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Monday, April 11, 2005

With Democrats like these who needs Republicans

It's time to hate my favorite democrap. Joe Lieberman. The CT state democratic party is having some serious problems with Lieberman. Especially the town chairs.

If the state Democratic convention were held right now, Lieberman wouldn't have the votes to get the nomination without doing some very, very, very serious arm twisting--and even then he might not have the votes. Maybe the population still likes Joe Lieberman, but his friends in the Democratic Party are having second or third thoughts about him. To some it's the votes, to others it's the war, to still others it's the Dem-bashing rhetoric, while others are concerned about the spectacle of Lieberman at Bush's elbow when Bush signs some particularly un-Democratic piece of legislation. But even more telling is that his good friends, people who've known him for 20 or 30 years and who came into politics with him or came up in the party with him, don't want to be associated with him. .

from Myrna Watanabe -- a Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee member

Read more at the DailyKos Blog

Here is one of my favorite quotes from Myrna Watanabe

One town chair sent me the following email: "Tell him he doesn't have to come to
XXX either, unless it's to announce he isn't going to run again
." Another town
chair told me, "We hate him here!" He probably doesn't have many friends on
State Committee either. When he responded to my question by saying that he had a 70 percent favorable rating, someone in the back yelled out, "From Republicans!"

Read more at Swing State Project Blog

Lieberman seems to only care about poll numbers NOT about his own political party. But is he really that safe? Check out these poll number conparisons at DailyKos.
Joe MUST GO!!!

Joe's a republican in sheeps ( I mean democrats} clothing. He's for the war and for israeli human rights violations. He thinks he is holier than thou and would probably have more friends on the other side of the carpet.
Thanks Brian. I can accept that kind of... "ideologically diversity" from a democrat trying to get elected in say Texas or Utah, but this guy is in the OH SO BLUE state of Connecticut. His betrayal is just unfathomable.

Don't forget about my favorite anti-Lieberman Webpage:
I'm sure Joe and Zell will get along fine at the Old Righty Folks home. They already are on the other side of the carpet and closet and bathroom.
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