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Saturday, July 23, 2005

More of Me and the Issues- (a work in progress)

It's the economy stupid.
Economic Development-Jobs- The recent loss of Airbus to another State, and the stagnant, pork dripping gaff SRX programs in Colebrook, is infuriating to me. I was told by one of our North Country State Reps. that serves as Chairman on the House Finance Committee, “We had the best recruiting team in New Hampshire on the case”. Well they didn’t bring home the best incentive plan to persuade these big pieces of business to our State and I see no cases where the jobs rates are increasing the way they could have with the huge benefits that Airbus, and other firms, could provide. It is not due to the fact that we have one of the lowest minimum wages in the Country, that’s for sure. On a side note, there were several legislators pushing hard for this minimum wage increase, disingenuously, due to the promises from the Senate that it would be killed. I digress and let me get back to the main point. It is past time to shake the tree at Commissioner Sean O’Kanes DRED.

Business incentive plans on the DRED recruiting level need to be addressed using the current supposed non-profit, tax payer funded, pork sucking, economic development groups around the State. The grants used by these groups are all either fully or partially funded by you, the tax payer. The newest trend is for loans to be guaranteed, insured and supported by your tax dollars thanks to corporate written legislation at the Federal level allowing the loan agencies little or no risk whatsoever.

This is similar to unfunded and/or unmatched pension plans from defunct, and as of late, still operating and profitable businesses. That’s fine, albeit shady, legislation at best, depending whom you ask, but I think we can and should use that to our advantage. Your tax dollars fund these programs and most of these agencies that provide them. We should use, and regionally consolidate and streamline, the currently tax payer funded, supposed non-profit, economic development groups around the State. A new plan with these newly consolidated groups will work along with DRED and the legislature, to create a plan to recruit and keep companies with good paying jobs, paying living wages no matter what part of the State they set up shop, with good benefits and long term business plans to get our State out of the red and in the black. If these economic development groups feel they don’t want to play ball, then all tax payer funding should stop altogether for those that refuse to participate and they should indeed be truly non-profit and privately funded entities.

I will oppose any Federally mandated, unfair trade compacts such as NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA, LOST, WTO and EU and UN style multi-National mergers with rules that infringe on our sovereignty, free enterprise and have no safeguards for labor or the environment and provide questionable taxpayer funded shelters and incentives for bad and illicit corporate business practices. I fully support an employee’s right to collective bargaining and will seek the same protections for individual workers as that allowed to the company for which the worker is employed.

One quick word on undocumented workers and that is from records recently released from 2004. Documents released by the Homeland Security Office reveal that of the reported 11 million undocumented workers in the United States, only 124 companies were fined for violations. If the corporate business world and Congress was serious about protecting American jobs, it would offer a living wage to its homegrown population instead of intentionally keeping the wages low and allowing the market to drive and assist in the trafficking of poverty stricken people. We should allow the current population of undocumented poor people to assimilate, simultaneously create an acceptable corporate documentation worker assistance plan, in conjunction with current corporate protections and legislation, with better corresponding labor protections provisions, should be one avenue to legitimately research. Win, win, win situation for all.
More later...file this!!! See you in the mid-terms GETTING ACTIVE!!!

OreoMobile & True Majority to be at Lancaster Street Fair

NH Citizens Alliance is working with True Majority this summer to talk to citizens in NH about something they care about, how their tax dollars are spent and The Federal Budget.

To do that we're using a visual, "can you see it now?", OreoMobile!

Affectionately called “OreoMobile” by its creator, Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s, the 12-foot stacks of giant Oreo cookies—towed on a flatbed trailer—represent how much of our federal taxes go to education, kids’ healthcare, job training, the Pentagon, and more.

In 15-minute shows in towns across the NH, using the giant Oreos as props, OreoMobile driver Aaron Rubin demonstrates how the citizens of New Hampshire and the American people, want their federal taxes spent—and how this squares with how Congress currently allocates its budget.

The OreoMobile show explains how Congress can—easily and safely—align its federal spending priorities with those of the citizens of New Hampshire and the American people. And the show demonstrates how sweet this shift in federal spending would be for the people of New Hampshire.

For example, polls show that the people of New Hampshire want to increase federal spending on education by trimming waste from the Pentagon budget.

Well, if the Pentagon trims $35 billion currently wasted on obsolete, Cold War weapons, not only could the US begin reducing the deficit and save the lives of millions of starving kids in impoverished countries, but New Hampshire would receive enough money—proportionately—to hire over 2,500 teachers or build 12 new elementary schools here.

To see an animated presentation of the OreoMobile’s show, click on See both the BB demonstration and Oreo Shift.

We will be kicking off the NH tour with a press conference, featuring Ben Cohen and other NH business leaders, at 10 AM on Thursday, July 28 at the Holiday Inn Concord.

Also the OreoMobile will be at the Lancaster Fair July 30th.

For more info contact:

Chris Collier

Friday, July 22, 2005

DES and PSNH in the spotlight

These 2 articles are fairly related in that DES is closely involved with the results from the PSNH pollution mitigation attempt. I met Mike Nolin at a function awhile back and he is a swell guy, I suppose, (except for his part in the Obstructionist Benson Administration usual bullying role) but he is a bit too comfy in his bureacratic spot for me. I like the current Director of Air Quality, Bob Scott, to replace Nolin. Anyhooo, I'll push for that later. Lynch has bigger fish to fry.
The Telegraph has a story on the DES audit and it might get ugl-y (-ier). In part...

"A legislative budget audit found more than two dozen irregularities in the state Department of Environmental Services, including a failure to track state car use and the improper granting of health insurance coverage for an employee’s child."

Also, speaking of prolific polluters, AP reports shows the final removal of the test equipment from a PSNH plant with results scheduled for public viewing in the fall. Hmmm, Why so friggin far off??? The story in part...

"It's an unglamorous contraption.""The traveling silo is filled with 35,000 pounds of carbon powder, attached to another truck by a thick black hose. A motor in the truck sucks powder through the hose and blows it out through another one, spraying it through 12 passages opening onto a power plant's smokestream."

Yummy... Actually, this falls right into my departmental appointments shakeup and alternative energy stance with anti-pollution measures that I would support to be required and implemented as Senator. Check these 2 related articles out and get educated on who is taking care of whom. GET ACTIVE!!!


Guantanamo Detainees in Hunger Strike - Many of the prisoners at Guantanamo have been held for more than three years. Only a handful have been charged.
Gang of 14 Pre-empts Roberts Process, Roe Ruling Key - The seven Democrats and seven Republicans in the "gang" represent enough votes to prevent Democrats from mustering the 41 votes they would need to sustain a filibuster.
House Votes to Make Patriot Act Powers Permanent - The House voted Thursday to extend permanently virtually all the major antiterrorism provisions of the USA Patriot Act after beating back efforts by Democrats and some Republicans to impose new restrictions on the government's power to eavesdrop, conduct secret searches and demand library records.
Police Shoot Man in London Subway a Day After Bomb Attempts - The shooting deepened a sense of nervousness, anger and uncertainty in the city after two days of bomb attacks, the first on July 7, when 56 people died including four suspected bombers, and the second on Thursday, just two weeks later.
Britain's Muslims: The Sidewalks Where Terror Breeds - Outside a small, red-brick mosque, a young Muslim in sneakers and a white robe is lecturing a cluster of young men gathered on the sidewalk. "The London bombings ... were about striking terror into the heart of the enemy," he thunders, just one week after the 7/7 attacks that killed 56 people and wounded hundreds more.
Pentagon Proposes Rise in Age Limit for Recruits - Some commanders question whether older soldiers will be able to perform on par with younger peers, particularly as they age or when they are deployed in Iraq's desert heat or in the high altitudes of Afghanistan.
Paul Krugman | China Unpegs Itself - China's unpegging the yuan from the dollar could be simply a piece of theater. It could also be the start of a process that will turn the world economy upside down - or, more accurately, right side up.
Rove, Libby May Have Misled Prosecutor in Plame Case -The discrepancies may be important because special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is investigating whether administration officials made false statements about their role in revealing the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame.

Reuben's Recommended Reading


Rep. Barton's harassment of scientists, disdain for fellow lawmakers a disservice

U.S. to Oppose Reporters' Shield Law

Classroom Evolution's Grass-Roots Defender

Yeah, that would convince me....

Yesterday on Fox News, shrill conservative pundit Ann Coulter remarked, "The only way a Supreme Court nominee could win the approval of [pro-choice groups] NARAL and Planned Parenthood would be to actually perform an abortion during his confirmation hearing, live, on camera, and preferably a partial birth one."

from C4AP

I actually find this funny. But that is only because I can't imagine anyway with an IQ higher then a doorpost taking her seriously. Unfortunately many "Americans" actually listen to this woman and take her seriously which isn't funny at all. It's more embrassing then American Gladiators and Professional Wrestling mixed together.

NH Federal Delegation protecting polluters, secretly.

It appears that since Herr Bass has been named to the Joint Conference Committee to, in essence, look for ways to protect corporate polluters, or protecting your drinking water from MTBE, Judd Gregg is all on board with Pork-choking Charlie and the toxic dumpers. Read the article from NHInsider and you decide. The excuse, the people should not have to pay in added costs from the industry, but, we will be paying for the "fund" that will be realized from the protections allowed to the industry clean up project. Are We the People really expected to be so friggin stupid that the elected, elitist, isolated ( I could throw a few more adjectives in there with more color) careerist, managers can run things anyway they please??? Ahhh, yes. Plowing We the People into a legislative protection favoring the campaign contributors to these careerist, annointed solons, our Federal Delegation has no clue what the H2O really tastes like after it has been tainted with toxins. I wonder what bottled water they drink inside the private, covert, elitist Belway??? Read on and GET ACTIVE!!!!!

Bass votes against NH diabetes patients

This guy really has a heart of , well, bacon. If the usual Bass campaign contributors in the insurance industry had included in the funding proposal , mandatory government contracts for same insurers , then, well, the pork sucker Bass would have thrown his support behind this funding. PoliticsNH has a press release on one of the Corporate Ho Pork Princes latest shafting to the NH-HHS and his constituants most critically needing medical care. I hope Paul Hodes is taking notes because this political crackhead is hearing waves of dissention from a possible new District 2 Congressional candidate, at the fact that Hodes is painfully silent to Bass and the usual binezz therefrom.
Hmmm, interesting potential turn of events in 2 regular guys trying to unseat the current Prince of Pork Bass. Stay tuned...



Recent Senate Votes

Homeland Security Appropriations Act, FY2006 - Vote Passed (96-1, 3 Not Voting)

The Senate passed this $31.8 billion bill that would fund the Department of Homeland Security for the 2006 fiscal year.

Sen. Judd Gregg voted YES......send e-mail or see bio
Sen. John Sununu voted YES......send e-mail or see bio

Recent House Votes

Water Resources Development Act of 2005 - Vote Passed (406-14, 13 Not Voting)

This $10 billion bill directs the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to carry out a variety of projects and studies to improve the nation’s waterways infrastructure over the next 10 years.

Rep. Charles Bass voted YES......send e-mail or see bio

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursday and the Status

You know I love this update to the weeks politics. I don't always agree witht DiStaso but you will see where I am at on these issues and public figures. Check out the non-Union Leader's rundown...

Lou-Show me the Money-D'Allesandro thrilled- Edwards and Kerry are soon to be back shmoozing and Big Lou is wacthing his bloating campaign war chest bloating further...

Weeping GOP Manchester Alderman, Grant-This guy is ready for Kerry to pay his $2500-bill for cops. Ray Buckley said as soon as the GOP candidates pay their tens of thousands for years past, we'll talk. Ray, you slay me...

The Sullivans- One a failed NHDP head gal, the other a current SCOTUS nominees wife.

Steve Forbes- Self appointed agitator spouting for saving to his corporate pocketbook...

Righty Alliance-These guys are grasping at anything to bash Lynch. I remind you all, and reaffirm my position, that Lynch deserves everything he gets from the Right for all of his simultaneous puckering and bending over to the likes of the Alliance. I wonder what kind of ads the Righties will run in support of Lynch, Walsh and Vlasich next cycle???

Phone jammer Tobin- This guy appears to be having his conspiracy litigation bills taken care of by the RNC. No surpise there. Corrupt party to the core...

Prince of Pork Bass- This guy sucks more pork than a ass lifter doing lipposuction. Bass is increasing his war chest with the usual corporate graft...

Hodes- Working the way things were meant to be. One dollar at a time from the middle class down trodden...

Bradley- Who cares... Sullivan has this guy...

Hillary 08- Organizing for a run???

Finally the Quick Takes...
Romney- I think this guy needs to pay off some Utah Olympic Committee graft ...
Lynch and Ayotte-Nuff said...
Keough- Fighting to stay in the news...
New Righty appointment- A new Bush Administration shill will be NE HUD director...
Another 3rd party fight -from some guy... ( I can relate)

That's the Status... GET ACTIVE!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ray Buckley and his Manchester Dems.

It's factual stories like this that add to the confirmations of my contentions that Kathy Sullivan and Nick Clemons need to share a moving van to Kansas. Former State Representative Ray Buckley has his Manchester team well in line to take more critical mass away from the Righty Majority Cowards in this Righty state. The Non-Union Leader has the scoop.
In part...
"No matter when the party had begun recruiting these young professionals, its announcement of a slate of a dozen under-40 candidates was an impressive show of partisan unity and political organization."
"What were the Republicans doing while the Democrats were putting together this group?...
Not enough."
All Dems read this excerpt from the final line of the Leader story...
"...{b}ut without a more active, aggressive party, the Republicans will lose a lot of races they could win, or at least contest vigorously. "

Now if any of you confused D party faithful are seeing what I am seeing, stop weeping and blaming everyone else (of course I think you can always, with good reason, blame the Kate and Nick team) then you get moving this next cycle and take back your Government.
Hey Kate and Nickster, get the hell off your jobs, get out of the way and let someone in your seats that can do something for the party you are helping into the toilet. My vote still goes to Ray Buckley. Good luck to you and your team in the City of Manchester Representative Buckley. Kick that Righty ass...


Town of Hopkinton and Bio-Energy table litigation

Due to the recent moratorium on burning construction and demolition debris (C+D), the current litigation being sought by both the People of the Town of Hokinton, (seeking the right to be able to breathe), and the purported campaign contributors to certain State Senators on both sides of the ailse in Bio-Energy, (seeking to continue to burb toxic waste into the environment because they are a "home grown family" company), will table the litigation, at the behest of the court and see what may come from new rules being considered. The Concord Monitor has the story, in part...
Bio Energy mullsa restricted future
Case before state's high court is moot
By JOELLE FARRELLMonitor staff
The town appealed a lower court decision that said the town had no right to interfere with Bio Energy's plans to burn wood from construction and demolition debris because the state Department of Environmental Services approved the plans and granted the company the permits it needed to run the power-generating plant on Route 127. Town officials argue that the company never sought approval from local boards when it switched its fuel source from regular wood chips to waste wood.

Still, with the community resistance Bio Energy has faced, Dell'Orfano said he is unsure if plant opponents would ever be placated by the company's efforts to lower emissions at the plant.

"We're really being discriminated against," he said. "We've been here 20 years and a lot of these people haven't. If they really want us out, they can come and buy the facility."

Yeah, weep, weep. All will come out in the wash, or the mercury drenched fish we get from the river. Interesting.
I'm thinking that these companies, much like the attempts at green by conglomerate GE, should get ahead of the pollution curve and get some engineers that have the ability and intelligence enough to figure a system that will take the noxious, toxic crud out of the stacks before it gets into the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat. Just a thought. Sniff sniff.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

On the stump.

After much personal debate over whether to use this particularly very cool venue of truth to spout my views on the issues, I have succumb to the continued calls for "Tell us where you stand!" I will drop a few of these in the weeks, months to come so keep track and file these for your personal future review... I'll start here...

Term Limits- I would propose and support judicial and legislative term limits. In the judicial branch, a minimal tenure requirement should be included for a qualifying criteria as well as a maximum tenure served in the Superior and Supreme Court.
A State legislator, Executive Councilor and County Commissioners should serve no more than 3 consecutive 2 year terms in their respective office. County Commissioners may include a form of their current rotations if needed but service will not exceed a certain maximum number of terms/years. You could perhaps serve another set of terms/years in another elected State or County office but the total, in each respective specific office, should not exceed 3 consecutive 2 year terms. This of course will allow for more of the Citizenry to enjoy Public Office as the Founding Fathers intended. I would also propose to consider increasing the length of the Governors term in office to 3 or 4 year terms. This too will be limited to a maximum number of terms/years.

Decreasing the size of the House of Representatives, to between 200-300, should be implemented as should an increase to 3 Senators per County, with a districting relative to that currently used for County Commissioners. An appropriate per diem/ stipend, perhaps close to that range of our States neighbors, should be included as well as the current travel allowances for all State legislators. This current volunteer legislature and the chronic inability or refusal for the body to actually serve the people properly, with more regard for party politics than progress for the General Public, coupled with too many decisions made for popularity or political expediency and careerism, has proved a failure and a gross disservice to the Public.
Election finance and ballot reform will be something I will make an issue and support as Senator. The go along to get along, special interest lobby, campaign contribution sucking, for the party, Senate of today and yesterday will receive heavy scrutiny and light from this aspiring Public Servant for the People. There will be transparency while I serve in your Senate.

More later. VIGILANCE

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