the nation begins to look back on the election of 2004, we remain committed to looking ahead. The United for Peace and Justice coalition of more than 800 national organizations and local groups has tremendous potential. Working together has made it possible for us to make a significant contribution to the larger social change movement. The months and years ahead will not be easy, but we are hopeful that our common efforts will bring us closer toward a world where justice triumphs and peace prevails.
United for Peace and Justice
ACTION ALERT * UNITED FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE 212-868-5545 To subscribe, visit

NOTE FOR TRUE MAJORITY: This the end? Or the beginning?

This Sure Feels Bad, but
Is It the End or the Beginning?
Dear Krista ,

There is a lot of bad news coming out of this election, and we won’t burden you with more of what you already know. Bush’s reelection and Republican gains in both houses will make the struggle for justice and peace in our country harder over the next four years. Yep, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep talking, but we here at TrueMajority still have hope for our future. Why? Because TrueMajority members had a front-row seat to the beginnings of a revolution in American politics. It’s just in the beginning phases, and clearly it didn’t all work.

But look at the evidence. Before this year, political campaigns were like watching a bad movie on TV without a remote to turn it off. Our job as citizens was to watch the ads and vote. That was it.

What a difference four years makes. For the first time in decades, the number of people voting went way up. The number of folks who actually got involved in the election went through the roof. But the change was far deeper than that. Big money was still monumental, but little money collected online from lots of people added up to big money. More important, the things that really mattered in the end were accomplished by an army of regular folks. Millions of doors were knocked on, and even more calls to new voters were made. Regular people who were never political activists held house parties to share their enthusiasm with friends. Quite simply, politics went from something we watched on TV to something we all did.

What made all this possible? There were many factors, but an important one was the rise of a bunch of online groups like TrueMajority that make instantaneous nationwide conversations possible with the click of a mouse. This emerging online community was able to offer you ways to get involved, such as volunteering to contact voters, raise money, distribute information and create your own projects — all with a tiny staff and an efficient budget. Regular folks with an e-mail address have proven that they can pitch in what time and money they can to create a powerful wave of change. It really worked. Just look at the unprecedented get-out-the-vote efforts that produced record turnout.

We’ll need all of these new skills and tactics as we take on an ever-more-hostile environment in Washington. It’ll take a bit of time to rest and regroup, and then we’ll continue the struggle for social justice. For the first time in a long time, we’ve helped fashion a path that can lead to a real change in America. And that’s a reason for hope.

The next phase may well involve helping people build local initiatives and organizations around leaders who have the strength and commitment to champion compassion, justice, sustainability and international cooperation. Conservatives rebuilt their activist groups through devotion to a set of values they believed in and could communicate with passion to voters. It’s time for us to do that too.

So our pledge to you today is that this is just the beginning. We at TrueMajority will keep an eye on what’s going on in Washington and elsewhere for our 550,000 members, and we’ll keep offering you different ways that you can make a difference. You’ve shown that this can really work.

We’re very proud to have taken this great journey withyou.

Ben, Duane, Andrew, Darcy, Dave, Emily, Jason and Natalie; our partners at Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities: Gary, Barbara, Ed, Elliot and Marian; and with special election-year help from Aaron, Catherine, David, Dusty, Kim, Jessica, Mark, Matt, Michelle, Mike, Richard and Allen, whose passing prevented his seeing the fruits of our work together

NOT E FROM MOVEON.ORG - Because of you, there is hope.

Dear MoveOn member,
We'll admit to being heartbroken by the outcome of yesterday's election. It's a dark day.
But this afternoon, we received this email:
Subject: Running for Congress
In light of what happened yesterday, my friend and I have decided to get personally involved. He wants to run for Congress in 2006, and I'm his campaign manager at this point. Do you know of a good information source for how we handle the legalities of forming a campaign, opening bank accounts, registering with the FEC, etc?
We have suffered a defeat, but we are not defeated.
And our heartache does not diminish our pride in what you've done. We're proud about Wisconsin, where MoveOn volunteers turned out over 27,000 voters and Kerry won by only 11,813 votes. And New Hampshire, a former Bush state where we turned out 9,820 of the people on our list and Kerry won by 9,171 votes. Other groups were working with us in both states, but it's clear volunteers were at least partly responsible for the margin of victory.
We're proud about Ken Salazar, the newest Senator from Colorado, whose campaign was fueled by the donations of thousands of MoveOn members. We're proud that before he conceded this morning, John Kerry called to thank all of you for what we did to help his campaign.
Most of all, we are so proud of all of you, the MoveOn members who worked so hard and gave so much to take back America.
Yesterday, over 70,000 of us worked from before 5am Eastern to 8pm Pacific, getting voters to the polls. At 4:50am in Florida, we heard from our lead organizers that hundreds of precinct leaders had checked in and were on their way to the polls. In Columbus, with three hours to go, we sent out a final message saying "It's not too late! Help volunteer." Within minutes, two dozen people came running up the stairs in the rain, wanting to know, "What can we do? Put us to work!" One volunteer whose car broke down ran home, grabbed her bike, and biked from house to house in the thunderstorm, knocking on doors and reminding people to vote.
That you put so much into this effort makes the loss more painful in some ways. But the fact that so many of us were involved offers true hope for the future of democracy. In the campaign to defeat George Bush, you have proven that real Americans can have a voice in American politics. In the months and years to come, that revelation will change everything.
Although George Bush won by 3% nationally, we must remember that 55.4 million Americans stood with you and with John Kerry. You are certainly not alone. And a healthy environment, a strong and fair economy, good schools, domestic safety and the end of the war in Iraq are goals we all share -- red states and blue states alike.
Our journey toward a progressive America has always been bigger than George Bush. The current leg is just beginning -- we're still learning how to build a citizen-based politics together. But it's a journey our nation has been on for a long time. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice."
Today, we'll take a breath. Tomorrow, we'll keep moving toward the America we know is possible.
Sincerely,--Adam, Ben, Carrie, Diane, Eli, Hannah, James, Joan, Justin, Laura, Lee, Marika, Mat, Meighan, Micayla, Nepunnee, Noah H., Noah W., Paul, Peter, Rosalyn, Wes, the team at We Also Walk Dogs, the team at Fenton Communications, and all 500 members of the Leave No Voter Behind staff. November 3rd, 2004
PAID FOR BY MOVEON PAC Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee

NOTE FROM DEAN : What You Won't Hear on TV Today

Dear Jon,

Montana, one of the reddest states, has a new Democratic governor.
First-time candidates for state legislatures from Hawaii to Connecticut beat incumbent Republicans.
And a record number of us voted to change course -- more Americans voted against George Bush than any sitting president in history.
Today is not an ending.
Regardless of the outcome yesterday, we have begun to revive our democracy. While we did not get the result we wanted in the presidential race, we laid the groundwork for a new generation of Democratic leaders.
Democracy for America trained thousands of organizers and brought new leadership into the political process. And down the ballot, in state after state, we elected Dean Dozen candidates who will be the rising stars of the Democratic Party in years ahead.
Tens of millions of us are disappointed today because we put so much of ourselves into this election. We donated money, we talked to friends, we knocked on doors. We invested ourselves in the political process.
That process does not end today. These are not short-term investments. We will only create lasting change if that sense of obligation and responsibility becomes a permanent part of our lives.
Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
We will not be silent.
Thank you for everything you did for our cause in this election. But we are not stopping here.
Governor Howard Dean, M.D.
P.S. -- Join others in your community tonight at the Democracy for America Meetup to celebrate your hard work and discuss the next steps for your local group:

Monday, November 01, 2004

110 reasons not to vote for bush

110 reason not to vote for bush

Morning Sedition's List of 100 Reasons Bush Must Go



for any registration or voting problems!!!!

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