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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Blog Recommendations

Slot Machine, Voting Restrictions, and Video Bootlegging. Those the are most recent posts on Rep. Peter Sullivan's Blog. And some of our own bloggers are getting in on the comment action.

Here is a post from there relating to slow machines. Here is Will's post on that.

There was also some hot and heavy discuss about a law to requiring photo id to vote.

Right Wing Brings their Swift Boat Guns to Bear on Hiliary.

Here is an article about how the right wing is preparing to torpedo Hilary's Presidential aspirations with a swift boat type smear book before her campaign even gets off the ground.

From the

And now for something completely different...

This was brought to my attention by Reuben Rajala. To those of use who are into health foods this is old news... but chilling none the less. Folks, plastics are REALLY bad for you, not just do they leech poisons into your food and drink but they also can do screwy things like mimic sex hormones. And EVERYTHING is made of them… including baby bottles, children’s toys, and the plastic lining of canned foods!
A chemical widely used in the making of clear plastic products, including baby bottles, food storage containers, and even dental fillings, is the subject of debate between those who say it is safe, namely plastic-industry flacks, and those who say it's not, namely most everyone else. Many scientists have found evidence that bisphenol A, or BPA, is harmful, even in the small doses leached from plastic during heating or exposure to acidic foods or strong detergents, because it can mimic sex hormones.

In a wacky coincidence, researchers Frederick vom Saal and Claude Hughes found that all 11 industry-funded studies conclude BPA is nothing to worry about, while 90 percent of the 104 government- or university-funded studies conclude otherwise.
I wonder why that could be, perhaps because:

Bisphenol is one of the top 50 chemicals produced in the U.S. Over 1.6 billion pounds were produced in 1995.

On average, humans ingest approximately 6.3 micrograms per day of bisphenol-A rom the linings of food cans.

From childrens health education coalition

Here our a story in Los Angeles Times, Marla Cone, 13 Apr 2005
Here is another one in : USA Today, Elizabeth Weise, 14 Apr 2005

If you didn't already know there is a problem with children going through puberty early. REAL EARLY!

An epidemic of early puberty is hitting young girls in the U.S. Among Caucasian girls in the U.S. today, 1 in every 7 starts to develop breasts or pubic hair by age 8, and among African American girls in the U.S., the figure is nearly 1 out of every 2.

Many scientists that study premature puberty attribute it to endogenous estrogens in plastics and secondhand exposure through the meat and milk of animals treated with steroid hormones. Premature puberty was traced to consumption of beef, pork, and dairy products containing high concentrations of estrogen. Another study from Puerto Rico revealed a higher concentration of phthalate – a xenoestrogen present in certain plastics – in girls who showed signs of early puberty, compared with controls. [more info]

"Young girls [in the 5-to-10-year-old range] with breasts or pubic hair - we encounter this every day we're in clinic," says Dr. Michael Freemark, chief of pediatric endocrinology at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C. [more info]

Here is a long article about that problem.

Here is an article about Bisphenol from ... oh... 2003… it not like I found a story on this from 7 years ago or anything…. The warnings about this chemical go back even further then that…

Here is another plastic related article "PVC: The Most Toxic Plastic" and another "Ten Reasons to Avoid PVC Plastic" and more and more and more..... it's like when you were a kid and you would life up a really big rock and find dozens of disgusting crawling bugs on the underside.... no wonder most american's just don't want to know... anything.

Progress??? A short rant...maybe.

We are hammered with crap in the mail and e-requests for us to get involved. Many more ask for our hard earned $$$. Yet coming up with a few examples of what a "new guy" deems as a problem or ways to fix same, is too often met with disdain or rejected out of hand or worse, talked about when the new guy isn't around adding to the covert actions of taudry politics. I may soon be (or already am) marked as a loud mouth, out spoken, maverick, crazy, I don't know...pick an adjective. I was told to get my feet wet and learn the process. Pay my dues, learn the ropes. Screw that. I have been watching politics for as long as I can remember in my 41 years on Gods Creation and all I know is the existing process blows. If I have ways to fix something, let us know or do the job myself. Well, I'm doing the job myself with help from many other few folks that think the current process blows. The more I learn the process, the more I see dead weight town chairs and town committees and state party leaders and House careerists and other obstructionists, that the people that already are up to their eyeballs with , and entrenched in, the process, are afraid to get rid of because the numbers won't look good to the State Heads and the National Committee. I may not be an astronaut (although some may argue that as well) but when I saw those 2 space shuttles blow up into a gajillion pieces, I knew someone didn't do their friggin job correctly. I may not know how to fix a space shuttle, but even my limited upper atmospheric experience brings me to believe another management team needs to be recruited. Just as we all see that the current Presidential administration, Federal leadership and our own Majority Righty Cowards in Concord needs to be changed. I don't think any of the regular 14 readers of this truth blog will argue with that.

I said I would lay off certain members of the party leadership and I will try. However, shortly after I was politely taken to the wood shed last P.M. for a pep talk, guidance and direction by a leader that I admire and have mad respect for, and is one of the main reasons I stick with the stigma of the dreaded "D", I got more than one e-chat about more than one chunk of party dead weight that won't move their ass and get informed and move the F*&%K out of the way for someone else to take the reigns and make progress. There is no "I" in team but there is one in Independent. See you at the polls. GET ACTIVE!!!

Friday, April 15, 2005

DLC Insanity - Or, Why the Democrats Lose

As I have said before on this blog if there are 2 things I hate, it is the DLC and Joe Lieberman. This is another great article on how the DLC is costing the democratic party... everything.

Amazingly, the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) still holds sway. Despite the fact that their strategy has kept the House of Representatives in Republican hands for the last ten years, despite the loss of the Senate and two presidential elections, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

They keep on talking, under the bizarre premise that if they just keep doing what they have been doing they will get a different result. Yes, that is a definition of insanity.

In a memo (from the DLC) entitled “What We Stand For” we get wisdom like this:
Let's not kid ourselves: Americans didn't have any trouble telling the difference between John Kerry and George W. Bush. The trouble they had was figuring out what our side stood for.”

It isn’t clear if they need lessons in logic or in grammar. Americans had a lot of trouble telling the difference between Kerry and Bush. That is why many of them chose not to change a horse in midstream. They know quite well that the Democrats don’t stand for much of anything.

Check out the Full article here at

Grassroots use Carrot and Stick to keep Democrats on Straight and Narrow is launching radio ads against select Members of Congress who voted for the credit card industry-written bankruptcy bill yesterday. While most of those targeted are Republicans, one of them is Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), the second-ranking Democrat in the House.

Hoyer is pretty solid on most issues. But the bankruptcy bill was an issue of economic fairness that should be core to the Democratic Party's mission. Moveon's decision to smack Hoyer shows that they understand that lawmakers change when offered both carrots AND sticks. If all Moveon did was offer praise to Democrats, it wouldn't be helping the Democrats or, more importantly, the progressive cause. By once in a while taking a Democrat out to the woodshed, they will be helping to enforce more Democratic unity down the road.

From the SirotaBlog

Pay attention democratic party faithfuls we do not serve our party by looking the other way when democratic politicians whore themselves out to corporations and betray CORE democratic principles. We grassroots trouble makers are saving the party from itself!!! DON'T SHUT US OUT!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Democrap who might stab his party in the back for his own political convience.

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-NE) has told The Hill that he is negotiating with Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS), chairman of the Rules Committee, to reach a “compromise” that would forfeit the right of senators to filibuster President Bush’s most radical judicial nominees.

Why would Nelson bend on such a fundamental issue? According to The Hill, Nelson thinks standing on principle has put him and others in “politically difficult positions":

Check the full story on the Think Progress Blog

Quick glance

I hope you don't choke on your night time snacky of cake and ice cream reading this little gem. Our Conservative President Cheney oh sorry, Bush, has a record that will allow history to be very hard on him. Bush has yet to veto a spending package and he currently holds the record for driving this Country into the toilet with an unprecedented $2T that's two freekin trillion dollars of gumment debt of his own doing. Now this little figure is more than the previous 205 years combined. I'm here to tell you. From 1776 and prior to 1981, we had a palrty public debt of just over $1T. Since the first 4 years of the Dubyas reign, he managed to bring it to $7.8T. Again, over $2T of that is the self purported fiscal conservative W's responsibility. Goodness me. I think I'm going to either laugh or be sick. If we, the good citizens of this Country, paid $500M per day, not including interest, we would not be able to pay this debt down for 156 years. I'm no mathologist so I could be wrong but I do know that I don't have that kind of time. I also know that I don't want my street name to change to Mao Tse Dung { incorrect spelling is not my point here} highway since the Chinese are helping us borrow ourselves into oblivion. At least the Righties can't blame this on us since we don't hold anything except a majority of bad political strategy advisors. I think I'll get back to my ice cream and cake.

Gallus update.

I just received an e-reply to my contact with the Good Senator Gallus concerning my urging him to support HCR8. (see my blogo). He chose his words a bit more carefully than he did when he answered Jons request to stomp out SB121. His reply to this blogoscyte was, "Thanks Willy. I'll look at it when it comes up." Hmmm. Not quite the ITL gaff but very politically expedient for his incumbancy just the same. {Is fire hot? I will look into the research to that issue and get back to you.} Thanks Big John. Can you show me a house or some clearcut property? Although I must say I am pleased he has started answering my e-chats again. I think he did that only because I cc'd the sponsor of the bill and haven't written a letter to the editor bashing him up in awhile. (Mental note-write LTE bashing Gallus on something)

Anyhooo, another tid-bit to look into "when it comes up" is Senator Gallus and his already quoted personal opposition to allowing the minimum wage bill HB665 to pass the senate. He thinks it will hurt employment. Him, Carl Johnson and Joe Kenney, all RRRR's and all vigorously opposing this huge raise to make gajillionaires (or is that bazillionaires) out of those already loaded old folks(or rich old folks) bilking Social Security and those single, two job moms that Rush tells to get a better job. Conservative compassion at its finest. Only during primary and general election season. MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!

Fish and Game big game plan

This is just the gig we were speaking to the Littleton folks about last P.M. concerning our input and education about certain issues. The New Hampshire Fish and Game department is holding open house on their 10 year plan to goals and objectives toward big game populations. It is not a bitch session, although the good officer I just spoke with on the phone said they would take all comments into consideration. This plan is to establish long term (again 10 years) population figures not how to attain/sustain/ maintain, said populations of bear, moose, turkey, deer, legislators. This committee responsible for looking into and taking action on these species is loaded with biologists, game specialists, blogologists, (sorry) and even my buddy Edi Tucker sits on a working committee for wild life concerns with another Randolph resident and outdoorsman Bob Potter. Good company for the voice of the responsible environmental protection solutions. The meetings will be in Concord,( after all there are tons of bears and moose wandering around Hazen drive and parking is crazy during moose season) Fish and Game HQ, 26April2005, 3:30-5:00 and again at 6:30-8:00. In Lancaster Fish and Game H.Q. going towards my house out of Lancaster,(heh-heh) 28April2005 same times as Concord. This is really a good chance to see the long range plans and wiegh in on some far reaching goals and objectives to our wild life management and critter populations. I wonder if we can get them to open a season on the dreaded prehistoric nuisance varmint, the crowned lying righty? Those things are everywhere in Stark and Concord. I'll be at the hearing taking copious notes and will see how Edi is doing. See Doug, I can reach across the aisle on certain issues.

A few Granite Status topics.

Once again it's time to check in with the Righty Union Leader. There are as few possible troubling issues of concern with Civil Rights and Civil Unions. Another Benson obstructionist holdover is purportedly the stain in charge of the same sex marriage commission. Mr. Buckley won't have that.

Bruce Keough is trying to be taken seriously again with my new buddy to loathe Prince Bass.

Gene Chandler is indeed making assertions that he refuses to accept the Fed Banks request to step off the board. This guy thinks the planet will stop rotating if he gets out of politics and the mess he has created is not a mess but a cushy pad for his legacy. I'll send you some stamps in the big house Gene. Tell Mr. Gotti I said wazzup.

General Wesley Clark is in the area and several other tid bits from Joe Liebermans endorsers to the '04 Prez election. Worht peeping.

p.s. Did anyone believe that Bode Miller was really going to take on Bass next term? He did make his announcement on April first afterall.

Supplemental pork

I don't have $82B, thats eighty two freekin billion dollars, under the matress. This is now becoming apparent in Washington and now the "Emergency Supplemental"war time funding bill is beginning to look like a few pols are peeking under matresses all over town for more funds for projects like waste water treatment plants, metal art structures, census reports and all kinds of other projects vital to the war effort. First, the emergency supplemental was created for, well, emergencies. I don't think the census is a surprise to anyone since it is scheduled every ten or so years. The war could be considered an emergency and if a few more $$$ are thrown at it to get some of my freinds home a bit faster then, fine, I won't argue about how illegal the war is in the first place. But now, to stack on pork projects onto this supplemental package is crazy. Where is the fiscal responsibility here? Is the current political air being controlled by the fiscally conservative Righty majority? Not with our own Prince of Pork Charlie Bass. This guy asked for about a gazillion bucks , or maybe a trazillion bucks , for some sort of Portsmouth based Righty think tank to look at infrastructure that was funded at a rate of $113M, when the President asked for $24M. Tragic. Thanks Charlie. Good for the elderly tax base here in Cow Hampshire. I think my point here is that the rules do tend to change depending on who is running the show. Or more like bad comedy act. Every eye is focused at every move the Dems make and scrutiny is the word of the day. Righty adage is it is easier to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission. No matter what level of government they pollute. Tragic indeed. GET ACTIVE!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Littleton Home Dems

I just came back from a great meeting in Littleton with the Littleton Town Democrats. No big name party blow bags just working folks. This group is re-organizing and is all binezz. I had a piece of the best pecan nut bar I ever had and they asked me to have another piece I had to refuse. Look at me. I'm a house!!! Anyhooo, anyone interested in getting in on the ground floor of an organization that is going places for the people this is one group to start in with. All action, goal oriented and fun socializing while working a battle plan to get those 2 Righty House seats into the hands of working Dems. WAHOOO!!! I even got invited back to the next meeting, 17May2005, VFW Cottage street, 7P.M., and might let someone else get 4 words in edgewise. Hmmm. I do tend to steal the show. Look for this group to have their ducks in a row and be real tough players come election cycle for real grass roots, ground level up politics. I do think the 3 sleeping prehistoric goats on the selectboard will be meeting with no small resistance next town meeting only 10 short months away. Actually, maybe I'll kill that last half of cake and the rest of the ice cream here. Political crack does tend to bring an appetite. You go Littleton!!!


Democrats Block Vote on Bolton

Lott: "Power of Prayer" Will Sustain Tom Delay

Iraq Violence Flares, Overshadows US Visit

US Firm May Have Unleashed Deadly Flu Strain

Bush Nominee Bolton Accused of being "Serial Abuser"

Halliburton's No-Bid Bilking Twice Previous Estimate

Negroponte Used CIA Back Channels to Defy Congress

Bush's Poll Numbers Worst on Record

IRS Rigs the System in Favor of Super-Rich

US Workers Hit by 'Perfect Storm' of Economic Forces

Communication and losing.

Some of you are not going to like this but tough shit. I came into this party a short time ago and many heads were firmly rectally attached and could not see the flowers for the hemorroids. A couple years later we can see the flowers but they still stink. The flagrant withholding and lack of communication is tragic, pathetic and has proven a losing war plan we continue to use with relish. And ketchup and mustard. Recently, the fact that, in the words of a leader I have mad respect for, "I have my thumb up my ass and I can't find it right now but things are going on in my ass that I can't tell you about right now". What the f%^@K is that shit about??? I am quite certain that Republican tactics with respect to our own town committees and county committees and the losers running our state committee, are tactics that are way beyond our DemocraPtic comprehension and ability to implement. We need a winning plan that includes good, constant, frequent, fresh, new information. Let me tell you something, my confused Lefty brothers and sisters, it is time we work together and pull our thumbs, heads and whatever else, out of our respective asses and work together with no regard to turf, covert action or any other petty second grade sandbox shit that goes along with it. We keep on this same tired trip, we will continue to lose in spades. Time for good change and time is right now. Not after we weep about losing again in the mid-terms. Does everyone savvy all aformentioned info???? Good. I will block my ears right now because I am sure the collective pulling of heads from asses will certainly be cause for sonic boomage. PEACE...PROGRESS...COMMUNICATION....$$$$$

Finding a place to colapse in exhaustion...

Last year the National Housing Conference published "Paycheck to Paycheck: Working Families and the Cost of Housing in America," which studied the availability of decent, affordable housing for workers in five "vital occupations" in 60 of the nation's largest housing markets. Noting that administrative support and clerical occupations and service jobs account for about one-third of the nation's workforce, the analysis looked at workers in these occupations: janitors, elementary school teachers, police officers, licensed practical nurses, and retail salespersons.

The report found that janitors could rent a one-bedroom apartment for no more than 30 percent of their income in only 6 of the 60 metropolitan areas, and salespersons could afford a one-bedroom on the same income standard in just 3 of the areas.

The report also looked at homeownership and determined that households dependent on one elementary school teacher's or one police officer's salary alone cannot afford to buy a median priced home in two-thirds of the metropolitan areas.

"Licensed Practical Nurses are priced out of all but the lowest cost-to-income markets," the report continued, "while Janitors and Retail Salespersons cannot afford to purchase a home across the board."

Now add to that $20,000 to $40,000 of school loans and you have the end of the american dream. Which is my family's situation. Of coarse as a society we can keep dumping our kids off on other people so that both parents can work full time.

Here is a link to the entire story. This is another story sent to me by Reuben Rajala.

Slow day.

It looks like our Citizen Legislature had a fairly slow day and not a very exciting session. They wrapped up binezz at around 12ish. Crap!!! No fireworks, no Righty wrestling, no weeping about bad parking spaces. Too bad. On an even lighter note, I am pleased to announce a few additions to our semi-novice blogologist team. We have Representative Martha McLeod, D-Franconia and Representative Tom Buco, D-Conway that will add more action from the floor and let us in on what the Righty enemy is doing to you and me. Our lone Marshal Representative Scott-Superman-Merrick will now have some assistance in feeding this political crackhead some tasty dish and I assure you, I will pass it on and won't varnish anything. Keeping with the New Hampshire tradition of volunteerism and not properly compensating our solons, I felt it best that all of our House Consultants don't get paid from us either. I think that is the most prudent course of action. If they have a problem with that then they will feel the wrath of the Liberal Patriot Blog!!! I'm sure we will be treated to many issues of interest from our legislative team from the Granite Block House. Their time is much appreciated!!!

I hope the Senate will have some hot button items tomorrow. Until then I have to go earn a living and do some research. Peace.

Ultra Rich Gamble on Idea that We are all Stupid and Laugh all the Way to the Bank.

Today, the House is expected to vote to permanently repeal the estate tax. The full repeal of the estate tax would cost $290 billion through 2015, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation.

A little-known Southern California estate planner named Patricia Soldano
launched her repeal effort with the backing of about 50 wealthy clients, with
the Gallo and Mars families leading the way. Other contributors included the
heirs of the Campbell soup and Krystal hamburger fortunes. Frank Blethen, whose
family controls the Seattle Times Co., was also pivotal.

The effort caught fire when small-business groups such as the National
Federation of Independent Business and agriculture groups led by the National
Cattlemen's Beef Association joined in.

By then, Soldano's Policy and Taxation Group was spending more than
$250,000 a year on lobbying. A parade of small-business owners and family
farmers appealed to their congressmen, worried that they could not pass on their
enterprises to their children, even though most of them would not be affected by
the tax.

from Washington Post via Atrios Blog

Negraponte and 40 years of unvarnished truth.

Like I have said before, you can't make this shit up. The new up and coming Director of Planetary Secrecy, Atmospheric Bondage andEvangelical Espionage, John Negraponte has assured the Congress, the Senate and indeed C-Span viewers that "...the President deserves the unvarnished truth... with reference to September 11 and other tragedies, I have not seen such disorganized and incorrect intelligence in my 40 years of government service". Yeah Ambassador, and you have seen some varnished truth in your day. Actually, before his change of heart, Negraponte actually aided and abetted several coverups and violations not only of human rights but violations in the Arms Export Act. Remember Reagan? I do, God bless him in sharing the Lords throne. Of course now this is all alleged to anyone with a 3rd grade education. (Jarvis???)

After all of this unvarnished truth gets to the Co-Presidents Bush and Cheney, how come the American people don't get the same respect and regard with the truth tip being fed from this truly accountable oligarchy? The neverending pile of cheeze wiz covered manure the feed us is getting a bit old yet familiar tasting. Mmm, steak. I sometimes don't appreciate varnish coated, cheeze wiz covered truth from the Dubya and Dick Cheney administration. I wonder if the truth thing will catch on in the overloaded Righty regime down there? Nah. Probably not. Negraponte no doubt mis-underestimated and did some mis-spoken in his varnishing. Did I mention Washington Righty intelligence is alleged?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Blog Recommendations - I actually heard about this guy and his blog on Air America Radio. He called in to the show and made some really intelligent points. I tend to mainly post brief blurbs from other blogs with some of my own comments and lots of links to other places to get more info on the subject. This guys approach is more thought out and personal. Good reading. Expect to see his blog referenced here alot more in the future.

Geography HB665

Now I know this thing passed the House already(HB665, minimum wage increase) but I did actually pee just a little with laughter at the fact that when Representative Jarvis Adams veryR-Hillsborough, in opposition to the bill, said "...New Hampshire leads all five of the New England States..." Well after the 5 New England states thing, I really thought hmmm, self, this Stateis totally screwed being run by a majority of nitwits that don't know how many states make up some of the original 13 colonies. When I went to school, there were 6 states and I wasn't going to name them for you but the hell with it. I don't want you 11 regular readers of this truth thome to be in the shadow of the Righty moronicness and be caught unaware if you run into the Good Rep. Jarvis-duh-Adams.
Rhode Island-R
Connecticut-DINO Joe
Maine-semi R
The Republican Majority of New Hampshire-???
Now that's 6 right? Jarvis could use some tutoring here but he voted against the HB616 to fund schooling so maybe if we have a teacher in the readership, could you please clue this brainsurgeon in to the geography of his region? Hey, maybe we can get ahold of the former Rep from Hillsborough, Larry Elliot, the guy that said he didn't want to be one of those pols that is in the House until he draws his last breath. Larry has some free time off.Hmmm. Stay in school kids.

Monday, April 11, 2005

With Democrats like these who needs Republicans

It's time to hate my favorite democrap. Joe Lieberman. The CT state democratic party is having some serious problems with Lieberman. Especially the town chairs.

If the state Democratic convention were held right now, Lieberman wouldn't have the votes to get the nomination without doing some very, very, very serious arm twisting--and even then he might not have the votes. Maybe the population still likes Joe Lieberman, but his friends in the Democratic Party are having second or third thoughts about him. To some it's the votes, to others it's the war, to still others it's the Dem-bashing rhetoric, while others are concerned about the spectacle of Lieberman at Bush's elbow when Bush signs some particularly un-Democratic piece of legislation. But even more telling is that his good friends, people who've known him for 20 or 30 years and who came into politics with him or came up in the party with him, don't want to be associated with him. .

from Myrna Watanabe -- a Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee member

Read more at the DailyKos Blog

Here is one of my favorite quotes from Myrna Watanabe

One town chair sent me the following email: "Tell him he doesn't have to come to
XXX either, unless it's to announce he isn't going to run again
." Another town
chair told me, "We hate him here!" He probably doesn't have many friends on
State Committee either. When he responded to my question by saying that he had a 70 percent favorable rating, someone in the back yelled out, "From Republicans!"

Read more at Swing State Project Blog

Lieberman seems to only care about poll numbers NOT about his own political party. But is he really that safe? Check out these poll number conparisons at DailyKos.
Joe MUST GO!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Saddam desperately tries to save the US taxpayers over 200 Billion Dollars

It seems that the threat of military invasion was enough to get Saddam to agree to nearly any of our requests to avoid war. Exactly as Kerry and others who voted for giving the president the authority to go to war had hoped.

Read this article about Saddam's many peace overtures including "promising to hold elections and even to allow US troops to search for banned weapons."

As Matt Sandwich at the Daily Sandwich points out this will change the way you think about Bush's talking doll one liner "I'm a war president".

Fighting Democrats WIN!!

EPA has now canceled the pesticide testing program in a clear victory for Senators Boxer and Nelson.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush's choice to head the Environmental
Protection Agency on Friday canceled a controversial program to test the effects
of bug spray and other pesticides on infants after two Senate Democrats
threatened to block his confirmation

See the MyDD Blog for full story

You can also see my earlier post about Boxer threatening to block the nomination

Walmart up to it's old tricks again... and some NEW ones!!!

An internal probe launched by a whistleblower suggests that Thomas Coughlin, a man who helped start Wal-Mart and who many thought might become CEO, had subordinates create fake invoices to have Wal-Mart reimburse him for personal expenses.

It turns out that he may have not been stealing from the company but reimbursing himself for moneys that he was spending on behalf of the company. What was he spending this money on? ANTI-UNION activities, which in addition to being against Walmart’s proclaimed policies are AGAINST THE LAW!

Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott asked all walmart employees to report any illegal wrong doings. The following day the company fired the whistle blower.

Read the full story at the Think Progress Blog

UPDATES: Walmart Allows Pharmacists to Discriminate Against Women

"" Help" wrote:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for contacting us at regarding women's prescriptions for birth control. Your comments and concerns are very important to us as we strive to meet your needs.

Wal-Mart does not carry emergency contraceptives. Our pharmacists may decline to fill a prescription based on personal convictions. However, they must find another pharmacist, either at Wal-Mart or another pharmacy, who can assist you by filling your prescription. Again, we thank
you for your comments regarding this issue. Sincerely,Customer Service at "
Not only do they refuse to stock certain products, but they give their employees carte blanche to decide who gets what medicines they need based their "personal convictions."

read the full article at MyDD Blog

UPDATE: Check out more Walmart hypocrisy as some states have the courage to pass legislation [not ours] to take on the corporate giant.
Wal-Mart's Hypocrisy on Health Care and Humiliating Politicians Into Addressing Wal-Mart are 2 stories on this at the Sirotablog

GM gives everyone an example of why you can't trust the Mainstream Media, because of corperations like THEM!

GM is withdrawing all it’s advertising from the LA Times. This news comes a day after the L.A. Times published a column by its Pulitzer Prize-winning auto critic, Dan Neil.

Check out the Full story on the American Street Blog

“Neither GM nor Tribune would comment on the amount of GM's advertising spending at the paper, but Morgan Stanley's Arthur estimated that the lost advertising would amount to roughly $10 million to $15 million on a full-year basis.”
From the ABC News Story

Is there anyone out there who actually thinks this sort of pressure isn’t being applied to the mainstream media on a regular basis? The only thing unique about this story is that :
1] This sort of thing usually happens behind closed doors before the article runs
2] The editors kill the story right away so as not to piss off the advertisers in the first place.

The Mainstream Media’s ownership by and dependence on funding from Large Corporations plain and simply compromises their integrity. I believe that there are a lot of good and decent journalists who attempt to bring dignity and integrity to their profession in what is admittedly an increasing hostile environment.

I hope they can see that those of us who are criticizing them [at least on the left] are hoping to liberate them from these corrupting influences not to add additional pressure to get them to promote our agenda.

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