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Friday, October 01, 2004

The First Debates: A Knockout for Kerry!!

Kerry Blow Bush AWAY contrary to what the press was predicting. I heard it on the radio and watch clips later and BUSH was even worse on TV. He made faces and looked bitter and mad. Check out the DNC they put together a video clip Bush's faces of frustration.

Check out Village Voice Article

Check out the New York Times Article

Courtesy of the Kerry campaign:

Mort Kondracke: "This is the President's turf, this is the place that the President is supposed to dominate, terror and the war in Iraq. I don't think he really dominated tonight. I think Kerry looked like a commander-in-chief."

Kate O'Beirne, National Review Online's the Corner: "I thought the President was repetitive and reactive."

Jonah Goldberg, National Review Online's the Corner: "The Bush campaign miscalculated on having the first night be foreign policy night."

Bob Schieffer: "The President was somewhat defensive in the beginning"

Mark Shields: "The President showed a few times obvious anger"

Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard: "I think Kerry did pretty well tonight, he was forceful and articulate."

Bob Schieffer: "Kerry got off to a very good start."

Joe Scarborough: "It was John Kerry's best performance ever...As far as the debate goes, I don't see how anybody could look at this debate and not score this a very clear win on points for John Kerry." (MSNBC)

Andrea Mitchell: "This is the toughest we've ever seen John Kerry. He attacked the very core of the President's popularity. He's basically saying, who do you believe?" (MSNBC)

Tim Russert: "Tonight he seemed to find his voice for the Democratic view of the world."
Fred Barnes on FNC: "Kerry did very well and we will have a Presidential race from here on out."

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