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Friday, June 03, 2005

On the ethics front.

It appears this one got away from me. Hmmm, I should wake up. Susan B. writes on P4C and tells us it's "Ok When They Do It". Well worth the read, especially for all you covert political internet stalkers out there. PEACE!!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Anti-Gay Hate Group to Boycott Ford

One week after calling an end to its nine-year boycott of the Walt Disney Company, the American Family Association has launched another nationwide campaign. The target this time? The world's second-largest automaker.

On Monday (May 30), AFA announced it has launched a boycott against the Ford Motor Company because of the company's track record for supporting the homosexual agenda, including homosexual "marriage." The pro-family group's founder and chairman, Donald E. Wildmon, says Ford's financial support of the homosexual agenda goes far beyond a few donations.

Here is the whole story from the Hate Groups Website

Here is a funny commentary on this article

Anti-War Music

"A gripping, emotional anti-war ballad of the experience of a GI in Iraq"

Grammy-winning guitarist Robert Cray just released his new song about a soldier in Iraq.

hi speed: real windows
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One of my FAVEs... you know

I'm still looking for some integrity in our government. The STATUS... nuff said.

NH Social Security reform lies

Here is a sleeper. Recently Susan B. (this gal is EVERYWHERE) attended a public hearing on HR16. While Susan was listening intently to this House resolution to the Feds, she was straining to hear due to the crusty goats like Representative Putnam cutting lumber with a sleeping chainsaw. When Putnam woke up, he didn't see why Social Security should be in peril while he still saves $10- a week and will retire comfortably on his 1937 rated dollar. This bill is not only a waste of our Representatives $200- pay but is a sneaky way of getting party hacks to back a continually failing Bush administration attempt at avoiding the real problems with our state, country and government.

Members of the NH United to Protect Social Security coalition and allies will release a new report by the Institute for America’s Future on Thursday, June 2, at 10:30 in the LOB. The report demonstrates the substantial cuts that NH seniors and others receiving SS benefits would see if the President's newest plan to "strengthen" Social Security is enacted. Members of the coalition will address the lack of transparency in the late introduction of HR 16 - a piece of legislation that disregards constituents’ best interests and calls upon NH's delegation to support privatization.

Mark MacKenzie, President NH AFL-CIO
Louis Pare, Executive council for advocacy AARP
Sheila Evans, Policy Director NH Women’s Lobby
NH United to Protect Social Security volunteers and members from the Granite State
For more information contact: Chris Collier, NH Social Security Communications Director

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

N.H. public voices solid support for gay marriage

By Beverley Wang
Associated Press

LITTLETON - Gay marriage commissioners made their first group foray outside
the state capital Tuesday to ask the public whether, and how, same-sex
couples should be recognized in New Hampshire.

The answers they received tilted overwhelmingly in favor of allowing civil
unions and marriage.

About 100 people gathered at the Littleton Opera House to meet the 15-member
panel, created last year to examine all aspects of same-sex civil marriage,
its alternatives and the legal ramifications. By the lengthy meeting’s
2½-hour mark, only three people had spoken against same-sex unions.
Gay marriage proponents in the North Country heard the same message that had
been pushed repeatedly by others in past meetings: Limiting marriage to
heterosexuals is a civil rights violation that needs to be corrected.
"Separate but not quite equal will never be equal," said Ronnie Sandler, of
Easton, who asked commissioners to support civil marriage for gays and

Several members of the clergy testified Tuesday, but only one spoke against
same-sex unions. Rev. Curt Hanners, of Christ Church in Littleton, warned
that efforts to normalize homosexual relationships posed a hazard to
families and children. Hanners blamed popular culture and political
correctness for the "popularization" of homosexuality.

"We appeal to you and the governor ... to reject these efforts," he said.
Hanners said his church split from New Hampshire’s Episcopal Diocese because
of opposition to Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the only openly gay bishop elected
to head an Episcopal diocese.

The commission also heard testimony from Rev. Brendan Hadash, who said about
half of the parishioners at his St. Johnsbury, Vt., Unitarian Universalist
Church come from New Hampshire. Five years after Vermont legalized civil
unions for gays and lesbians, Hadash said heterosexual marriage had been
strengthened by the increased attention on marital rights.

"Since civil unions were legalized in Vermont, the number of straight
weddings I have performed has almost quadrupled," he said.
The commission’s next on-the-road meeting is planned for Portsmouth in June.

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"We know it's a repressive regime. Everyone in the world knows that. It's been that way for decades. Anyone who's read Amnesty International or any of the human rights organizations about how the regime of Saddam Hussein treats its people - heck, he used chemicals on his own people, as well as on his neighbors."

- Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, 3/27/03


"For Amnesty International to suggest that somehow the United States is a violator of human rights, I frankly just don't take them seriously."

- Vice President Dick Cheney, 5/30/05

from C4AP

You're Turning Into a Real Ditch

Panama Canal threatened by denuded forest watershed

Here's how the Panama Canal works: Torrential downpours batter the country's forests during rainy season; the water is absorbed into the watershed and feeds steadily into massive, human-made Gatun Lake; the lake then feeds water into the canal. The shipping route thus provided is responsible for some 40 percent of the nation's economy. Here's the problem: Half the forest in the watershed surrounding the canal has been lost to slash-and-burn agriculture and logging, and the deforested land doesn't hold water well. A cutting-edge new effort would have companies that rely on the canal fund a bond that would pay for forest restoration. If you've ever wondered why there's such fuss over "ecosystem services," just look to Panama: "Without the water," says one canal guide, "we would be the biggest ditch in the whole world."

straight to the source: The New York Times, Cornelia Dean, 24 May 2005

straight to the source: The Economist, 21 Apr 2005

from Daily Grist

Another Blow against Activist Pharmacists

In light of recent reports that pharmacies are refusing to refill birth control prescriptions, CVS Pharmacy has come out with a new policy to ensure that all prescriptions are filled without delay.

From C4AP

Not representatives for the people

This came from Susan B. and the WMUR poll asking the same question we have been asking for months and certainly since the Special House Ethics Committee findings that resulted in the Committee advising expulsion. Now, does this look like We the People were looking for a censure??? I think not. Our Representatives have continuously shown their contempt, disregard and disrespect for our wishes and our government. Can we please GET ACTIVE through the mid terms!!!

WMUR poll as follows...
A legislative ethics committee recommended that former House Speaker Gene Chandler be expelled from office for the remainder of his term because of ethics violations. Do you think he should be expelled?
Choice /Votes/ Percentage of 2324 Votes
I'm not sure./121/5%

Applause, applause, applause

I've been in the woods all day and this is the headline off the floor from one of our best Righty Bashers, Bernie-Gumment sucks-Buzzell: Republicans give former Speaker standing "O" for censure. Now I just got back from planet Jupiter last week and things were not this screwed up in space. The convicted House thief and filthy liar Tephlon Gene Chandler got away with the most egregious form of abuse of power since Nixon and Bush 43. As another stalwart party trooper off the floor said, Representative Scott Merrick, "I've lost alot of respect for the body for which I serve". Holy crap, I just don't get how sorry our gumment is these days. This friggin thief is still allowed to represent the people and I don't know exactly the details of his censure but it stinks out loud. Here is the roll call for the question of expulsion for the Coos County Delegation;expulsion-172-189
YEAS-Merrick, Theberge, Mears, Buzzell.
Here are the party hack sellout shit bags that vote for crime and scullduggary for their buds...
NAYS- Richardson, Remick, Tholl, Stohl, King, Morneau, Lary.
Oh the humanity. After I get done throwing up I'll see what I can find and ask one of these sellout Righty morons to pick me up a Starbucks grande, black no sugar on the way back to Earth. Yes indeed Representative Buzzell, gumment does suck. I wish more than 3 dozen folks a day plugged into this blogo of truth. Blind justice and loyalty are apparently worth more $$$ than truth. Tragic.

Freedom to Marry hearing update.

I am sooo glad I was able to take a small part in this well attended event. I was, however, a bit distraught at the lack of attendence by our Coos Dems Committee members. Hmmm, get active indeed. See you all in the midterms. (P.S. If you want to stay informed, keep logging on to this blogo, but then you may not be on now to see this invite...) Anyhooo, it appeared to this semi-novice professional blogologist that the room of supporters outnumbered the confused bigot homophobes by around 3-1. Is that accurate Susan B? I did leave early for a planning board call that never came but I did manage to spout some Constitutional jargin and a few lines of the fire and brimstone the radical evengelical bigots seem to think they invented and still hold the patent. (I think I may have added a bit more confusion to some of my potential backers for my Senate bid, but hey, that's me. Me and the Lord are tight eh.) Senator Gallus was there as were a few of his anti-for the people Senate mates. These guys are dripping with arrogance and "all about my-my-my next campaign contributions". Nice. I was not quite sure how to take Representative Soltani although I do get the picture he is all the ass I have been reading about in the papers. Rep. Vallencourt impressed me and Rep. Scott-Superman-Merrick assured me that if there is a fire to start, the Libertarian Vallencourt is available with gasoline and matches. I got the impression he was in support of the Freedom to Marry and against the witch hunt.

Just before I left, I got to hear a bit from a local Littleton Reverend from the "Church of All About Me and That's It". He offered a bit of insight into avenues for gays to "fix" themselves. When one of my new best buds, Representative Ray- I will be Chairman someday-Buckley asked the Good Rever'nd how he could be "fixed", the Preacher said that question was like asking "so...when did you stop beating your wife???" Well Preacher, I guess that's just not what we are here to discuss but apparently since your "Good Book" contains lots about wife submitting to the master and not sparing the rod on ones chilluns, maybe we can ask how your family members can be fixed from the abuse you and your Church of Latter Day bigots espouse. Pathetic. Not only that but it now appears that my Bible is, in the words of one of the opponents of Civil Rights suggested recently, is the wrong one. (What color is the sky in the world of the friggen chosen I wonder???)

To wrap I think the Freedom to Marry Commission saw here in the North Country the support for Civil Rights, ones Freedom to Marry, and our disdain for prejudice and discrimination against anyone while making hatred and bigotry legal. Oh yeah, the best part. When stalwart trooper Doug Grant gave eloquent testimony about "Live Free or Die" and mentioned during Commissioner questions he was heterosexual, Representative Soltani finished Dougs sentiments with "but you are willing to learn???" Where by Doug asked if the Good Chairman wanted to share a room? The Chairman said he wanted a to share a drink first. Okee-dokee. Doug, you slay me and should certainly look into standup, as soon as you and Tony divy up the check.

Not for me but for all of the folks being discriminated against through this blind witch hunt, I am encouraged and invigorated by the outpouring of support I witnessed last night. I thank you all for attending and apologize for my having to leave early. Even though I stepped on my tongue several times during my ranting, I was humbled as I was leaving by all the thank you's I got as I was leaving. Freedom to Marry is not only legal, it is right.

RISE UP!!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2005

NH-ubris GOP extra

I just ran into this little extra-extra gem from my faves on the anti-Union Leaders Granite STATUS . I'm seeing the problems the GOP is having and loving the crow being served cold. Frau Sully is speaking very carefully and, I think, effectively. (You better file that because she kicked me off her Christmas party list and I don't have too many kudos left for the gal this week) Anyhooo, Kates' counterpart, GOP head goat Warren Henderson, is making open heart surgery out of a zit and trying to portray our Good Guvnah as resembling duck, dodge and hide Benson. Heh!!! Tom Rath is weeping that convicted unethical Gene- shuck and lies- Chandler has had enough. Yeah, waah. I will add that Dan Eaton and the rest of his Chandler lifeguards should take heed here. Saving this drowning, arrogant, Righty obstructionist party hentchman Chandler is not the way to go. Let Cornshuckin' Gene do his time, take his punishment like a man, and come back next cycle, hmmm? Check out this pointed extra Status and how John DiStaso reports on GOP's chronic problems. I like this guy even when he bashes the good guys.



Paul Krugman: Too Few, Yet Too Many

US and UK Bombing Raids Tried to Goad Saddam into War

British Troops Face War Crimes Trial

Fear of Civil War Spreads Across Iraq

Burning Crosses Signal Return of KKK

US Blamed for Nuclear Conference Failure

Florida Woman Charged over Daughter's Abortion

Republican Donor Embroiled in $10M Coin Scandal

New Reports: Koran Desecrated at Guantanamo

Texas Judge Fines DeLay's PAC Treasurer Nearly $200,000

A Texas judge ruled that Tom Delay's Texas political committee, Texans for a Republican Majority, violated Texas campaign law when it failed to disclose more than half a million dollars in corporate campaign contributions during the 2002 state legislative elections. We speak with the executive director of Texans for Public Justice.


from Democracy Now!


Against the protestations of the couple involved, an Indianapolis judge placed a provision in a couple's divorce decree that "prohibits [the man] and his ex-wife from exposing their child to 'non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals.

from C4AP

Sunday, May 29, 2005

[lazy blogging] Democraptastical.....

Democrats follow Clintonomics down the toilet:

Democrats are still engaged in a debate about whether to continue embracing Clinton-style corporate-written "free" trade deals, or whether to start putting America's middle-class first. If there was any debate about where the right place to go politically is, a new poll puts it to rest.

The new Democracy Corps poll pits the New York Times' Tom Friedman's "free" trade views up against CNN's Lou Dobbs' views on fair trade - and it shows Dobbs views destroy Friedman's in the public's mind.

Sadly, the former Clintonites/Beltway insiders who put together this poll (some of whom like Stan Greenberg I do really admire) couldn't prevent their own biases from trying to skew the result: they could only bring themselves to write a headline that said a huge 54%-40% gap meant that "Lou Dobbs is ahead of Tom Friedman FOR NOW."

Nonetheless, this poll should serve as a big wake up call to Democrats: on trade, stop listening to the likes of Wall Street types like Bob Rubin and Tom Friedman, and start listening to Lou Dobbs' and those of us who have shown how powerful a populist message on trade really is.

Cowering for our Troops:

Polls show 57 percent of Americans believe going to war in Iraq was not worth it. Yet, this week, almost 70 percent of lawmakers (including, pathetically, top members of the Democratic leadership) in the House of Representatives voted against a bipartisan, non-binding resolution asking the President to submit a plan to Congress explaining an exit strategy from Iraq.

Possibly more insulting than the vote itself was the fact that Republicans actually equated asking for an exit strategy to abandoning America's troops. Apparently to the GOP, continuing to have no exit strategy at all and leaving our young men and women in a violent Middle Eastern quagmire is the real way to show our troops respect.


Just days after the filibuster "deal," we now see that the further weakening of Democrats may be the real outcome.

Though Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is still calling for a delay in voting on the nomination of John Bolton as U.N. Ambassador, the Boston Herald reports that she has, more importantly, "decided to drop her plan to use procedural delays" to stop the nomination altogether. Her decision came after conferring with that profile in courage, Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE). Worse, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) came out to specifically reassure the public that "There is no desire for a filibuster."

Let's understand how sad this really is: the Democrats are backing down and cowering in a corner, EVEN AFTER top GOP Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) gave an impassioned speech begging Senators to stop the nomination. The Democrats, in other words, have all the cover they need - yet are trembling in fear, and backing off.

Contrast this behavior with that of Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS). He was an ardent proponent of the "nuclear" option to end filibusters. And yet, he's now threatening a filibuster over stem cell legislation. Of course I don't agree with his filibuster, and think he's an unbelievable hypocrite. But, in a way, his tactical hypocrisy shows the difference between the parties: he's positioned himself as a conviction politician who is willing to fight with everything he's got - no matter how hypocritical in terms of tactics - on what he portrays as his principles.

Democrats, on the other hand, supposedly worked to protect the filibuster, but are now showing they aren't even willing to use it in extreme cases, where they have cover from other Republicans.
If confirming right-wing judges and further emasculating Democrats is the prime result of the filibuster "deal," then we have a lot to be worried about.

All of the above if from sirotablog

Help Shuck Chandler

This is quite a good reason to get active. The Shuck Chandler web site. Take a look.

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