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Friday, May 13, 2005

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Political crack and the County Delegation.

I get more of this stuff than sleep. I was one of only 11 people to attend the Coos County Delegation meeting today and that included the 4 State Reps., the head County Cop Sheriff Marcou and my ex-favorite bud Peter Riviere, chief county pork sucker from the Coos Economic Development Corp. I guess I'll start with him. (Hey Peter, I'm running for State Senate as an INDIE in the mid-terms...Put my sign up and I'll be nice to you again. Well, less not nice at least and I'll respect you more too...)

Peter did give some compelling, albeit repetitive, wordage on the growing and ongoing plight of workers necessary good jobs that seem to elude this North Country. Now with the Portsmouth yard closing, we won't have many funds to support responsible economic development to get good paying jobs beyond exit 23 or North of Wakefield since they have more pending out of work than we will.( Can we hear the Federal prison gates opening in Berlin???---yup) On a good note, Coos Head Righty Basher Bernie-nothing nice in a basket-Buzzell, has been named to sit on the County sub-committee of economic development and his ideas on using existing underutilized rail and broken down buildings should add buoyancy (pardon the ship yard pun) to a slacking responsible economic growth. This Buzzell is no joke although he can tell a pretty good one.

It appears there is no Righty Representative that can't distance themselves enough from "the legislature". All the problems stem from and are perpetuated through, this very group that noone wishes to be associated with. I say, hey, you are the legislature!!! And you are members of the Righty Majority Cowards owning the legislature. The Granite State now leads the country in the disparity that comes from the States lack of and refusal to proper funding to nursing homes, Medicaid etc... and thus receive less from the Feds Medicaid reimbursement due to the fact "the legislature" won't pay up!!! We suck swamp water but refuse to call for proper funding of...well...anything. Bernie (this guy is everywhere) is looking at presenting landmark proposals to revamp HHS and to get the help that he/we need to get rid of the top heavy, desk polishing, appointed elite in the inept HHS Commish John Stephen regime . More on that as it develops and probably by late this year, early next session we'll see some hard numbers on that. I think the indictments will fly well before then however.

The County Head Cop got 2 new Tahoes in the mail and the 4wd was well received by the 4
Reps present as the gas mileage was better and the safety factor in inclement weather will help with patients and Cops taking the trip to the State Hospital. I'm all for that. Sheriff Marcou is also receiving a used comfy Crown Vic courtesy of the Berlin PD at a value of $1000- for a spare cruiser. Great. Next time Susan B. gets hemmed up at a no-nukes rally, she'll be riding in comfort to the can. I knew she was a tough gal.

Finally, Representative Tholl spoke ( and let me blab for quite awhile on the states loss of Airbus...thanks John) on the Bass amendment (to the war funding bill), of the Federal ID card attached to the gaff war time emergency funding bill. It seems we will need at least 4 types of documentation, plus a birth certificate, marriage license, your Shaws card, a resume and 3 written references from people not related to or living with you just to renew your friggin drivers license. Now what the )*$#@ are they thinking down there??? It will cost approximately $750,000M, thats seven hundred fifty freakin million balloons, to implement this invasion of privacy and usurpation of freedom and will cost around $50M to $75M to keep on the books per state not including the waiting period for a license, purportedly around 2-6 weeks. All for the safety of we the people. Ben Franklin said if you give up your freedom for a little security, you don't deserve that freedom in the first place. Yeah. And this is another UNFUNDED Federal mandate. This doesn't even include the need for a passport to go into and out of Canada. CRAP!!!

One last, last, last note. Sad as it is that the yard is closing but I question the logic and wisdom here. As many of you know I am all about the military, BUT "SOME SAY" it will save the American taxpayer $48B in the next 10 years to close these bases. I'm thinking, with the predominant portion of these cuts aimed at the North East, we have shores left dangerously unprotected and the savings is disingenuous at best. At worst, it is a lie. (Surprise)
The long term cost to the communities surrounding these facilities, using Pease as a best case scenario, will see only an 85% future job return/creation from this closure and won't see positive returns for 15+ years. If 4% of the current military R+D pork projects was cut from the secret military budget, these New England bases and supporting communities could be funded well into Hillary's second term Presidency and beyond. Staggering figures and I'm not talking about the Senators waistline. Staggering indeed. That's the Coos County Delegation rap and I'm out. PEACE!!!

Gil Shattuck D-candidate Hillsborough District 1

A special election to fill the vacant State Representative seat left by extreme Righty Larry Elliot will be held in Hillsborough District 1 on 14June2005. Check the NHDP website (FINALLY!!!) and contact NHDP field director, bright eyed Johanna Voss, for additional activist info. Gil is on board with NHCA and has been around the block fighting for true progress for the people. His impending election to the House will be an asset to our team of stalwart troopers fighting the obstructionist Righty regime. His numbers look great and his District includes Antrim, Hancock, Hillsborough and Windsor. Give what you can including your time, $$$ and vote to Gil. RISE UP!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Granite Status

Not a bad read today. I'm thinking the issues on tap are going to have some long term (read mid-term) affects. Or is that effects??? Grammatical correctness is one thing we strive for here at the Liberal Patriot. Check out the anti-Union Leader Granite Status.

-BRAC and the ship yard shut down??? The impending blame game.
-Sunapee bulldozer...or skidozer. Lynch sticking to his enviro guns... (good for him and us) {Am I starting to like this guy???}
-Bass... more shaded proof that this fish is rotten and stinks out loud.
-Keough, PACs and some interesting races-a-brewin...
-First in the Nation gaff... The Good Guvnah, Sec'y of State and my ex-party boss Frau Sullivan head for a boon doggle to the windy city for some primary testimony to the DNC.
News in a nut shell on the Status. GET ACTIVE!!!

Quote of the Day

"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are [a] few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid." - President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 11/8/54


Nh Peace Action @ Gregg's Concord Office

On Friday, May 6, nearly twenty people from the NH peace and justice community took part in an action inside and outside of Senator Gregg's Concord office. At noon, six people presented staff at Senator Gregg's office with a THIRD request for a public meeting with the Senator to discuss exit strategies from Iraq. They then proceeded to do a five-hour "Read-In," in which they read the names of US soldiers and Iraqi civilians killed in Iraq since March, 2003. (This action has taken place in both Maine and Illinois senate offices.) The office staff permitted the activists to stay and were respectful. (Upon arrival, the activists said they did not intend to disrupt the office and would leave at close of business.) At 5 pm, the office staff were asked if they wanted to read some names; all declined, but were clearly moved by the action when approached about joining in the reading. The group left peacefully and promptly at 5 pm with no arrests.

Outside the Senator's office activists held banners, including one that said: "Sen. Gregg, what's the plan? US troops and Iraqis dying for an exit strategy." Names of killed US soldiers and Iraqi civilians were also read in front of Senator Gregg's office, and passersby were invited to join. There were many, many, positive honks and gestures from passing cars. The public is with us.

THE CAMPAIGN CONTINUES. Until we hear from Senator Gregg about our most recent request, we have one representative for peace and justice sitting in at Senator Gregg's Concord office EVERY WEEKDAY from 4 to 5 pm. PLEASE HELP US BY VOLUNTEERING TO SIT FROM 4 TO 5 PM AT THE SENATOR'S OFFICE ONE (OR MORE) DAYS IN MAY. Multi-tasking by reading, writing, knitting, etc., is fine. We are leaving at 5 pm when the office closes. Please let me know if you can help--we need to "staff" the office this Friday and several days next week, and the week after that.

If we don't have a public meeting with Senator Gregg secured by late May, we will have another action at his office and again risk arrest. Please let me know if you're interested in joining us and helping with the planning.Peace matters.

Anne Miller
DirectorNew Hampshire Peace Action
603 228 0559

form nhpeaceaction yahoo group

Comments on SB125

If you missed my earlier post, SB 125 repeals health status and geographic location as rating factors for small group health insurance, and also clarifies overall premium rate variability (3.5 to 1 ratio and 20% cap) and premium rates for small employer groups with similar case characteristics.

Laurie McCray, a registered nurse of Portsmouth, NH brings up a good point to me about sb125 in an email.
She writes,

It will not necessarily make health insurance more affordable, just less discriminatory. Even with proposed changes, most of the small businesses I've personally interviewed in Portsmouth will still not be able to offer an affordable plan to their employees. And, any plan with a high deductible denies economic access to many folks no matter what the premium is. But, until we have universal health care and insurance companies are run out of town, SB125 is a way better option than SB110 (as long as you are under 50 years of age)! Check out
if you think readers of your bulletin really want a fair and equitable health care system for all.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

HB665 minimumm wage bill in committee

just got an e-chat from the very cool Representative Marjorie Smith, BIG D, of the House Finance Committee. I told her I loved her last year at the Candidates Seminar in the LOB and I still do. She rocks. Anyhooo, I'll let her e-chat speak for itself...

It would be very helpful if senators, including Senator Gallus, heard from constitutents about their support for the modest increase in the minimum wage called for in HB 665. What follows are some general talking points about the bill. Constituent calls are very imortant on this issue. Thanks
- The current minimum wage in NH and federal is $5.15. HB 665 calls for a 50 cent increase on September 1, 2005 and another 50 cent increase on September 1, 2006.
- Who earns minimum and near minimum wage?
--5% of NH workers (half of whom are full time workers)
--Three quarters are over 25 years old
--83% have at least a high school degree
--40% are married
--40% hve minor children
-- 60% are females

- New Hampshire is the only state below $5.35
- New Hampshire has a high cost of living.
- Low income WORKING people receive state services (food stamps, medicaid, etc.) and access local welfare services which means that taxpayers are subsidizing businesses who are paying near minimum wage.

Studies disprove the myths
- studies that looked at past federal increases, as well as studies in Oregon, Florida and California after their state increaes found:
--1/2 of welfare recipients entering the workforce were likely to earn more due to increase in the minimum wage.
--minimum wage increaes are highly effective in raising wages of working families at bottom of income distribution.
--found no adverse effect on employment growth either during expansion phase or slow economic phase.
--in particular, retail and restaurant employees and payroll trends were NOT adversely affected.
--averagae business would lneed to increase revenues only 1/25% to cover increased costs.

Tipped employees
-- under the current law, seasonal employees are exempt from minimum wage requirement.
--business can pay tipped employees a sub-minimum wage of $2.38 or 45% of minimum wage. The first increase will be only 16 cents per hour. One year later there would be a second increase of 23 cents per hour.
marjorie smith...

More on SB30

A quick blerb in the anti-Union Leader gives a bit more insight to the nuts and bolts of this SB30 proposal. See my post to connect the spots. Or dots.

Another step forward for SB30

The latest on this bill is that it cleared the House Executive Departments and Administrative Committee with a resounding 14-5. The Collaberative Emergency Contraceptive Program bill, SB30, has passed this committee and hits the floor of the lower House soon. This is an optional program that allows pharmacies to supply contraceptive medication at the individual doctors advice. There is also sister legislation on the Federal level that makes it mandatory for radical conservative pharmacists that refuse to provide this and other legal medical treatments, to have another pharmacist in the same pharmacy, fulfill the prescription and/or make another location available for the medication to be provided at the time of the patients request. Very forward thinking and another avenue for medical choice. I urge you to contact your local State Representatives from the links on this blog and tell them you wish their support on the floor of this important medical option the SB30 Emergency Collaberative Contraceptive Program.

Losing Strategy Watch!

Democrats have a lot of challenges ahead - stopping the hard-right's agenda, fighting for the progressive cause, and pushing back against the GOP in Congress, to name a few. So it is truly disheartening to see today's new Roll Call story showing that, instead of fighting all these important battles, "moderate" Democrats are spending a huge amount of their time crying like infants and making baseless charges against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

It would be one thing if they had a serious, substantive complaint against Pelosi. Yet, according to Roll Call, these "moderates" are still whining simply because Pelosi a few weeks ago had the nerve to tell the truth and level with Democrats who sold out the party by supporting the credit card-industry written bankruptcy bill. In other words, all she did was tell the truth and try to keep her party together - exactly what a LEADER is elected to do. For Democrats who desperately need to project strength and resolve, this whining and crying is just another example of "moderates" once again undermining the party at the worst possible time."

Moderates say they are waiting for action, not apologies, from Pelosi," the story says about these political crybabies. "They say they want the Minority Leader to show that moderate and conservative Democrats are part of party decision-making..." Funny, last I checked, these "moderates" are not only "part of party decision-making" but they have actually taken over decision making for the party by abandoning the party on key votes, sending the embarrassing message to America that Democrats are divided on the most fundamental middle-class economic concerns. In fact, these "moderates" have been so assertive in making such destructive decisions on behalf of the party, the right-wing Washington Times is now bragging about them - a true sign of disgrace. The paper notes:

"So far this year in the House, 50 Democrats helped pass class action reform...42 joined in legislation repealing the death tax, 73 supported the bankruptcy bill...[and] 41 joined the Republicans on the final version of the energy bill."

Sadly, that sure as hell sounds like "moderates" are more than just "a part" of the decision making process.

Roll Call additionally notes that these "moderates" want to know that "that their views — even when different from the liberal majority of the party — are understood and respected." The flat-out answer here should be easy: NO. Pelosi is right to let her colleagues know that when they undermine the majority of Democrats who are courageously defending ordinary Americans, there will be no "understanding" or "respect." There will be exactly the opposite - that's the kind of tough discipline the Republicans used to build their majority, and that's how Democrats will ultimately build theirs. Pelosi and the Democratic leadership should ignore these sad crybabies who are undermining so many good Democratic foot soldiers in Congress, and press on the way they have been over the last few months.

NOTE: I put "moderate" in quotes because the term is a complete misnomer that really means Democrats who are willing to support the GOP's right-wing economic agenda when politically/financially advantageous. See my earlier piece in the Nation that more fully analyzes how the term "moderate" and "centrist" as used in today's political vernacular have nothing to do with reality.

from sirotablog

Good News

General Electric – the fifth largest company in the United States –- announced that it is devoting itself to what it calls "ecomagination": the growth of clean energy, clean water, and related technologies.

from C4AP


New York Times columnist John Tienery complains that the media spends too much time covering suicide bomb attacks. Tienery argues that if the media scaled back coverage, people would understand "that their odds of being killed by a terrorist are minuscule in Iraq."

from C4AP

Dinosaurs at the wheel of American automotive industry...

Ford, G.M. sales down as buyers spurn SUVs and look for fuel efficiencyDetroit automakers Ford and G.M. are cursing Prius drivers right about now. Sales figures and market share for both companies were down in April, as car buyers turned their fickle affections from gas-gulping SUVs to smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles -- specifically those manufactured by Asian rivals Toyota and Nissan. In fact, Toyota reports that April was the most successful month in its history, with sales up 21.3 percent from April 2004, thanks in large part to booming demand for its hybrid Prius and other gas-sipping vehicles. A Ford sales analyst acknowledged the role of record gas prices in decreased SUV sales, but G.M. argued that gas prices weren't making much of a difference, pointing to an increase in large truck sales.

straight to the source: The New York Times, Jeremy W. Peters, 04 May 2005

Mainstream Media ignores smoking gun... instead continues search for stained dresses...

A leaked document that appeared in a British newspaper offered clear new evidence that U.S. intelligence was shaped to support the drive for war. Though the information rocked British Prime Minister Tony Blair's re-election campaign when it was revealed, it has received little attention in the U.S. press.

The document, first revealed by the London Times (5/1/05), was the minutes of a July 23, 2002 meeting in Blair's office with the prime minister's close advisors. The meeting was held to discuss Bush administration policy on Iraq, and the likelihood that Britain would support a U.S. invasion of Iraq. "It seemed clear that Bush had made up his mind to take military action, even if the timing was not yet decided," the minutes state.

The minutes also recount a visit to Washington by Richard Dearlove, the head of the British intelligence service MI6: "There was a perceptible shift in attitude. Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

Few other outlets have pursued the leaked memo's key charge that the "facts were being fixed around the policy." The New York Times (5/2/05) offered a passing mention, and the Charleston (W.V.) Gazette (5/5/05) wrote an editorial about the memo and the Iraq War. A columnist for the Cox News Service (5/8/05) also mentioned the memo, as did Molly Ivins (, 5/10/05). Washington Post ombudsman Michael Getler (5/8/05) noted that Post readers had complained about the lack of reporting on the memo, but offered no explanation for why the paper virtually ignored the story.

In a brief segment on hot topics in the blogosphere (5/6/05), CNN correspondent Jackie Schechner reported that the memo was receiving attention on various websites, where bloggers were "wondering why it's not getting more coverage in the U.S. media." But acknowledging the lack of coverage hasn't prompted much CNN coverage; the network mentioned the memo in two earlier stories regarding its impact on Blair's political campaign (5/1/05, 5/2/05), and on May 7, a short CNN item reported that 90 Congressional Democrats sent a letter to the White House about the memo-- but neglected to mention the possible manipulation of intelligence that was mentioned in the memo and the Democrats' letter.

A May 8 New York Times news article asserted that "critics who accused the Bush administration of improperly using political influence to shape intelligence assessments have, for the most part, failed to make the charge stick." It's hard for charges to stick when major media are determined to ignore the evidence behind them.

from F.A.I.R.

If a 15 year old head banger can do it...

Although dreaming of one day being a heavy metal drummer, 15 year old Micah Hinton may be destined for engineering. The high school sophomore has designed a model car that uses a solar panel to create hydrogen fuel out of water. When the car is running, it converts that hydrogen back into ordinary water. As a result, the fuel source is never depleted, and the car never needs a fill-up. "It lasts forever," said Hinton, 15.

from Organic Consumers Association


The University of Hawaii has released a new study that shows people who consume processed meats have a 6,700% increased risk of pancreatic cancer over those who consume little or no meat products. The study was done over a period of seven years on nearly 200,000 people. Researchers pin the blame on sodium nitrite, a chemical used in nearly all processed meats, including sausage, hot dogs, jerkies, bacon, lunch meat, and even meats in canned soup products. Although these same meats can be purchased without sodium nitrite, consumers must seek the few products that are labeled as such. The USDA attempted to ban sodium nitrite in the 1970s, but was blocked by the meat industry, which relies heavily on the chemical to add color to processed meats, making them look more appealing. Author and nutritionist Mike Adams said of this and other similar study results, "Sodium nitrite is a dangerous, cancer-causing ingredient that has no place in the human food supply."

from Organic Consumers Assosication

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Outsourcing is not dead and buried in Batesville

This is not the New Hampshire advantage. We can't even die here on the cheap. Read this and see where the state business and energy costs are driving local trades to other states and countries. Former State Representative Dana Landers told me that during his tenure they voted for deregulation for the energy provider PSNH et;al, that was poda make rates go down, and stay down for several years, but this state is among the top 3 most expensive states for electricity. We are purportedly 80+% forested yet trees for caskets and other wood processing industries are cheaper in other states and Mexico. I'm shocked we can't even compete with the high shipping costs to build affordable eternal resting boxes with other states and Countries. More good folks going on the dole. Tragic.

Berlin jobs and Lynch appoints Benson as staffer

This is a quick look at the housing and job dealio in the North Country and how our guvnah plans on being the trend setter to appoint a staffer in the North Country. A Benson will be Lynch's guy.

Is anyone else seeing the irony here? I wonder what color the sky is in the corner office? Maybe it's me that just doesn't get how things work. I tell you I am peeing just a little with laughter and sobbing at the same time. For all concerned...GET ACTIVE!!!

Losing Strategy Watch!

On losing strategy watch I will point out things democrats do to ensure that they will continue to be in the minority. Here is a post from Atrios Blog:

Atrio's wonders if John Kerry still thinks he's running for president....

In his attacks upon Washington, Mr. Kerry is adopting a puzzling strategy that could work for a governor but not for someone who is an entrenched member of the Washington elite. In Louisiana, the senator also repeated his disagreeable habit of pandering, telling his red state audience that Massachusetts Democrats should not install a plank endorsing gay marriage in the party's platform because it would be divisive. State Democrats should ignore that advice, and Mr. Kerry would have been wiser to point out that gay marriage has proved to be anything but divisive in Massachusetts.


Recent House Votes

Vocational and Technical Education for the Future Act - Vote Passed (416-9, 8 Not Voting)This House bill authorizes $1.3 billion in spending on vocational education for the 2006 fiscal year.
Rep. Charles Bass voted YES......send e-mail or see bio

Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Act - Vote Passed (413-10, 10 Not Voting)The House voted to raise the amount of a bank deposit insured by the government from $100,000 to $130,000.
Rep. Charles Bass voted YES......send e-mail or see bio

Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act - Vote Passed (368-58, 1 Present, 6 Not Voting)The House approved the conference report for the $82 billion supplemental spending bill to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Rep. Charles Bass voted YES......send e-mail or see bio

Monday, May 09, 2005

Same Sex Marriage Commission coming North

This issue is still hot and it should be. Representative tony Soltani and the same sex marriage commission is meeting in several locations including Littleton on 31May2005. I'll try to track time, place and other particulars and get them to you as I can. The story ran today and Commish Chair Soltani seems upset with the "mudslingers" tarnishing his good name. Yeah, a besmirched character indeed. I hope as many of you lovers of Liberty and Freedom will be attending this important venue. I will make a concerted effort to be there and will as usual take those much anticipated copious notes. Stay tuned. Peace.

More for the political junkie

In case there are more of you political crackheads like me that can't get enough of this taudry binezz, the Coos County Delegation will be meeting this friday, 10:00A.M., at the Fish and Game/DRED building in Lancaster, rt.3 (out of town on the way to my house). It's a surprise Representative Tholl finally got his head out of his Chandler to coordinate this event albeit at such a short notice to the County delegates. I'm hearing there won't be enough for a quorum. Anyhooo, I hope to see you there and if not, no worries, I'll be taking copious notage for public viewing pleasure on this blogo of truth. Transparency in gumment at its open, clear eyed finest. I'm glad to be a part of this experiment in Democracy. RISE UP!!!

Free at Last... This is the news!!!

It is with great pleasure that I officially announce my resignation from the New Hampshire Democratic party in any official capacity. It has been alot of personal trepidation and thought but this entrenched party elite has its collective head too rectally attached to see progress is not with the current status quo and lack of planning. I went to the convention with one glimmer of hope in that I would stay on and fight the good fight but, in one of many particular instances, as I watched the NHDP second vice chair ask one of the party up and comers to remove his very cool original replica Revolutionary war tricorner cap out of respect, then reach down to answer her cell phone that was ringing off the hook while Governor Lynch and Congressman Capuano were speaking I said, hmmm, self, this hen has the mandate on incoming respect but is too high on the food chain to give any back. She feeds more choking hash than the former Tansun restaurant. It's clear to see the fruitiness didn't fall far from the tree in her progeny, the NHDP Executive Director. I 'm sure they will continue to get what they deserve( if it be Gods will). Examples like this with party leadership ignorance is rampant.

Anyhooo, the lack of good (read any) leadership, no strategic plan for the next (and next and next) elections, NO assistance to local bottom rung candidates (check NHDP web site for special election of Gil Shattuck) and the plethora of confusion, lack of communication, hubris and arrogance on the top shelf party leadership that permeates throughout much of the party hierarchy, have driven me out of this Democratic party. I will fight the good fight as an Independent voter and refuse to fight the very party I am trying to help succeed, but that won't listen to the rank and file members for change. It is energy I am futily spending.

Finally this A.M. (whew) it is also my great pleasure to announce my candidacy for New Hampshire State Senate, District 1 as an INDEPENDENT. It will be more difficult to undertake but my fight will be against the real enemy, the Republicans. I look forward to it with relish. I will not continue to serve this Democratic party (see above) and will not ally with the Righties and their continued "appearance" of ethical violations and improprieties. They too are always plagued with hubris and arrogance. ( ironic how similar these parties have become). I will not take any corporate donations, will serve only 2 terms (4 years) in the Senate, will only accept personal contributions of not more than $75- and will truly work for the working class, the middle class, the people that get the shaft from both parties on a regular and will make sure the folks that consider themselves "WE THE PEOPLE" have proper, (any),representation. I'll work my butt off with common sense, logical thought, transparency, repsonsibility and accountability and not blind party allegiance. It has never been about the party with me. I will take the peoples sentiments from all sides and work to allow progress in our working class down trodden. I'm a carpenter, a builder, not a mule kicking down the barn door and asking someone else to fix the mess. I'm all about the people. I forge these wild river waters ahead on my own. Some dead, long hairer guy said that and I take that as my charge to execute a winning campaign and do the best I can to get elected. I look forward to keeping the friendships I have made and making new ones as I continue fighting for the things we all hold so dear. The true Rights every American is guaranteed. PEACE OUT !!!

Great stuff.

One of my top 3 best buds has a regular article that we will try to link to every time it comes out. This is the gal that will be receiving that Pulitzer and buying me a 3 courser at a swank sit down eatery. Yummy. I love chocolatie, gungie desserts too. Susan B. , regular trooper and comment specialist to this blogo is worth the read for the Florida child incubator. Check the archives as well. RISE UP!!!

Back from the grinder.

Hello all and I hope you are enjoying this liquid sunshine. I attended the NHDP conscription this past weekend and I did indeed grab a word or 3 with Senator Lou-show me the money-D'Allesandro. Now I guess I may have seen something that only a few of our 17 regular readers here have seen with Big Lou and all of us wanting to hit him with a left shoe. The party elite gave Lou some type of Wonderful Democratic Peoples Award that I am quite sure I will never receive. At least while mommy Jane is on the committee. Anyhooo, the accolades to Lou did not include why the Good Senator sells out to the Righty $$$ so often. You may recall he voted with Senator John-ATV-Gallus to allow your ATV traffic to run over your drinking water source? The Senator explained to me that "Something wasn't right with the legislation and I didn't think it was fair to renege on our promise to Club Motorsports". Yeah, I just heard 4 of your Republican teammates say the very same thing. Tragic. Did you boys enjoy your steak and lobster courtesy of the motor sports lobby? I'm sure.

On a brighter note, the Award Winner did say he spoke on and vigorously supported the Hemp HB55 bill and will support the minimum wage increase. I guess the rest of the 1.2 million Citizens should hope the ATV and race track lobby are supporting this as well. Good luck sleeping Senator.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Party politics

After Saturday's mid-term state convention, I now understand why NH can't seem to elect more democrats. We are so unorganized, lazy, and unwilling to listen to other opinions. (I use the term "we" to refer to the general party dems.) We couldn't even pass a resolution from Concord's town chair Alex Lee that would recommend adding structure, organization, and strategy as part of the town chairs job. The party heads were too worried about finding people to do the job. Would they rather have someone who just sat around doing nothing and expected to elect democrats? Honestly, if we can't even pass a simple recommendation to build the party base, how do we expect to elect any candidate?

We continue to settle for the status-quo. As soon as people raise their voices and criticize the party for continuing to settle for "good enough", we get shut out, disrespected, and shoved to the nose-bleed section. I understand the political world is harsh. However, I did not expect to face such opposition from my own party, especially from the likes of Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan. In fact, I feel like the republicans are more apt to listen to my opinions and at least respect what I have to say. That's a sad statement, but unfortunately true. And if I were Ms. Sullivan, I wouldn't go around throwing my own party members, elected officials, and supporters to the curb. She lost any respect I ever had for her.

Democrats in NH must stop believing the myth of NH as a "blue" state. Until we have a majority in the state House, Senate, Executive Council, and elect Fed. Senators and Congress-people, I see no reason why we should believe that NH leans left. I heard it said numerous times on Saturday that NH is "blue" or "purple". We are as red as red can be. The only reason we elected a democratic gov. is due to the unethical activities of former Gov. Benson. Taking the "I'm too scared to properly fund state programs and rather have it fall on the backs of those who can least afford it" pledge helped as well. I'm sick and tired of the status-quo. I'm sick of party leadership that does more following than leading. I'm sick of being disrespected. If this party doesn't get its act together really soon, they will loose elected officials, possible candidates, and support.

I thank Willy Cowie and Jon Easton for continuing their hard work. They stood up for what they believed in and wouldn't take no for an answer. These are the kind of people I want working for a better party, a better county, and a better NH. On Saturday, these two demanded answers. They demanded the party be held accountable. It wasn't a surprise when the were kicked to the curb again. At least people know who we are. It's really unfortunate that we must waste our time trying to get democratic support, rather than going after the real problem: the republicans. However, I don't think we need a party to tell us what we stand for. Maybe it's time we took a second look at what the party hasn't done for us and think about other options. I know I'm sick of their crap.

NHDP has brief run in with democracy!

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Alex Lee, Concord Democratic Committee Chair speaks on one of his proposed resolutions. Alex put up many reasonable resolutions at the convention on Saturday. Most amounted to nothing more then suggests but as you can see by the look on Jane Clemons face [right of Lee] most met with derision and resistance from party heads. The Democratic Party Delegates were much more receptive to Lee and many times voted AGAINST the state committees recommendation to pass his resolutions. Several shouting matches erupted as party leaders, particularly Clemons, repeated violated convention rules and rules of order. Often not allowing delegates to speak or generally causing confusion.

Freedom to Manicure?

Fisher is planning to set up a manicure booth in front of the State Board of Barbering, Cosmetology and Esthetics offices in Concord on Monday, May 9, at noon. It is a criminal misdemeanor in New Hampshire to provide manicures, haircuts, massages or tanning services without a license from the board.

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