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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Child molester from Burton Campaign worked for the state.

Records show sex offender held several state jobs

A child sex offender who worked as a campaign aide for Executive Councilor Ray Burton also held jobs with the state, according to state personnel records.

Mark Seidensticker was convicted of attempted sexual assault on a teenage boy in 1992. That didn't stop him from getting jobs with the state Department of Transportation in 1994 and the state Liquor Commission in 2001, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

According to the Union Leader, Seidensticker previously has been convicted of indecent exposure after masturbating in front of three teenage boys, failing to register in Maine and New Hampshire as a sexual offender, stalking a former boyfriend and violating probation. He has served several jail sentences.

In the latest allegations, a 14-year-old boy reported being approached by a man who offered him beer and cigarettes. Seidensticker was arrested and charged with offering alcohol and tobacco to a minor after police found beer, blankets, rope, tape and sexual aids in his car.

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NH and Iowa to share primary status with other states.

Democrats agree to add contests to early presidential calendar

Democrats trying to change their party's presidential primary for 2008 agreed Saturday to allow at least two other states to join Iowa and New Hampshire in voting during the opening days of the nominating campaign.

That expansion, debated before a commission considering changes in the primary calendar, is intended to provide more racial and geographic diversity to an opening process now dominated by Iowa and New Hampshire. Those states, representing about 1.5 percent of the country's population, have residents who are mostly white.

The additional states, expected to be named later, were likely to include a smaller state from the South and a smaller state from the Southwest or West.

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Vice President Implicated in Plame Gate

In today’s New York Times an anonymous source reveals that Cheney was directly involved in the strategy to discredit former ambassador Joe Wilson:

A lawyer who knows Mr. Libby’s account said the administration efforts to limit the damage from Mr. Wilson’s criticism extended as high as Mr. Cheney. This lawyer and others who spoke about the case asked that they not be identified because of grand jury secrecy rules.

On July 12, 2003, four days after his initial conversation with Ms. Miller, Mr. Libby consulted with Mr. Cheney about how to handle inquiries from journalists about the vice president’s role in sending Mr. Wilson to Africa in early 2002 to investigate reports that Iraq was trying acquire nuclear material there for its weapons program, the person said.

This is an effort by the White House to reveal more details about Cheney’s role on their own terms. The information was leaked to the New York Times on Saturday, the day when the fewest number of people read the paper. Also, it is presented in a way that makes Cheney’s involvement sound innocuous as possible.

Now, when more details about Cheney’s involvement are released by the special prosecutor or another source, the administration can dismiss it as “old news.” Remember, the first details about Karl Rove’s role were released by his own lawyer.

Nevertheless, the fact that this scandal reaches all the way to the Vice President – at a minimum – is very big news.

from thinkprogress

GOP High Crimes

“Federal auditors said on Friday that the Bush administration violated the law by buying favorable news coverage of President Bush’s education policies, by making payments to the conservative commentator Armstrong Williams.”

from thinkprogress

Fighting them over there.....

22 Killed, 50 Wounded in Bali Explosions

At least two bombs exploded almost simultaneously Saturday in tourist areas of the Indonesian resort island of Bali, killing at least 22 people and wounding about 50 others, officials said. The blasts came a month after Indonesia's president warned of possible terrorist attacks.

The wounded included at least two Americans

UPDATE: 25 Killed, 100 Wounded in Bali Explosions

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The War on 3rd Party Candidates.

Libertarian encounters barrier when he tries to vote in primary

Adam Weinberg is a man without a party.

State election officials decertified the Libertarian Party on Aug. 22. So Weinberg, who still is a Libertarian at heart, was expecting to run into some problems Tuesday as a voter in the primary election for the Winston-Salem City Council.

But he wasn't expecting to be turned away from the polls.

Precinct officials could not find his name on their list of eligible voters, Weinberg, 21, said yesterday.

Then, they told him he could not cast a ballot. Try again in the November general election, he said they told him.

"If I didn't have a little chutzpah, I would've been turned away," Weinberg said.

The Libertarian Party failed to receive at least 10 percent of the vote in last November's general election, so the party is no longer recognized in North Carolina, according to state law.

Anyone registered as a Libertarian must file as a Democrat, Republican or "unaffiliated" voter by Oct. 17 or his designation automatically will be changed to unaffiliated.

from Air America Place

Guess who is on Vacation again....

Bush, leaving the White House Friday afternoon for a weekend at Camp David.

from yahoo news

Life in War Time; Today in Iraq

Car bomb in Iraq market place kills 12

At least 12 Iraqis were killed in a car bomb explosion on Friday in a surge of violence ahead of an October constitutional referendum that has claimed more than 110 lives in two days.

The bomb ripped through a crowded marketplace in the southern town of Hilla. Police and health officials said 47 were wounded in the attack, just hours after three car bomb blasts killed 98 in the mainly Shi'ite town of Balad Thursday night.

Twenty-five children were among those killed in the last two days, part of an insurgent campaign of suicide bombings, shootings and assassinations intended to topple Iraq's U.S.-backed government.

From yahoo news

Three Iraqi policemen killed in bomb attack

Three Iraqi policemen were killed and four wounded when a bomb exploded next to their patrol in the northern town of Kirkuk.

"One vehicle was completely burnt with three policemen inside," Captain Mohammed Adil said Saturday.

The second patrol car was badly damaged and its four occupants wounded, he added.

From yahoo news

US frees 500 more prisoners from Iraqi prison

The US military released about 500 detainees from the notorious US-run Abu Ghraib prison on the outskirts of Baghdad, the second group to be released ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Those set free were given new white jelabas, copies of the holy Koran and the equivalent of 25 dollars in cash.

Lieutenant-Colonel Guy Rudisill, spokesman for prison operations in Iraq, said about 42,000 Iraqis had been detained by the US military since the March 2003 invasion, of whom about 11,240 had since been released.

On Monday, a first batch of 507 inmates were freed from Abu Ghraib, where a prisoner abuse scandal last year dealt a severe blow to the credibility of the US-led occupation of Iraq.

From yahoo news

GOP push polling against Bernie Sanders!

According to this letter published in Vermont's Rutland Herald, the national Republican Party has already started the shady and ethically-questionable practice of push polling in the 2006 U.S. Senate race.

Specifically, Vermonter Tony Gordon reports receiving a call from a out-of-state call center in Nebraska. The caller asked "While it is fine to have a gadfly like [Senate candidate] Bernie Sanders in the House, since Vermont is such a small state, we must have real leadership in the Senate. Do you agree or disagree?" Clearly, as Gordon notes, the question was deliberately phrased to guarantee a desired result and spread misleading information about Congressman Sanders - not to guage actual public opinion.

Webster's Dictionary defines a "push poll" as "an opinion poll done with loaded questions or offering negative information to sway the opinions of those polled." By that definition, what was described in the Rutland Herald, can safely be called a push poll - a practice widely considered to be among the most unethical in politics.

Incidentally, for those who think that Sanders is merely a gadfly and not a "real" leader, see this Rolling Stone article on his ability to pass legislation through the GOP-controlled House, or this previous post detailing his record.

from sirota blog

Takin' 'em to the Woodshed

This is an issue I have been thinking about alot lately particularly regarding the bankruptcy bill, CAFTA, and roberts. How to deal with "sellouts" and careerists within the party while not hurting our fight against the other side. Daily Kos has some thoughts on Obama's take on it.

Sen. Obama tells us that we need to be more careful of alienating allies by flying off the handle when one of them votes the "wrong way" on an issue, be it Roberts, CAFTA, or whatever issue comes before Congress next.

I think the civility part is legit. As is decrying the hysteria that grips some people with some votes (like the minor tort "reform" bill earlier this year that amounted to little more than a jurisdictional change). There is a bigger picture, a bigger agenda. And while we can disagree on tactics, we shouldn't lose sight of who our allies are.

But here's the thing -- our elected officials due a piss poor job of explaining their votes, especially when those votes stray from party orthodoxy. They hope that by ignoring the issue, people will forget about the vote, or perhaps not notice it took place. And in the old media landscape, that was probably the case. Now, with blogs and wikis and email lists and 24/7 cable and all that, things have changed.

We beat the shit out of the Blue Dog Democrats who voted to eliminate bankruptcy protections for millions. These Dems claimed their vote was "centrist", and it was the evil radical leftists who were doing them wrong. They whined to CAP's John Podesta that one of his fellows, David Sirota, was being mean to them ("unhelpful" was the actual word). But never, not once, did they bother to try and justify or explain their vote.

That's all we ask. All you congressmen and senators -- you want civil disagreement, explain your vote. Give us an insight into why you decided the way you did. We may disagree, but we can respect a strongly reasoned argument. But if you stay quiet, we'll look at the available evidence and come to our own conclusions. For the Blue Dogs (and senators like Biden) on bankruptcy, it was clear that it was campaign contributions from the financial services industry that tipped the scales. That they couldn't or wouldn't justify the vote is a signal that the vote was a problem. And we're going to hold them accountable.

But that's not always the case. Feingold's vote for Roberts wasn't a sellout or a sign of appeasement. Nor was Obama's vote to confirm Condi Rice (which spurred a slew of diaries proclaiming the junior senator from Illinois a "sellout").

Disagreement is obviously a component of political discourse. God knows we beat the shit out of each other here, and we're among friends and allies. We've disagreed on the Roberts issue, amongst others. I wouldn't be surprised if just about every active member on this site hasn't been called a "sellout" or "appeaser" by someone else at some point.

But of course, we don't get to vote on legislation. We don't have the bullypulpit our elected officials have. And the higher the profile, the sharper the knives.

So here's the bottom line -- our elected officials need to explain their votes. The more controversial the vote, the more important the explanation. In return, we'll be more likely to give those elected officials the benefit of the doubt, more likely to disagree on the merits, than to lash out against the person.

Friday, September 30, 2005

How sweet it is!

Sex symbol for gay men rejects their right to marry...

Schwarzenegger vetoes gay marriage bill

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger followed through Thursday on his promise to veto a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in California, saying the issue should be decided by voters or the courts

Susan's comment reminded me that I meant to post this earlier. Supposedly Arnold is also pissing off his conservatives because he is allowing all the domestic partner rights to stand.

"I am proud California is a leader in recognizing and respecting domestic partnerships and the equal rights of domestic partners," Schwarzenegger said in his veto message. "I support current domestic partnership rights and will continue to vigorously defend and enforce these rights and as such will not support any rollback."

That stand would put him at odds with two initiatives being pursued by conservative groups for the ballot next year. Those measures would not only create a constitutional ban on gay marriage but would also eliminate rights domestic partners currently enjoy.


Life in War Time: Today in Iraq

Insurgents Kill Nine More in Iraq Bombing

Sunni-led insurgents killed at least nine people with a car bomb in a crowded vegetable market Friday, the Muslim day of worship, in the second blast against Shiite civilians in as many days, police said. The death toll rose to nearly 100 from the previous day's attacks in another Shiite town.

Elsewhere, in the southern city of Basra, an Iraqi police convoy was ambushed late Thursday, killing four policemen and wounding one, said police Capt. Mushtaq Khazim.

from yahoo news

Car bombs in Iraq kill more than 110

Car bombs have killed more than 110 people, 25 of them children, in a surge of violence in Iraq ahead of an October 15 referendum on a new constitution.

One of the four car bombs ripped through a crowded market in the southern town of Hilla killing at least 12 people and wounding 47 on Friday, police and health officials said.

In the mainly Shi'ite town of Balad, north of Baghdad, the death toll from three huge car bombs on Thursday rose to 98 on Friday, hospital director Kassim Aboud said.

from yahoo news

Let them eat laptops!

Sub-$100 laptop design unveiled

Nicholas Negroponte, chairman and founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Labs, has been outlining designs for a sub-$100 PC.

The laptop will be tough and foldable in different ways, with a hand crank for when there is no power supply.

Professor Negroponte came up with the idea for a cheap computer for all after visiting a Cambodian village.

His non-profit One Laptop Per Child group plans to have up to 15 million machines in production within a year.

A prototype of the machine should be ready in November at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunisia.

Children in Brazil, China, Egypt, Thailand, and South Africa will be among the first to get the under-$100 (£57) computer, said Professor Negroponte at the Emerging Technologies conference at MIT.

from huffington post

Not that this is a bad idea as, you know, like maybe as step 31 in improving the world. Call me old fashioned but I think first people should have food, shelter, clothing, medical care, jobs, etc.... But maybe there is no money in those problems.

US insists on controlling the internet.

US Insists On Controlling The Internet, Official Says “This Is A Matter Of National Policy"…

A senior U.S. official rejected calls on Thursday for a U.N. body to take over control of the main computers that direct traffic on the Internet, reiterating U.S. intentions to keep its historical role as the medium's principal overseer.

"We will not agree to the U.N. taking over the management of the Internet," said Ambassador David Gross, the U.S. coordinator for international communications and information policy at the State Department. "Some countries want that. We think that's unacceptable."

from huffington post

Carnival Cruise Line cashs in on Katrina tragedy

Senators Seek Explainer Cruise Ship Deal

Two senators on Thursday asked federal officials to explain their decision to sign a $236 million deal with Carnival Cruise Lines for Hurricane Katrina housing, saying Greece was ready to provide two ships for free.

The six-month deal with Carnival for three full-service cruise ships — which now sit mostly empty in the Gulf Coast — has been criticized by lawmakers of both parties as a prime example of wasted spending in Hurricane Katrina-related contracts.


More on why the deal sucks in the first place:

To critics, the price is exorbitant. If the ships were at capacity, with 7,116 evacuees, for six months, the price per evacuee would total $1,275 a week, according to calculations by aides to Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.). A seven-day western Caribbean cruise out of Galveston can be had for $599 a person -- and that would include entertainment and the cost of actually making the ship move.

"When the federal government would actually save millions of dollars by forgoing the status quo and actually sending evacuees on a luxurious six-month cruise it is time to rethink how we are conducting oversight. A short-term temporary solution has turned into a long-term, grossly overpriced sweetheart deal for a cruise line," said Coburn and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in a joint statement yesterday calling for a chief financial officer to oversee Katrina spending.

Why Carnival Cruise Lines are UNPARTRIOTIC!

Carnival, which is headquartered in Miami but incorporated for tax purposes in Panama, paid just $3 million in income tax benefits on $1.9 billion in pretax income last year, according to company documents. "That's not even a tip," said Robert S. McIntyre of Citizens for Tax Justice. U.S. companies in general pay an effective income tax rate of about 25 percent, analysts say. That would have left Carnival with a $475 million tax bill.

from washington post

Republican Millionaire Movie Star and Governor Vetos Minimum Wage

California's Governor vetoes bills to raise the minimum wage

Saying he supports the concept of raising the wages for California's lowest paid workers, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger nonetheless vetoed a bill Thursday that would increase the minimum wage by $1 an hour to $7.75 over the next two years.

Schwarzenegger also vetoed:

_ A bill that would have imposed stiff financial penalties on employers who are found to be paying equally qualified employees at different rates.

_ A bill that would have banned the use of the nickname Redskins for school teams and mascots. The governor said decisions about team names should be made by local officials.

_ A bill that would have forced employers and insurers who take injured employees to court before paying out workers' compensation benefits to pay a penalty. Schwarzenegger said current law already penalizes companies that unreasonably delay or refuse to pay benefits.

He signed:

_ A bill that clarifies that marital status and sexual orientation are among the characteristics protected against discrimination by business establishments.

_ A bill that requires the Department of Education to post on its Web site an athletes' bill of rights explaining that federal law bars sexual discrimination in school programs, including sports.

_ A bill that encourages the use of biodiesel by allowing public agencies to use the alternative fuels.

_ A bill that requires home buyers to be specifically notified before an agreement is signed about all property taxes pending.

_ A bill that returns millions of dollars in sales taxes from jet fuel to communities that host airports.


Troops in Iraq STILL don't have equipment they need.... JESUS!

Nearly a year after Congress demanded action, the Pentagon has still failed to figure out a way to reimburse soldiers for body armor and equipment they purchased to better protect themselves while serving in Iraq.

For Marine Sgt. Todd Bowers that extra piece of equipment — a high-tech rifle scope bought by his father for $600 and a $100 pair of goggles — turned out to be a life or death purchase. And he has never been reimbursed.

He and other soldiers and their parents are still spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for armor they say the military won't provide. One U.S. senator said Thursday he will try again to force the Pentagon to obey the reimbursement law it opposed from the outset and has so far not implemented.


The question here is not whether we should spend even more money on military. If you are going to go start a war shouldn't you have all the equipment you need first? Then when you did start your war without everything you needed, shouldn't you have it by now? Where is all the hundreds of billions of dollars spent in Iraq going?

Military spending is and always has primarily gone into the pockets on large corporations for weapons systems that are unnecessary, don't work, or quickly go obsolete. It is not and has never gone primarily to good pay and good benefits for military personnel. Under the Republican controlled government it isn't even going to equipment or protect military personnel.

You would think after the pentagon hands off billions of dollars to corporations that they could spare a little bit to take care of the troops OR at least reimburse them for purchasing their own equipment!!!

"Hey little Turkish child, which one of these four doesn't belong in this picture?"

Quote of the Day

Rumsfeld on insurgent infiltration of Iraqi forces:

“It’s a problem that’s faced by police forces in every major city in our country, that criminals infiltrate and sign up to join the police force.”

from think progress blog

Criminally Negligent Journalist Released from Prison.

The real crime is that she was arrested for contempt of court into of treason or consipracy to lead America in to a illegal and immoral war. With any luck as soon as she testifies she will be headed right back to prison.

“She was released after she had a telephone conversation with the Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, I. Lewis Libby … [who] reaffirmed that he had released Miller from a promise of confidentiality more than a year ago.” (Via Atrios)

NYT confirms that Judith Miller will testify about her discussion with Scooter Libby about outed CIA operative Valerie Plame. (More on Libby’s role in our comprehensive Plamegate database.)

from thinkprogress blog

more from yahoo news

Meet the news boss, same as the old boss.

More info on the corrupt Roy Blunt:

courtesy of CREW:

  • Tried to slip pro-Big Tobacco provision into a Homeland Security bill (!) - while he was sleeping with a Philip Morris (aka Altria) lobbyist.
  • Hurt the war effort by passing legislation that reduced competition by limiting military cargo shipments to certain companies such as UPS and FedEx - while his son Andrew was (you guessed it) a lobbyist for UPS.
  • Funnelled $76,000 to his son Matt's gubernatorial campaign in Missouri by laundering it through a bunch of various campaign committees - while Altria also tossed $24,000 to Matt's campaign, and $100,000 to one of those middle-man committees.
  • PAC took money from top GOP arrested scum-bag-man Jack Abramoff, to the tune of $8,500. It's all about the company you keep, ay?
  • Took a trip to Korea in 2002 paid for by a registered foreign agent - which is against House rules.
from daily kos

Thursday, September 29, 2005

NHDP Kathy Sullivan reads my mind, my emails, and decries my laziness!

[You can read my full response in the comments! Red Text added by me for comic relief. Kathy is not the only one who can read minds!]

UPDATE: WOW! The Blog is Exploding! and this post has only been up 2 hours.

Kathy's Email:

For several months, I have ignored the nasty, usually factually incorrect slams of Jon Easton. i.e. all his blog posts! His latest e-mail requires a response, however. I will have Ray Buckley write it immediately!!

New Hampshire is a small state. That is why Bret Clemons is running for office here instead of ohio! We all have close relationships with various other activists I call my group the legion of Doom! BWAh-haha! Every single one of the potential second district candidates has ties to the NHDP. Paul Hodes, like John Dejoie, is a member of our Executive Committee. He is also a partner of Steve Gordon, who is representing the NHDP in its civil case against the NHGOP,and of Billy Shaheen, the husband of our former Governor. John Dejoie is a county chair and a member of Democratic house leadship. Brett is related to Nick Clemons and Jane Clemons. Do all of these relationships mean that none of them should run for congress? Or is it okay for one party "insider" to run, but not for others? I guess in Easton's mind, a place I long to stay, the answer is yes, to everything as long as he gets to pick the insider. [I choose the buddha of infinite compassion - jon]

Why is Jon attacking Nick Clemons? Does he secretly love him? A couple of weeks ago, Jon e-mailed our state party executive director, Nick Clemons, about a vacancy on the Coos County Democratic Committee and friendship. He asked Nick if Nick and I would do something to speed up the election to fill the vacancy, saying, "We already have plans for me to be elected in October, so it seems just a matter of time before I am elected a county officer."

In the same e-mail, Mr. Easton offered a deal: if Nick and I would meet him at NHDP headquarter at midnight he would bring a digital camera and cherries... helped him get elected prior to the September state committee meeting, he would change his tactics with the state party, saying he would drastically alter the way he handled "future disagreements". In short, he offered a quid pro quo - help him with his election, and he would stop his ongoing attacks. Nick responded by telling Jon "YOU DIE BITCH!", we defer to the county committees on scheduling, especially where the county committee was taking steps, as was the case here. He also suggested to Jon that if he had the support of the other county committee members, he should ask them to contact the county chair to move up the election.

Since the election was not held prior to the state committee meeting, it appears that Mr. Easton did not take Nick's advice. Instead, he has decided to step up his attacks, and is trying to poison the well, skin the cat, bring home the bacon, a stitch in time saves nine, the fat man walks alone against both Nick Clemons and John Dejoie.

I don't care if Jon wants to attack me; [cue passive agreessive pity violins] I've gone through six years of attacks by Republicans, who are a lot more skillful than Jon. Attacks against a hardworking employee of the state party, as well as one of our county chairs, are a different story.

Nick Clemons has done more to elect Democrats in the state of New Hampshire even counting his work with the Kerry campaign he has still helped us more than hurt us Jon Easton can hope to do in his lifetime.[That is an impressive statement when you realize I am only 30 and Nick is only 12. WOW! even I am impressed. - jon]

He is a professional ladder climber from a family that is a fixture in NH politics and Jon Easton comes from a family of janitors, and the idea that he would do anything to violate the party rules regarding neutrality is uncalled for. John Dejoie has been an excellent county chair, as well as valuable member of the house Democratic leadership. He has every right to run for congress; this is the Democratic Party, not the Politboro.[ I am even more impressed because I don't know what politboro is, DAMN MY JANITOR GENES!! ]

Back in the spring, I suggested to Jon that he send me a valentine, he did not... I am sad proposal outlining what he thought the NHDP should do differently, since he had epressed some unhappiness with the party. I also spent about a half hour talking to Jon about movies, leaves in the fall, and unicorns... and a couple of his colleagues at the state convention in April, and during that conversation I renewed my request. Please send me a valentine. Both in an e mail and in that conversation at the convention, Jon said he would provide his ideas for improvement, but five months have gone by and Jon has not sent his proposal. I guess it is easier to criticize [and fun too! - jon], than to provide constructive ideas.

I apologize [now we are getting somewhere] for this lengthy email [damn], but in fairness to the people Jon is attacking, I thought this background was important.

Kathy Sullivan NH State Democratic Party Chairman

[that should be a warning to you ALL, don't mess with "the family"]

Ohio resident Bret Clemons to run for New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District

Bret Clemons, spawn of NHDP's Co-Vice Chair Jane Clemons is looking to run against North Country Favorite Paul Hodes. Bret is also the brother of NH Dem party ExecutiveDirector former Kerry Campaign staffer Nick Clemons.

Two say they might challenge Hodes for Congressional nomination


CONCORD, Sept. 28 - There was a time not too long ago when Paul Hodes thought he would sail through the Democratic primary in the Second Congressional District and get a second shot at incumbent U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass.

But now, has learned, Hodes, the 2004 Democratic nominee in that district, will face competition for the nomination by at least one credible Democrat and possibly even a second.

Bret Clemons, a Granite State native and greeting card executive, has moved back to New Hampshire from Ohio and is preparing for a Congressional bid, according to three sources. Clemons is the son of House Deputy Democratic Leader Jane Clemons, of Nashua, and the brother to the Executive Director of the state Democratic Party.

With Nick and Jane on his side expect to see Bret's campaign recieve unparalled support from New Hampshire Democratic Party.

Also considering a bid is House Democratic Communications Director State Rep. John DeJoy, of Concord.

Dejoy, who is serving his second term, said in an interview that he is "actively exploring" a run with "an emphasis on exploring".

"If I were a candidate I would be campaigning, but as it stands I am talking and listening to folks," said DeJoy, a firefighter. "I have been encouraged by what I am hearing, but I am still a few months away from any decisions."


WOW! It’s a regular NHDP insider’s picnic… On a side note Bret's greeting card company uses 0% recycled paper. Paul Hodes plays guitar and makes children's albums. Jon Dejoie doesn't return emails from his Merrimack County Democrats which seems like the county chair thing to do these days.

DeLay Watch

Either Tom DeLay isn’t taking Dick DeGuerin’s advice, or he needs to start scouring the yellow pages for a new lawyer.

Here’s what DeLay said last night in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity:

Ronnie Earle has established no intent, no motive to commit a crime.

But only minutes earlier, DeLay did a pretty good job establishing motive:

So we had an opportunity in 2002. I wanted to redistrict the congressional seats, so I wanted to make sure and help gain a majority in the Texas House. So I came up with this idea to form a political action committee to raise money to get into state representative races so that we could win seats.

We were successful. And after that, we were successful in a congressional redistricting to the tune of gaining five Republican seats and more fairly represent the values of the people of Texas.

I’m sure Earle appreciates the help.

Here is a comprehensive list of DeLay’s legal and ethical problems.

from thinkprogress blog

Bush Pardons Drug Dealers… old friends?

President Bush granted pardons Wednesday to 14 people, including a member of the mineworkers union who was convicted for his role in bombings at a West Virginia coal mine, a counterfeiter and a bootlegger.

others pardoned:

Adam Wade Graham, Salt Lake City, Utah, conspiracy to deliver 10 or more grams of LSD.

Larry Paul Lenius, Moorhead, Minn., conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

Larry Lee Lopez, Bokeelia, Fla., conspiracy to import marijuana.

Mark Lewis Weber, Sherwood, Ark., selling Quaalude tablets, selling, using and possessing marijuana.

From CBS news

Not that I have any problem with Bush pardoning people convicted of non-violent drug offenses. I think the action itself is actually a good think. There are probably a lot more people deserving of such pardons. This is real issue is that this is about Wealthy Families and Individuals who are Bush supporters or contributors getting “indulgences” for family members and friends. Check out this paragraph from the CBS news article.

“Some pardons, like the one Mr. Ford gave Nixon in 1974, protect recipients from going to jail or reduce their sentences. But Mr. Bush has granted clemency mainly to allow people who committed relatively minor offenses and served their sentences long ago to clear their names.” From CBS news

Bradley to Return Delay's money, Charlie Bass WON'T!

You can't really blame Charlie Bass though, the money from DeLay went to buy votes he has already cast. He voted the way they told him so even if the source of the money is illegal Charlie obviously feels he earned the money.

[pictured left to right: Blunt, Bass, Bradley]

Bradley to return money from DeLay's PAC

Rep. Jeb Bradley, R-N.H., says he will return $15,000 in campaign funds from former House majority leader Tom DeLay's political action committee.

A spokesman for Rep. Charles Bass, R-N.H., who has received $7,500 from the group, says the congressman won't return the money because the political action committee isn't involved in the investigation.


Blunted: Corrupt GOP congressman to replace corrupt GOP congressman

Blunt Hired Consultant Who's Also Indicted


The political committee of Rep. Roy Blunt who is temporarily replacing Rep. Tom DeLay as House majority leader, has paid roughly $88,000 in fees since 2003 to a consultant under indictment in Texas with DeLay, according to federal records.

from yahoo news

learn all about Roy Blunts corruption here

[pictured DeLay & Blunt]


From Media Matters via Gilliard:

"But I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could -- if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down. That would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down. So these far-out, these far-reaching, extensive extrapolations are, I think, tricky."

From Bill Bennett, one of the big thinkers of the Republican Party.

Lieberman Watch

If the democrats lack the courage to police their own party perhaps an independant can do it for them.

The statewide rumor mill is buzzing with reports that Lowell Weicker is considering an independent run for his old U.S. Senate seat next year against Democratic incumbent Joe Lieberman of New Haven (for now). Lieberman deposed former Weicker in 1988 with the help of his famous sleeping bear commercial--a commercial Weicker could now turn back on his old nemesis.

The rumors have been building since last week, when Weicker appeared at a public forum with radio talk-show host and Courant columnist Colin McEnroe. Weicker, a former liberal Republican who turned independent in 1990 when he left the Senate to run successfully for governor, dropped notice at the Sept. 20 forum that he'd consider another political run.

Remember, Lieberman took out Weicker from the right, and any Wicker run would take on Lieberan on the war. Weicker is an opponent of Bush's War. Lieberman is one of its chief enablers. Read more about it here.

from daily kos

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Not just another pretty face...

Some say that this male prostitute [no really, he was I am not being figurative] got his white house press creditials by having clients in high places.

Well, guess who showed up as one the 400 at the anti-peace protests in DC.

For those of you who missed the story about the gay male escort who was given press credentials to the white house and got to ask the president questions. The full story is here.... and you can see his sexy male escort webpage too!

Tom DeLay indicted, may recieve death penalty!!!

Doesn't everyone in texas get the death penality?

DeLay Indicted in Campaign Finance Probe


A Texas grand jury on Wednesday charged Rep. Tom DeLay and two political associates with conspiracy in a campaign finance scheme, forcing the House majority leader to temporarily relinquish his post.

DeLay attorney Steve Brittain said DeLay was accused of a criminal conspiracy along with two associates, John Colyandro, former executive director of a Texas political action committee formed by DeLay, and Jim Ellis, who heads DeLay's national political committee.

"I have notified the speaker that I will temporarily step aside from my position as majority leader pursuant to rules of the House Republican Conference and the actions of the Travis County district attorney today," DeLay said.

from yahoo news

Here is a more detailed story on Delay's crimes if you have missed it.

Karl Rove, 4/18/05:

Tom DeLay is going to continue to be a strong and effective majority leader. … We strongly support Tom DeLay. He’s a good man, a close ally of this administration.

Inside the failed campaign of the establishment Gatekeeper Democrats

A new documentary “Inside the Bubble” about the Kerry Campaign is coming out!!

See inside the frat boy clubhouse “a disorganized, contentious, self-absorbed team that thought they could win by 'not making mistakes,' and keeping their candidate in the public eye without clarifying a position on anything.” I wonder if the two Kerry staffers who are now employed by the New Hampshire State Democratic Party are in the movie.

Kerry, the movie

"I hear that John Kerry loyalists are kicking themselves for cooperating last year with filmmaker Steve Rosenbaum on 'Inside the Bubble,' a potentially devastating behind-the-scenes look at the Massachusetts senator's failed presidential campaign," Lloyd Grove writes in his Lowdown gossip column in the New York Daily News.

"I'm also told that Hillary Clinton partisans are licking their chops to see the film, which 'could end up being the silver bullet that kills Kerry's presidential chances for 2008,' says a Lowdown spy.

"Kerry spinmeister David Wade -- one of the senior staffers who allowed Rosenbaum to film his private moments -- tried to dismiss Rosenbaum's effort as 'a childish home movie destined to be forgotten.' ...

"But people who've screened the documentary say it's compelling and revealing," Mr. Grove said.

"It features, among other not-ready-for-prime-time moments, Clinton scowling and rolling her eyes over an apparent Kerry gaffe during a presidential debate; Kerry pretending to interview himself and babbling in Italian while waiting for a real interview to begin; Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) cursing at reporters during a campaign stop, and Kerry message guru Robert Shrum confidently declaring a few days before the 2004 election: 'Zogby [a prominent pollster] just announced who's gonna win. Us!' ...

A press release claims the movie -- which won't be shown publicly until Thursday -- 'turns a harsh but deeply revealing mirror on the campaign ... a disorganized, contentious, self-absorbed team that thought they could win by "not making mistakes," and keeping their candidate in the public eye without clarifying a position on anything.'

"Director Rosenbaum, meanwhile, told me: "I'm a lifelong Democrat and I supported Kerry. I think people will see the film as fair, and maybe searing.'"

Philips Brook conservation easement update

I just logged on and can't agree more with Jon's post "Americans pay only lip service to enviromental issues..." . There were about 4 dozen people in the hearing at the Stark Town Hall last P.M. but it was a very positive outcome for REAL environmental activists and those concerned with breathing fresh air and maintaining wild life habitat. I must say I am not surprised at the complacency of the supposed environmentalist weepers. I've said it before, the final hearing is too late to input your concerns. Stop wasting time taking this stuff to litigation later and get to these venues as they happen. Anyhooo, about 8 or so attendees were from different State agencies, 1 was a reporter, I think 2 were staunch tree huggers and there were 3 dog mushers, including yours truly. ALL the rest were snow mobile and ATV enthusiasts. The environmental group was outnumbered around 10:1. You do the math and you should realize how the State powers ( read Gallus and ATV special interest lobby) do their future planning. Tragic...

Well here is what we have thus far. The current owner is seeking to sell the developmental rights to a conservation easement grant under a combination of programs within the Forest Legacy Project umbrella. This is awesome as it keeps the Philips Brook back country area roughly the way it was when Timberland Trails Group maintained the yurts and trails. There will still be snow machines allowed through corridor 28 and future consideration may be given to add alternate trials for the machines. I have no doubt that new trails will happen. ATV access will also be discussed. There will also be non-motorized, dedicated trails for any low impact recreation. Hunting, fishing, X-country skiing, mushing, hiking, snow shoeing, pedestrian trafic will all be allowed with promised access in perpetuity.

The LCHIP program provides most of the funding for any enforcement necessary and forestry management will be done as usual. The current application process requires specific wording outlining additional enterprises such as the yurts, that will add revenue to be realized from the property for the owners and will allow trail/property maintainance to be funded. I have included some contact info below and if you want this 24,000 acres to stay as an undeveloped piece of Nature, I urge you to contact the parties concerned, express your interest and support for the proposal and I will keep you as up to date throughout the process as information is forthcoming.
You would also do well to contact your local State Reps, Federal Delegation and Phil Bryce, State Forester, to urge them to support this project.

Now, I can't make the call for you.

Americans pay only lip service to enviromental issues...

Most Americans want tough laws protecting air, land, and water -- but only about 1 in 5 say environmental issues have been a major influence on how they vote. According to a new survey, these numbers hold up across party lines, with 74 percent of Republicans and 85 percent of Democrats backing stronger environmental standards. But the environment ranked last on a list of nine issues that swayed actual votes -- trounced by the economy and jobs, health care, the war in Iraq, terrorism, and moral values, among others. Asked why they didn't vote their green beliefs, folks opined that there was progress being made on eco-issues, and that things weren't as bad as they used to be. Most said other matters are more urgent -- apparently global warming is a snoozer -- and they believed dealing with environmental issues might increase taxes or hurt the economy. "There is a clear disconnect here," said William K. Reilly, former U.S. EPA head and chair of the advisory board of Duke University's Nicholas Institute, which commissioned the survey.

straight to the source: The Boston Globe, Associated Press, Margaret Lillard, 20 Sep 2005

from weekly grist

Our worst citizens are corporations.....

FEMA Awarded Carnival Cruises A $236M No Bid Contract Even Though Company Doubled Room Prices…

On Sept. 1, as tens of thousands of desperate Louisianans packed the New Orleans Superdome and convention center, the Federal Emergency Management Agency pleaded with the U.S. Military Sealift Command: The government needed 10,000 berths on full-service cruise ships, FEMA said, and it needed the deal done by noon the next day.

The hasty appeal yielded one of the most controversial contracts of the Hurricane Katrina relief operation, a $236 million agreement with Carnival Cruise Lines for three ships that now bob more than half empty in the Mississippi River and Mobile Bay. The six-month contract -- staunchly defended by Carnival but castigated by politicians from both parties -- has come to exemplify the cost of haste that followed Katrina's strike and FEMA's lack of preparation.

from The Huffington Post

Right Wing Nuts have fiction author testify at hearing on enviromental.....

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, led by anti-environment champion James Inhofe (R-OK), will hold a hearing to “discuss the role of science in environmental policy making.”

It’s an important topic, given the tendency in Washington to choose ideology over facts. Unfortunately, Inhofe’s witness list wasn’t available on the committee’s website, so we called today to find out who would be speaking.

We received the following list. As you’ll see, the featured witness isn’t a noted environmental scientist, or an expert in regulatory policy. It’s Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton.

And why would Inhofe invite a fiction author to testify on the role of science in environmental policy making? We think you’ll understand after reading a synopsis of Crichton’s latest book, State of Fear, about a scientist named Nicholas Drake:

Drake is frustrated by the public’s lack of fear about global warming and, hence, lack of enthusiasm for funding NERF [the environmental group Drake runs]. To remedy the situation, he plans a high-profile conference on “abrupt climate change,” a phenomenon that is essentially fabricated. To make sure folks are good and scared about the imaginary threat, he contracts with the Environmental Liberation Front (ELF) — …a sophisticated, highly coordinated, techno-savvy worldwide terrorist network of dreadlocked hippies — to create a series of floods, hurricanes, and tsunamis that will devastate the world on the eve of the conference.

The bad news: the book’s science is apparently even worse than its plot.

UPDATE: In the comments, editor Fred Dews points out that Brookings environment scholar David Sandalow, another speaker at tomorrow’s hearings, also has a column picking apart the bad science in Crichton’s book.

from think progress blog

I think that republicans are just desperate for Crichton's secret about how to resurrect dinosaurs to saving their party from extinction.

Fake person on "real" TV show.

1950's scarey stratford wife and queen of bestiality jokes and vehicular homicide is now stepping up to star in a reality TV show. It is just me or is Karl Rove losing his edge?


First Lady Makes Her Reality TV Debut

By JAY REEVES, Associated Press

First lady Laura Bush made her reality TV debut Tuesday, helping with a taping of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" in a sweltering community building as she toured hurricane relief sites on the Mississippi coast.

Before Mrs. Bush entered the community center where the show was filming, a director shooed away both victims and volunteers from the doorway, instructing them how to react as her entourage entered.

"Act surprised!" he said above the din.

more from yahoo news

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mike "Brownie" Brown lies under oath!!!

Today, while testifying under oath, Mike Brown claimed that Louisiana Gov. Blanco’s August 27th request to the President for a federal emergency declaration excluded Orleans, Jefferson and Plaquerines parishes. Here’s Brown today under questioning by Rep. Steve Buyer:

BUYER: So I’d like to know why did the president’s federal emergency assistance declaration of August 27th not include the parishes of Orleans, Jefferson and Plaquemines?

BROWN: …[I]f a governor does not request a particular county or a particular parish, that’s not included in the request.

BUYER: All right.

Orleans Parish is New Orleans. I was listening to my colleague, Mr. Jefferson’s, questions about when they talked about, you know, they asked for this assistance for three days and then president responded the very next day, not the day that it was made — the request — but the governor of Louisiana actually excluded New Orleans from the president’s federal emergency assistance declaration?

BROWN: Again, Congressman, we looked at the request.The governors make the request by…

BUYER: Let me ask this. Since you went through the exercise in Pam, was that not shocking to you that the governor would excluded New Orleans from the declaration?


BUYER: When that request came in excluding these three parishes, did you question it?

BROWN: We questioned it. But I made the decision that we were going to go ahead and move assets in regardless because we have the ability to add those parishes…

In fact, Blanco requested the President to declare a disaster in “all the southeastern parishes,” which includes Orleans, Jefferson and Plaquemines. See the request for yourself HERE.

from think progress

The Sexy David Sirota, wrote an awesome cover story for "In These Times"

David perfectly crystalizes the argument that Bush cuts caused the Katrina disaster. Read it here. DEFINATELY CHECKOUT THE TIMELINE!!!

Huffington post says this about it:

Think it's hyperbole to say that President Bush's tax cutting agenda significantly contributed to the disaster that followed Hurricane Katrina? Think again. As meticulously documented in this new cover story for In These Times magazine, the White House repeatedly ignored desperate calls to better-fund flood/hurricane prevention infrastructure in recent years, and instead pushed more and more tax cuts for the very wealthy.

Just look at the timeline that is included with the article - year after year explicit decisions were made to ignore the Gulf Coast's crumbling infrastructure in order to pay for more tax breaks for the wealthy. It all begs one question: when will the tax cut madness end?

The Same Old Mistakes... again and again and again and again..... and.... again...

Arianna Huffington: Iraq Burns; Dems Look on the Bright Side

If you need yet another reminder why the Democrats continue to teeter on the verge of becoming a permanent minority party, I suggest you pick up the Boston Herald and watch CBS News.

At the same time the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate, with CBS reporting on the “undeclared civil war” raging between Shiites and Sunnis, there was John Kerry making a speech arguing that “progress” was being made there. As the Boston Herald put it, Senator John Kerry “back-pedalled on blistering criticism of the war.”


from huffington post

I guess Karl Rove finally let him out of bed.

Disgraced fake journalist Jeff Gannonwas among the 400 people who attended a pro-war rally in D.C. on Sunday. (Via Sploid)

from think progress blog

Pro-Choice Republican or Pro-Life Democrat? No Choice at all.

This is a recuring theme I have seen alot online. I don't know how I feekl about it, but I like this post from Daily kos.


Amy Sullivan has an interesting take on the role Choice groups have had in damaging their own cause.

[A]bortion rights groups have the impressive ability to marginalize themselves in the public debate even when they represent a majority position.

The groups' most common tactic is to label the pro-life position ''intolerant" and ''misogynistic" at best, and in cahoots with violent extremists at worst. And when they're not demonizing their opponents, they're busy mocking them. Although many religious Americans consider abstinence an acceptable moral and personal choice, in the rhetoric of abortion rights advocates it becomes prudish and unnecessary. Earlier this summer NARAL's Washington affiliate held what was advertised as a ''Screw Abstinence Party"; last year, the Pennsylvania affiliate urged members to send ''chastity belts" to state legislators in protest of the state's ''Chastity Awareness Week."

Okay, I'm not one to tsk tsk the mocking of the other side. I mean, "Chastity Awareness Week"? I think the chastity belt gambit was hilarious. Then again, I'm not trying to sway undecided voters to my side. The choice groups theoretically are. Still, that I won't criticize since I can't meet that standard myself.

But Sullivan hits on one of my recurring themes -- the quest for litmus-test purity within the party:

But the final straw came when Senate Democrats acted on this advice and recruited pro-life Democrat Bob Casey to run against Rick Santorum for Pennsylvania's Senate seat in 2006.

Pro-choice advocates lashed out. National Organization for Women president Kim Gandy called out Kerry and Dean by name, and declared: ''If that's what it means to have a big tent, if it means abandoning the core principles of our party, if it means throwing women's rights overboard like so much ballast...then I say let's keep the skunk out of the tent." The political director of Emily's List, the fundraising group that has been one of the biggest sources of support for many Democratic candidates, complained, ''We fought like mad to beat back the Republicans. Little did we know that we would have just as much to fear from some within the Democratic Party."

The word soon went out that Casey would get no support from women's groups, and powerful donors were encouraged to refrain from giving to his campaign. The race appears to have become a test case for many in the pro-choice community. They would rather see Casey lose than defeat Santorum, perhaps the Senate's most vociferous abortion opponent.

As if to underline their point, NARAL took the unusual step of endorsing Senator Lincoln Chafee, Republican of Rhode Island, a full year and a half before the 2006 election. The message was clear: a pro-choice Republican is always preferable to a pro-life Democrat.

It didn't take long for NARAL to regret the move. Less than three weeks later, Chafee voted to support the nomination of radically conservative judge Janice Rogers Brown. NARAL issued an angry press release, warning Chafee that they would be ''watching closely his future votes on judicial nominees, including...those for the Supreme Court." Now, of course, Chafee has announced he will vote in support of Roberts. Meanwhile, the pro-life Reid--exactly the type of Democrat these groups would see defeated if they had their way--has announced that he will vote against Roberts's confirmation.

The Choice groups aren't the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is the Democratic Party. If NARAL and NOW aren't pleased with Casey or Langevin or whoever, they don't need to endorse. There are plenty of pro-Choice Democrats that could use their help. Same goes for the environmental, labor, trial lawyer, etc groups.

As Reid's votes on virulently anti-choice (and anti-labor, anti-environment) judges shows, it's better to have a Democrat than a Republican hold any seat in Congress. Better, that is, for those of us who care about the broad palette of progressive issues. That doesn't mean that NARAL is forced to support Casey. Neutrality is an option.

Believe it or not, we took the Colorado state legislature precisely using this kind of thinking. The state's progressive groups came together and divided zones of responsibility. Then they created two political organizations to support the efforts of Democratic candidates -- one which supported the efforts of candidates who met the entire progressive checklist, and the other for candidates who were less "perfect". That way, NARAL never had to put a dime into a district in which the Democrats was anti-choice. Labor didn't have to help out in districts where the Democrats was hostile to their interests. And so on.

And it worked. The umbrella group running the operation targetted 16 Republicans in the Colorado House and won 15 of the races. It was an excercise in movement building, not myopic single-issue focus. And while there are Democrats in the Colorado House that are less than optimal on any number of progressive issues, the entire movement benefits from having a friendly party in control.

Burton - more fun than shooting fish in a barrel.

Burton has bipartisan support

Raymond Burton has bipartisan support in New Hampshire's North Country, the vast region he represents as an executive councilor.

"We don't have a lot of political capital up here," said former Republican state Rep. Brien Ward of Littleton. "Burton is the one person who makes government work for the North Country, he's done it time and again.

"If we lose Ray Burton, we will become the portion of New Hampshire that time has forgotten," Ward said.

Jerry Sorlucco, North Country Democratic committee chairman, said Burton's decision to hire Seidensticker was unfortunate, but didn't warrant his resignation from the council. New Hampshire's congressional delegation and Gov. John Lynch have called for him to resign.


Former state Rep. Ned Densmore of Franconia said Burton's political struggle was due to a lack of support from Republican leadership.


Ralph Doolan of Bethlehem, Grafton County Republican committee vice chairman, said he was surprised by congressional delegation and Lynch's call for Burton to resign. He said voters should be allowed to determine Burton's fate. Burton is up for re-election next year


Please please please, stay in office Ray. I want the FULL STORY to come out on you AND I want to kick your ass in the next election. Plus it will be fun to watch all those people speaking up for him play duck and cover when the "FULL STORY" comes out. I also noticed that no CURRENTLY elected officials came out for ray. Poor ray, he is all alone in his mission to reach out to repeat child molesters. Maybe he just couldn't find enough non-convicted sex offenders that were willing to work for his campaign?

If you are out of the loop on the Ray Burton Scandle get informed about the story so far here.

Burton's not resigning

Burton: 'I don't plan to resign'

By David Tirrell-Wysocki, Associated Press Writer

CONCORD, N.H. --All four members of New Hampshire's congressional delegation are calling on fellow Republican Raymond Burton to resign from the Executive Council for hiring an aide he knew was a convicted child sex offender. Burton said Tuesday he has no intention of stepping down.


13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress

The LA Times gives a very good snapshot of what CREW calls the 13 most corrupt members of Congress... DeLay excepted. Here's the direct link to the website dedicated to this report: It contains the details on each highlighted member.

Sen. Bill Frist: The report accuses him of violating federal campaign finance laws in how he disclosed a campaign loan. It also calls for an inquiry over his recent sale of stock in HCA Inc., his family's hospital corporation. The sale has raised questions about possible insider dealing. Frist aides confirmed Friday that the SEC was investigating. They have denied claims of campaign finance violations.

Rep. Roy Blunt: The report criticizes him for trying to insert provisions into bills that would have benefited, in one case, a client of his lobbyist son and in another case, the employer of his lobbyist girlfriend, now his wife.

Sen. Conrad Burns: The report says that questions arose over $3 million in appropriations he earmarked for an Indian tribe in Michigan that was a client of lobbyist Abramoff. The senator received substantial campaign contributions from Abramoff and various clients. [...]

Rep. Bob Ney: The report says the chairman of the House Administration Committee went on a golf outing to Scotland in 2002, arranged by Abramoff, at a time when the congressman was trying to insert a provision into legislation to benefit one of Abramoff's tribal clients. [...]

Rep. Tom Feeney: The report says he incorrectly reported that a golf trip to Scotland with Abramoff in 2003 was paid for by the National Center for Public Policy Research, which denied it. A Feeney aide said the congressman had been misled. Questions also have arisen about two other privately funded trips.

Rep. Richard W. Pombo: He paid his wife and brother $357,325 in campaign funds in the last four years, the report says. He also supported the wind-power industry before the Department of Interior without disclosing that his parents received hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties from wind-power turbines on their ranch. [...]

Rep. Maxine Waters: The report cites a December 2004 Los Angeles Times investigation disclosing how members of the congresswoman's family have made more than $1 million in the last eight years by doing business with companies, candidates and causes that Waters has helped. Before publication of the Times investigation last year, Waters declined to be interviewed, but said of her family members: "They do their business, and I do mine."

Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.): The report says he encountered controversy over disclosures that Pennsylvania taxpayers paid for his children's schooling while they lived in Virginia. Santorum maintained he did nothing wrong, and has pulled his children out of the school, according to reports.

Reps. Randy "Duke" Cunningham and William J. Jefferson: Both congressional veterans are under federal investigation.

Cunningham, who has announced that he will not run for reelection, faces questions over his dealings with a defense contractor who allegedly overpaid him when he purchased Cunningham's house. Jefferson is under scrutiny for his role in an overseas business deal. Normally the House ethics committee does not hold inquiries while criminal investigations are underway.

Rep. Charles H. Taylor (R-N.C.): The report says that questions have been raised about his private business interests, including a savings and loan in Asheville, N.C., and personal business interests in Russia.

Rep. Marilyn N. Musgrave (R-Colo.) and Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.): Both second-term House members encountered criticisms tied to campaign activities, the report says.

Musgrave was accused of misusing her congressional office for campaign purposes. Renzi was accused of financing portions of his 2002 campaign with improper loans.

via daily kos from AMERICAblog,

FEMA rehires Brownie!

From CBS News:

CBS News correspondent Gloria Borger reports that Michael Brown, who recently resigned as the head of the FEMA, has been rehired by the agency as a consultant to evaluate its response following Hurricane Katrina.

(HT: Crooks and Liars)

UPDATE: The Department of Homeland Security is already spinning the story. From the AP:

Brown is continuing to work at the Federal Emergency Management Agency at full pay, with his Sept. 12 resignation not taking effect for two more weeks, said Homeland Security Department spokesman Russ Knocke.

During that time, Brown will advise the department on “some of his views on his experience with Katrina,” as he transitions out of his job, Knocke said.

This isn’t consistent, however, with Brown’s statement on the day he resigned:

Today I resigned as Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. As I told the President, it is important that I leave now to avoid further distraction from the ongoing mission of FEMA.

from thinkprogress

Monday, September 26, 2005

Not just Republicans asking for Ray's head

Lynch, Sununu, and Bradley ask Burton to resign
By James W. Pindell

CONCORD, Sept. 26 - Gov. John Lynch, U.S. Sen. John Sununu, and U.S. Rep. Jeb Bradley asked for the resignation of Executive Councilor Ray Burton, a Republican, after he admitted to retaining a staffer who he knew had numerous prior convictions.


[thanks M.M. for the tip]

hot news

Our Congressional delegation is calling for Executive Councilman Burton's resignation. No matter how you feel about Ray - these morally bankrupt oafs are usurping the job of the governor and the state GOP. They're engaging in a witch hunt - Ray hasn't been nearly right wing enough to suit them - and you can bet your bottom dollar, they'll replace him with a Christian rightard. My sources tell me that Ray will resign tonight, if he's going to. I don't think we should let Sununu, Gregg, Bradley, and Bass get away with this power play. Call Ray and urge him not to resign.

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