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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Okay Peeps - Election Day is almost here!!

In the good news category - the latest UNH polls show Paul Hodes is ahead of Charlie Bass. Hodes was 25% points behind Bass in September. THIS IS HUGE!!
That same poll shows Carol Shea-Porter only 5% points behind Jeb Bradley. She, too, was 25% points behind Bradley in September - and Shea-Porter has not had the same financial support from the Democratic Party that Hodes has.
Wednesday night, Carol debated Bradley in Conway. From the moment she walked on stage to cheers, applause, and about 80% of the room standing - Bradley was thrown off. His first question (which he never did answer) threw him off even more. He never recovered. Carol had about 90% of the room stand and applaud at the end of the debate. Bradley's dozen supporters didn't look too impressive. My favorite was the guy sitting 2 rows in front of me who jumped up and clenched his fist yelling, "Jeb, Jeb, Jeb, Jeb, Jeb..." all by himself.

I don't dare to get too hopeful - but this grassroots campaign has been hugely successful. I hope that the voters of NH CD 1 will vote for my friend Carol - a strong woman with brains and integrity, who will never forget the people of NH.

stupid GOP phone tricks, redux
I can smell the GOP desperation all the way in CD 1.

What will happen between now and Tuesday?? Hard sayin' - but if you think there's a chance you can't get to the polls - grab an absentee ballot on Monday!

VOTE DAMMIT!! Throw the bums out!!

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