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Saturday, September 03, 2005


It is indeed a tragic situation. That being said, in light of the monumental incompetence, inept management and spin by Bush and his cronies of the Bush et al campaign, in charge of soooo many of your tax payer funded gumment agencies, how on Earth can THEY, with a straight face, look you in the eye and say a multiple, spontaneous, coordinated terrorist attack on many different communities around our United States of America, can be defended against???

Do yourselves a favor, tell all your buds about the real government and get them educated to its ineptitude. Then get your buds to re-engage and vote for change!!! Simple.

GET ACTIVE is simple.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Ward doing skid bid

This is the Standard Operating Procedure for the Republicans ... SORRY (for getting caught)!!! Similar to their arrogance in any government business, the adage "It's easier to get forgiveness than get permission" fits like a T. I think you can make the connection. This blerb from Fosters/AP
Friday, September 2, 2005
Littleton rep to perform community service for alcohol arrest in Durham

LITTLETON, N.H. (AP) — A 21-year-old state legislator will perform community service to make up for an alcohol-related arrest last spring.

Littleton Republican John Ward was arrested in Durham in April and charged with buying beer for an underage University of New Hampshire classmate.As part of his deal, Ward will keep the arrest off his record if he stays out of trouble and completes 50 hours of community service.

Ward said he regrets letting down his constituents and family. His father and grandmother also served in the Legislature.

A dying species- A Democrat with balls or breasts

From a forum article in The New American website...

Rep. Earl Pomeroy letter: Alleged benefit of CAFTA for sugar growers is myth
The ForumPublished Tuesday, August 30, 2005

By just two votes, the Central American Free Trade Agreement passed in the House of Representatives. Since the 217-215 vote, I have heard of lots of wheeling and dealing that made sure that the agreement would pass. When I see the administration cutting deals on textiles to pass an agreement it has spent years negotiating and that threatens a critical industry in North Dakota, I see a trade policy on the wrong path.

My colleague, Rep. Mark Kennedy, R-Minn., recently defended this policy in The Forum (Aug. 23) on the grounds that these agreements are just too important to our export markets. What my colleague neglects to mention is that the size of the economies of the CAFTA countries is smaller than that of the state of Connecticut, just two-thirds that of Minneapolis-St. Paul. The idea that we are instantly going to be sending trucks and ships full of American products – high-quality commodities and goods – to the citizens of these countries, where 40 percent of workers earn less than $2 a day, is simply a myth.

Further, Rep. Kennedy suggests that the “deal” offered to sugar during the weeks leading up to the vote was legitimate and a good compromise for the industry. I have to disagree. The much ballyhooed “sugar deal” goes away completely after two short years, while CAFTA continues indefinitely. Let’s face it, the very temporary protection provided to our sugar growers was in reality a “fig leaf” for wavering members of Congress looking for an excuse for selling out the interests of the farmers and factory workers they should have been fighting for.

Those voting for CAFTA suggest that the place to deal with the long term solution for the sugar industry is in the next farm bill. The 2007 Farm Bill is certainly important to the sugar industry, but I have to say that the long-term solution for the Red River Valley sugar industry lies in our trade negotiators refusing to sell out sugar and in the ability of members of Congress to stand up for their constituents.
Side arrangements on textiles and false deals on sugar should not be used to pass flawed trade agreements. And when they are used as they were to get CAFTA into law, we should stand up and oppose these agreements. Instead, these agreements should be sent back to the negotiating room to be fixed. If they are not ultimately capable of standing alone, they are not worthy of our nation’s trade attention.

Pomeroy, D-N.D., serves on the Ways and Means Committee and the Agriculture Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

This just in-New Hampshire a square southern state

California Senate approves gay marriage bill
Showdown with state Assembly expected

Thursday, September 1, 2005; Posted: 3:15 p.m. EDT (19:15 GMT)

SACRAMENTO, California (AP) -- The California Senate approved legislation Thursday that would legalize same-sex marriages, a vote that makes the chamber the first legislative body in the country to approve a gay marriage bill.
The 21-15 vote sets the stage for a showdown in the state Assembly, which narrowly rejected a gay marriage bill in June.
"Equality is equality, period," said one of the bill's supporters, Democratic Sen. Liz Figueroa. "When I leave this Legislature I want to be able to tell my grandchildren I stood up for dignity and rights for all."
Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth, a Republican, said the bill was not the right thing to do. "We should protect traditional marriage and hold all of those values and institutions that have made our society and keep our society together today," he said.
Same-sex marriages are legal in only one state, Massachusetts, under a 2003 court ruling.

Copyright 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed

Bored at the board meeting

I love these venues because there really are not many places better than this to get educated about your government and its nuts and bolts. That being said, I was the ONLY regular citizen at last P.M.'s Coos County planning board meeting. It was a yawner. However, keep this in mind all of you supposed environmentalists and disenfranchized occassional voters...
The Fish and Game, along with the assistance from a few UNH County Extension folks and some private property owners from the UIP's, are in the process of "updating" the topo maps that will include set backs from waterways and wild life areas. Fish and Game Fact man intimated his intention was not to change current zoning but to give the board facts about certain Fish and Game type stuff.

Keep this in mind also, the other people at the meeting, board members not withstanding, were members of the logging community, (5) a field representative from the Fish and Game (read another logger) the inside man from Fish and Game (Mr. Facts) one gentleman from AMC, a reporter and one property owner who stayed briefly and whom purchased a piece of property from another guy out of the logger camp. He did pay a $125.07 for his permit. Cash no less.

My point here is this, how the #%@# do you think you can have input at any level of government only at the final public hearing for changes to the environment like the drastic warping and redacting of facts that occurred last night, if you don't get your ever weeping, frighteningly complacent, apathetic, disengaged other than to your recliner, lazy ass to regular public meetings??? The final public review hearing is too late. I'm waiting for your excuse!!! Right, you can't give me one. If you don't get involved in the yawners that take place almost DAILY, in your regular government business, then just complain the day after the election cycle dust is clearing, stop complaining. That's it. I won't waste my time telling you to contact me, Jon or Susan B for regular venues to attend because I see the frivolousness of that pronouncement.

Here's one more thing, I'm chagrined, yet encouraged, by the fact that so many of my supposed "friends" from the D party have decided I now have a toxic, contagious disease. Nice. At least I can sleep with a clear conscience. I guess at least I can now see the true colors of the blue party of inclusion. Hey Kate and Nickster, let me know when that moving van pulls up for your move to Kansas.


Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bush has no one to blame but the man at the top—and I don't mean Dick Cheney.

David Corn of the Nation and Tom Paine has another hit...
story here... and in part...
"When Bush took the nation to war, he offered one prime rationale. War-backers now like to claim Bush spoke of democratizing Iraq before the invasion. And he did—occasionally. But on March 17, when he addressed the nation from the Oval Office and gave Saddam Hussein 48 hours to skedaddle or face Bush's wrath, he said the "danger was clear." Iraq—"no doubt"—had WMDs it could pass to anti-American terrorists who would use these weapons to "kill thousands or hundreds of thousands of innocent people in our country or any other." In Bush's final explanation of the war to come, bringing democracy to Iraq was not the cause; it was merely a necessary part of the post-invasion cleanup."

David Corn writes The Loyal Opposition twice a month for Corn is also the Washington editor of The Nation and is the author of The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception (Crown Publishers).

Check out Tom Paine.

Yeah, RISE UP!!!

Bad R+D, and I don't mean research and development

This is a chronic problem. Both sides being so comfy in their spots that the people don't get answers or solutions to their real concerns. This from the Washington Post and Bush's sorry approval ratings along with some dis-approval from the electorate of shoddy gumment...

"Dissatisfaction is not limited to the president. Fewer than four in 10 Americans -- 37 percent -- approve of the way the Republican-controlled Congress is doing its job, the lowest rating for lawmakers in nearly eight years.

The survey also provided bad news for Democratic leaders, who are judged as offering Bush only tepid opposition. Slightly more than half of those surveyed expressed dissatisfaction with congressional Democrats for not opposing Bush more aggressively.
Self-identified Democrats were particularly impatient. More than three in four said congressional Democrats have not gone far enough to oppose Bush on Iraq or on administration policies in general.
"Somebody needs to speak up," said Michelle Burgess, 41, a home health aide in St. Louis. "Enough is enough. I don't understand why we're over there in Iraq or what he's doing on other issues. There are too many lives being lost."

Independents were similarly dissatisfied with Democratic leaders for not challenging the president over the war and other issues, with six in 10 saying Democrats have been too meek."

Did someone say INDEPENDENT??? Yeah, that's correct!!! See you all in the mid-terms. I'll be the one with the fresh ideas and not going along just to get along. I plan on being a leader that will lead by, well, leading. But that came from Mindich's "Tuned Out". A must read.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

An Islamic state in Iraq....

"Islam is the official religion of the state and is a basic source of legislation. No law can be passed that contradicts the undisputed rules of Islam."
- Iraqi Constitution supported by Iran-backed Shiites and the Bush Administration (but opposed by Sunni leaders)

"Fortunately, after years of effort and expectations in Iraq, an Islamic state has come to power and the constitution has been established on the basis of Islamic precepts. We must congratulate the Iraqi people and authorities for this victory."
- Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, head of Iran's powerful ultra-conservative Guardian Council

"This is the future of the new Iraqi government - it will be in the hands of the clerics. I wanted Iraqi women to be free, to be able to talk freely and to able to move around. I am not going to stay here."
- Dr. Raja Kuzai, an obstetrician and secular Shiite member of the Assembly who met President Bush in the White House in November 2003.

we over threw a secular dictator to create an islamic state in Iraq... and it only cost us 200 billion dollars and the lives 1879 american troops [14,021 wounded] .... so far

Monday, August 29, 2005

US Forces Kill Reuters Journalist

Baghdad - A soundman working for Reuters Television was shot dead Sunday in Baghdad, and a cameraman with him was wounded and then detained by United States soldiers. An Iraqi police report, read to Reuters by an Interior Ministry official, said the two had been shot by American forces.

A United States military spokesman, Lt. Col. Steven A. Boylan, said the incident was being investigated, and an official statement indicated that the Americans were responding to an attack on an Iraqi police convoy when the journalists were shot.

The death brings to 66 the number of journalists and their aides killed in Iraq since the start of the invasion in 2003, said Reporters Without Borders, a Paris-based news media rights group. That surpasses the 63 journalists killed over 20 years of conflict in Vietnam, the group said.

The soundman, Waleed Khaled, 35, was struck by a bullet to the face and at least four to the chest as he drove to investigate a report from police sources of an incident involving police officers and gunmen in the Hay al-Adil district in western Baghdad.


Mr. Khaled had worked for Reuters for two years. He is survived by a wife and daughter.


Planning for the future.

Here are 3 opportunities for you folks that are still upset at yourselves for not getting involved, other than the requisite casting of your vote, in the last campaign cycle. There is some talk about the Unincorporated Places (UIP) and the clearcuts and rip and run impending developments to same. The Coos County Planning Board will be meeting this wednesday, 31Aug2005, at 7:00 P.M. at the Lancaster DRED/Fish and Game building. This is especially important to attend due the fact that the usual proponents of the skidder, dozer and clear cut, Reps Fred King, Eric Stohl and Commish Bing Judd, are all admittedly concerned that the usual SOP in denuding these UIP's will not be a viable option for this North Country to sustain. Yeah, I was shocked too hearing this at one of the latest County Delegation meetings of which I was there BY MY SELF!!! (How on Earth am I expected to get everyone educated about their suckhole gumment???)
Another venue for you complacent, yet semi-concerned disengaged, disenfranchized voters, is in the annual Executive Councils Transportation Planning hearings for this area 14Sept2005. Ray Burton is scheduled to be at the Littleton Community House at 3:00 P.M. and in the Berlin Town Hall at 7:00 P.M. If you want to have the chance, this is the place to air your ideas and be a part of the solution, not just bitching about the Righty Majority Oligarchs and other shit you can all help to change. Don't complain that you work too much or you don't have time or you think gumment is packed with shitbags. I'll let you look at my schedule sometime.
YOU BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!!! Some wise guy wearing a trendy, fashionably understated sheet said that a few years back.

Now, get out there and here are a few venues for your input and to learn and to get an idea how your tax $$$ are working and what your elected officials are doing to you...


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