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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lawmaker fined for underage booze sales Rep. Manning was fined $600 for selling alcohol to a minor who later wrapped her truck around a tree. Think this is business as usual, or did our GOP Elvis impersonator state rep get some preferential treatment?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Losing jobs... gaining home sales

The Berlin Pulp and Paper/Fraser Paper Mill has officially announced it will close, permanently, the Berlin mill as of May this year. Gorham Mill is still being reviewed for long term viability. Some 250+ jobs are gone forever from this North Country. This is just another tragic result of too many economic development eggs being put into a losing basket containing minimum wage, toursim related, service jobs. Gallus and D'Allesandro speak the same "We are a tourist State" language here so being stuck into this minimum wage funk is most definitely a bipartisan effort. Bring on the slot machines nez-pas!!! This latest job loss also confirms, as Berlin Mayor Boob Danderson (current primary hopeful against Prince of Pork Charlie Bass) that outsourcing jobs needs to stop. If Danderson and his ilk actually listened to themselves and thought about that during voting and support for their usual Righty suspects, perhaps we would have someone in the NH House and Senate that had the balls or ovaries to support getting out of trade compacts, such as the murdered HB8 from last session. We also have a globalist minded Federal delegation carrying H2O for King George. That does not bode well for We the People in the United States of America, New Hampshire being in that conglomerate, and our job security here.

Anyhooo, more $$$ will be thrown at re-training programs with much bravado and grand standing from supposed fiscal conservatives, that again have no problem helping jobs go overseas. Try putting that cash beforehand into someone that can get jobs and business here instead of CEDC and the Exec Directors tax payer guaranteed paycheck. An Exec Director, incedentally, who is sooo far over his head with this job loss issue and has sparkles in his eyes from schmoozing with politicos. PUKE!

This brings me to another point. These jobs come with home and business foreclosures and thus more homes on the market for those out of state, or at least out of area, homebuyers. Certain real estate brokers/State Senators have no problem selling these foreclosures. Since so many solons lack the moral character to put their constituents above their own self interest, (read "pocket book" as in ATV trails park dealio with, allegedley, $180K going to said real estate office) as George Washington warned against oh so many years ago. The State Senator alluded to here is certainly maintaining his penchant for exploiting his constituency when the opportunity and rubles presents. That's too bad.

I can't wait to see Governor Lynch and fellow Republican John Gallus holding hands in the next Edi Tucker Coos Democrat news article/photo-op in front of Tea Birds claiming "We are doing everything we can for the North Country". Such tripe. Such bilge water. Such empty promise.
I am glad I don't have television to watch that crap. By the way, Tea Birds does serve an excellent cup-o-joe and lunch special.

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