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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


William Rivers Pitt | Bush Is No Nixon
No mother who lost her son to this Iraq war should be made to stand in a ditch, writes TO contributor William Rivers Pitt. And yet that is exactly where Cindy Sheehan stands today, by the side of the road in Crawford, Texas.

9/11 Panel: 'Did Pentagon Withhold Hijacker Files?'
"I think this is a big deal," said John F. Lehman, a Republican member of the commission. "The issue is whether there was in fact surveillance before 9/11 of Atta and, if so, why weren't we told about it? Who made the decision not to brief the commission's staff or the commissioners?"

Shiite Rebels Oust Baghdad Mayor
"This is the new Iraq," said Mr. Tamimi, the deposed mayor. "They use force to achieve their goal."

Anger over Plan for Secret Courts in Britain
The thought of secret hearings in which the accused would not hear the cases against them filled her with dread, said the director of Liberty.

Michael Schwartz | The Bush Administration's Iranian Nightmare
It seems unimaginable that the world would be forced to endure the horror of nuclear war in a regional dispute, writes Professor Michael Schwartz. However, the record of Bush administration belligerence makes it difficult to imagine America's top leadership giving up the ambition of toppling the Islamic regime in Iran.

An Anti-War Film That Refuses to Be Banned

Like a live hand grenade brought home from a distant battlefield, the 34-year-old antiwar documentary "Winter Soldier" has been handled for decades as if it could explode at any moment.

Maureen Dowd | Why No Tea and Sympathy?
W. can't get no satisfaction on Iraq, writes New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. There's an angry mother of a dead soldier camping outside his Crawford ranch, demanding to see a president who prefers his sympathy to be carefully choreographed.

Over 50,000 Pages of Roberts' Papers Held Back
White House aides are delaying the release of tens of thousands of documents from the Reagan administration to give themselves time to find any new surprises before they are turned into political ammunition by Democrats.

More on the issues.

I have gotten word from an elected Coos Righty Basher that the graft and the continuing HHS debacle will hit the fan soon. I have included some of my thoughts here from my issues positions and am working with several agencies and public servants to find ways to clean the alleged corruption and obstruction out of the HHS, allegedly developed and supported by its failed Commish.
My position...

Healthcare- I would like to see a real, legitimate reform in this problem and that reform is way overdue. HHS and its managers are making a mockery of the system and replacement to the highest level, including Commissioner Stephen down, should be acted upon. I have been hearing ideas in this regards to reform and one that keeps coming up is a concerted effort at “Healthcare”… not sick care, which is what is primarily provided now. To propose programs that focus on keeping folks healthy is now underway with conglomerate insurance companies and it is picking up steam and realizing huge savings for all concerned. An addition to my reform idea is to have insurance companies streamline their bureaucracies and paperwork requirements saddled upon the physicians. One study shows that for every 8 minutes a doctor sees his/her patient, 14 minutes of administration is required for insurance payments. Very counter productive, bad way to handle business.

Requiring the State to fully fund and pay their obligations, and not further oppress the local communities and counties with the added financial burden, should be an obvious focus of the legislature. I will be one vocal advocate for this type of reform and not for kicking out the elderly from their nursing home beds, then refuse to pay the home care giver for their services. I would also propose tax relief for elderly folks on fixed incomes and not just give lip service to this important, exploited resource. Too many folks get their fixed income taken away for the mistakes of our Republican ruled legislature. Medical care, food, home heating and property taxes should not be decided on a coin toss.


Republicans LOVE doling out that pork

Senator Tom Coburn, very R-Oklahoma, said it a few years back as Congressman, ..."The definition of a good (elected official) should not include how much tax payer funded pork he brings home to his own district. Fiscal restraint is not only for the other politician to uphold." Yeah, I hear you Senator. This standard operating procedure of the Righty pork-o-scytes is not only detrimental to all of our everyday lives, it is usually the only way to get those votes from the folks that think a $1.5M bus stop is the greatest reason to choose his pork sucking solon. Tragic. No reason to blame any other party but the Republicans since the Dems are happy, and actually planning, to remain marginalized into oblivion. The last supplemental budget got 100 votes out of 100 Senators. Nice way to show your against tax payer abuse.

The CitizensAgainst Government Waste has a press release on the latest $295B transportation bill and its 6500 pork projects. Follow more on this website and see just what the Righty Majority Cowards are doing for you, err... to you. Read more here. You and I won't agree with everything on the site but we will agree with the fact that if you want record breaking budgets and bad economic policy, choose the Right.

RISE UP you 6 regular readers on this blogo of truth.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Alternatives from David Sirota

I touched on this some time ago with oil and coal gasification processes. Now it seems this is being looked at seriously by Progressives and logical minds everywhere. I'm not saying I was the Einstein that came up with the method, but it does look like my forsight and plans to energy/pollution control alternatives, are in line with a Progressive National/International trend. I got the following from Sirota yesterday...

" 'Bush Ignoring Domestic Alternatives to Saudi Oil:The New York Times today reports that Bush officials, supposedly "furious over Saudi Arabia's handling of the investigations after 9/11," nonetheless continue to say that "the alternatives to Saudi Arabian [oil] are fewer today than seemed to be the case just three years ago." But if you look at how the Bush administration is ignoring major domestic energy potential at home, it seems more like the White House is trying to justify its all-too-close relationship with the Saudis.

As the Billings Gazette reported last week, there is a huge potential to turn Montana's massive parcel of coal into oil, using decades old coal gasification technology proven to work. Right now, "Montana has 120 billion tons of state and federal coal reserves under its surface" and "115 billion tons of that coal is recoverable." Using the technology, "one ton of coal would produce 1.5 barrels of diesel fuel." In other words, that is one helluva lot of fuel.

Before you start raising environmental concerns, consider this: the fuels created from gasification "are also clean - no sulfur, mercury or arsenic." Sure, it isn't perfect, but to get us off foreign oil we can't afford to only be pie-in-the-sky - and this is pretty good. Because while coal gasification still produces a gas-based fuel, it is far cleaner than any fuel used today, and the gasification process itself does not create emissions either.

Up until now, America hasn't explored using coal gasification because it is not profitable unless oil is above $35 a barrel. But now oil is at around $60 a barrel, and at that level to stay. Combining coal gasification, with solar, wind, ethanol energy and hybrid technology really means we can get our country off foreign oil. But it is up to our leaders to take the initiative to make it happen.' "
link to-
New York Times on Bush administration saying we are more dependent on Saudi:
Bush's all-too-close relationship with the Saudis:
Billings Gazette on potential for coal gasification:

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