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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

As American as Red Meat and Carbon-Monoxide....

FDA Is Urged to Ban Carbon-Monoxide-Treated Meat

Picture two steaks on a grocer's shelf, each hermetically sealed in clear plastic wrap. One is bright pink, rimmed with a crescent of pearly white fat. The other is brown, its fat the color of a smoker's teeth.

The meat industry knows the answer, which is why it has quietly begun to spike meat packages with carbon monoxide.


But the growing use of carbon monoxide as a "pigment fixative" is alarming consumer advocates and others who say it deceives shoppers who depend on color to help them avoid spoiled meat. Those critics are challenging the Food and Drug Administration and the nation's powerful meat industry, saying the agency violated its own rules by allowing the practice without a formal evaluation of its impact on consumer safety.


Much is at stake. The U.S. market in "case ready" meats -- those packaged immediately after slaughter, eliminating the need for butchers at grocery stores -- is approaching $10 billion and growing, said Steve Kay of Cattle Buyers Weekly, which tracks the industry from Petaluma, Calif. Tyson Foods, for example -- one of three meat packagers that has received a green light from the FDA to use carbon monoxide -- just opened a $100 million plant in Texas to churn out more case-ready "modified atmosphere" packaged meats, Kay said.

No one knows how much carbon-monoxide-treated meat is being sold; the companies involved are privately held or keep that information secret. But the potential is seen as great. The new technology "will finally make this the case-ready revolution, rather than the case-ready evolution," said Mark Klein, director of communications for Cargill's meat business.

from washington post [via david sirota]

Monday, February 20, 2006

Calling all grass roots activists

This is a call to all those grass roots political activists wishing to GET ACTIVE and get further involved in our great process. I am coordinating a signature drive for nomination papers to allow my ballot access in November as an INDEPENDENT- woohooo!!! Anyone having some time and wishing to get involved, give me a call or send me an e-chat.

I plan on hitting my opponent, John-ATV-Gallus, RRR-Berlin, hard in his back yard of Berlin thus expanding my exposure and contacts early in this tough race. Then, off from there.
My tentative plan/schedule is as follows;

29Apr-Berlin/Jackson (?)
13May-Berlin/Gorham (?)
27May-Littleton/Groveton (?)
3Jun- Berlin/Gorham/Groveton (?)

Thanks for your consideration and although the campaign war chest is more like an elementary school lunch box, I will buy lunch. I hope to see you on the trail.

America First
William J Cowie
for NH State Senate dist 1
1380 Stark Hwy
Stark, NH, 03582-6221


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lynch North Country staffer Benson resigns

It appears that Peter Benson, North Country staffer for Governor Lynch, has resigned. Due to, apparently, a misunderstanding with Benson and some of his Jackson neighbors over Benson breaking up a snow ball fight, Benson thought best to step aside so as not to cause Lynch any problems. Geee, too bad the Right side of the Granite Block House didn't have such integrity.

Anyhooo, it looks like Paul Robitaille, current Gorham Selectman, Coos Country Dems Chief and whom I still consider my bud, may get his step up. Finally. {Then again, I have already been asked by some innocent bystanders to send in my resume and letter of interest. YEAH!!! Right.}

Either way, it appears that Kate has gotten her wish (other than Ray in an edible chocolate thong and his dominatrix gear) and she, Kate, now has a Democrat candidate for NH State Senate district 1. I am not sure that a name like "Benson" on the Dems side of the ballot will get much attention. Hey Susan B, I don't have the Jackson voter list yet. Is Benson a "D"?


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