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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Now for something completely different....

I also would like to like to invited anyone interested [and who has the bandwidth for the download it] to download my ANTI-BUSH song I put together.

It’s called Bushism 102 and it’s available at for free here:

There is also a Bushism 101 but 02 is better I think.

Friday, April 29, 2005

SB125 - small business insurance law

SB125 is the Senate version of SB110 reform. They have incorporated some key components of House Bill 611 as amended and passed by the House. SB125 makes certain changes in the small employer health insurance law, including:

I. Repealing health status and geographic location as rating factors for small group health insurance.

II. Adding a definition of case characteristics and certain other definitions.

III. Clarifying overall premium rate variability in the small group health insurance market.
(3.5 to 1 ratio and 20% cap)

IV. Clarifying the small group health insurance law regarding premium rates for small employer groups with similar case characteristics.

V. Establishing the New Hampshire small employer health reinsurance pool to offer pool coverage to eligible employees of small employers

This bill passed the Senate on Apirl 7th. It is now in the commerce committee. The bill is scheduled to for a hearing in House Commerce on Thursday, May 5 at 11:00 am.

Sorry this is so dry I haven't had a chance to research this bill much yet. Martha McLeod who gave us the tip on this legislation says that she believes this is a good bill for the North Country. More too come check back soon!

The link to the bill text is here.

This is HUGE!!!

My newest best NHDP pal Representative Ray-bash them Righties-Buckley, (vice chair NHDP executive committee) will indeed assume his rightful place on the Same Sex Marriage Commission soon. It seems Civil Rights opponent and GOP operative Brian Gould issued his letter of resignation and has stepped aside and will allow the vital work of this commission to advance Civil and Equal rights. Hey, does this mean lunch is off Ray??? Hmmm. I was looking forward to that. I guess I'll sacrifice this one for the team if you beg off.

Congratulations Representative Buckley and good luck. I also thank our good Guvnah Lynch and his staff for their vigilance in working with the commission members and helping this important work begin. RISE UP!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stop People from Stepping in a Big Pile of Bush

SHOW THE WORLD WHAT YOU THINK OF BUSH You can get free flags here.
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HB90 woes continue

This thing,HB90, is just out of committee with the dreaded ITL. It appears that the solution to fixing some of the problem with the Gallus SB458 disaster of last cycle, is being recommended by the Senate Transportation and Interstate Cooperation Committee (yeah, cooperation), to be killed on the floor of the Senate. It is scheduled to see further action next week, 5May2005, and I could bet a buck that this HB90 proposal will meet an undeserving demise. Briefly, this HB90 was poda take out certain wording from the SB458 that will keep the local planning and public hearingout of the loop with reference to development and recreation style responsible trail construction. Currently, no public input is required for certain race tracks that SB458 recognizes as motor sports education facilities. HB90 returns some control as it recognizes a race track as a race track. This SB458 allowing the motor sports education areas is touted as a tourist attraction in Gallus's mind and should bring in gajillions of tourist $$$ to the local communities while at the expense of tens of thousands of acres of sensitive environmental areas and local planning board and citizen gumment input and authority. Clearly this new tourist attraction will include the packy, brothel, casino and weigh station for mining the moons Helium 3. All with no new taxes levied. Moral values on the march. I will try and see how who voted how (???) and keep you up to date. Maybe at the convention (yes, so far I can still attend, heh-heh-heh) I can learn how to track bills through the respective Houses after the bills change over. I don't understand why this gumment is not as transparent as I am led to believe. Lots of trail to follow in the mud.



US: Sodexho Settles Large Racial Bias Case

AMAZON: Victims of 'Toxico'

US: Microsoft Reversal on Gay Rights Bill

LATIN AMERICA: AIDS Patients See Life, Death Issues in Trade Pact

US: Shouting Drowns Out Positive Weyerhaeuser Report

PHILIPPINES: U.S. Troubled Over Call for Filipino Workers to Leave Iraq

US: Still Missing in Iraq

On the ballot

There have been ongoing court battles concerning ballot position since the beginning of time. This state is no different as I'm sure Fred King will attest to remembering some of those early ballot battles. We are only one of 16 states that still include the straight party ticket option that has proven time and again to be most beneficial for the Righty Majority Cowards in our Granite Block House. This is also a good reason that judges should continue to make their own rules as we narrowly avoided a Righty driven Constuitutional amendment last cycle to have the legislators make judicial rules. That's all we need is for the Righties to make it legal to merge the 3 supposedly seperate tiers of Gumment. This article in Fosters gives a very brief insight on one of some 2 dozen ballot related bills currently in arguement in the political realm. It is a court battle that includes some very unlikely foes meeting together on a common cause. I think I'll change my name to Willy AAAACowie. The Sec'y of State seems to agree with alphabetical placement of candidates. That may just help me a tad. I do think that the straight party ticket option should go. I'm convinced the electorate does not always know for whom they cast their precious vote. Of course as a former Presidential candidate reminded us last cycle "You can be convinced and still be wrong". Thanks Senator Kerry. I'll remember that.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I was as surpised as you will be when you check this tid bit out. You 17 regular readers of this truth thome know I am a bit conservative sometimes but go to PDA and see the added verbiage of our potential involvement in CAFTA. Crazy but the more I read, the more I get disgusted with the crafters of these trade compacts.

Michael Crighton-junk $cience$

I was just roaming around ( it's been raining and you can't roof in the rain,even up here) and found this little gem on Tom Paine linked to MOJO. I seems the best selling author and director and producer and Righty party hack Michael Crighton is now an environmental science specialist. His book came out recently and this review from Mother Jones gives some insight into why I won't be buying any of this guys books and not watching anymore ER reruns that my mother-in-law tapes for us. PEACE OUT.

SB214 and malpractice safety net.

Yeah, I'm all vented and back to fighting the real enemy of the people, those Righty Majority Cowards. The House Judiciary Committee heard testimony from primary sponsor of SB214, Senator John Gallus, R-Berlin (in case you forgot). This bill passed the Senate with relatively no problem, 17-7, and requires for a formation of a panel consisting of a judge, lawyer and doctor. They will then hear cases from victims of "alleged" malpractice, file reports on same and follow panel effectiveness. The panel will decide each case merit and whether or not the victim should/can proceed to the next panel of court ordered arbitration then on to the real litigation with a jury of peers. However, as corporate watch dog and House Judiciary Committee Righty Basher Bernie-not on my watch-Buzzell questioned the Senator on this issue, things have become a bit clearer than mud and Gallus was indeed shaken by the Bern-dawg.

Representative Buzzell asked what the decreases in personal premiums could be realized... Gallus-"NONE". When asked what savings could be realized to the cost of malpractice insurance to the care giver??? Gallus-"NONE. When asked what would prevent a doctor performing services for the accused alleged malpractice service provider from sitting on this very panel fielding the victims accusations??? Gallus-"NONE". "There are no guarantees in life and no price reductions". Oh, gotcha. Sooo this legislation will ONLY benifit the insurance company getting sued? Me thinks yes.

Buzzell reported the panel findings will be made available to the jury regardless of the panel findings, if the bills passes as written. This means the jury will see that the "educated and experienced" panel may or may not agree whether the case has any merit. ALSO, the biggest insurance firm covering this type of malpractice insurance, Physician Insurance Mutual of Maine, is composed of all doctors and is self insured. Are you following me here? This same company can perform an brainectamy and screw it up, get a case brought against it and have its own doctor and lawyer sitting on the same panel hearing the case AND (this is friggin great!!!) is not required to inform anyone that they are indeed working for this very same insurer. Holy crap who thought up this piece of specialized legal conflict of interest??? You guessed it, Senator John-screw the people-Gallus is the primary author in case you forgot from any aformentioned info. The thing that really burns my butt, other than a flame 34 1/2 inches high, is the fact that sooo many other Senators from both sides, co-sponsored this piece of... this little gem, that has no protections for the people nor any real savings benifits to anyone except the company getting sued. Man, I love this stuff!!! I need to change my campaign strategy and say I support drek like this. I'd be in like, well, Flynn. This peice of crap goes on to further House scrutiny and hopefully will include a Buzzell proposal to have at least one member of the panel be a victim instead of a paid corporate lacky, shark and campaign contributor. WE THE PEEPS !!! GET ACTIVE!!!

Something stinks in the Legislature!

There is a bill down in Concord that would provide some relief to our friends in Bethlehem. The bill - SB 104, would close the loophole that is allowing the landfill owners, Casella Waste Systems, to avoid paying over 80 percent of their property taxes.

Casella Waste Systems is a horrible corporate citizen that has now launched an attack on the citizens ofColebrook. There Casella has offered to cap the town landfill in exchange for the town allowing them to dispose of some of Casella's trash. No surprise, Casella now wants to deposit way more trash in Colebrook than was contemplated in the original agreement.

The sponsors of this bill are Senators Dick Green and John Gallus and Represenatives Martha McLeod and Jim Twombly. It passed the Senate on March 10th and is in the House Muncipal and County Government Committee.

Casella Waste Systems/NCES, the owners of the Bethlehem landfill, are represented in the legislature by Bryan Gould and Michael Dennehy.

Bryan Gould has recently been in the news, as most of us know, because he was Benson's appointment to the gay marriage commission and is refusing to step down and let Raymond Buckley take his seat. Michael Dennehy was Craig Benson's campaign manager in 2002 and is a highly paid GOP operative.

The House committee hearing SB 104 is led by, Betsey Patten, who sides with the landfill owners. The State Department of Environmental Services is also siding with the landfill.

Still, there are a number of people on the committee who realize that Bethlehem and other towns are getting a raw deal. There could be a big House floor fight if there are enough Republicans on the committee with the courage to break ranks with the committee chair, Betsey Patten of Moultonborugh.

Other members of the Muncipal and County Government Committee are:

Eric G. Stohl (r+d)<-- Colebrook (603)237-4206
Thomas J. Gillick (r) (603)929-1093
Robert W. Brundige (r) (603)424-6971
Laurie J. Boyce (r) (603)875-7371
Dudley D. Dumaine (r) (603)537-1744
David L. Buhlman (r) (603)860-4838
Christopher L. Doyle (r) (603)893-7975
John P. Dowd (r) Derry, NH (603)490-5888
Andrew L. Dorsett (r) (603)968-6398
Margie Maybeck (r) Holderness, NH (603)536-3822
Harry S. Gale (r) Sunapee, NH (603)763-4004
Paul R. Hopfgarten (r) E Derry, NH ( (603)426-5159
Andrew Renzullo (r) Hudson, NH (603)882-8962

Nancy K. Johnson (d) Milton, NH (603)652-4357
Mary R. Cooney (d) Plymouth, NH (603)536-1141
Jessie L. Osborne (d) Concord, NH (603)225-9004
Peter B. Schmidt (d) Dover, NH (603)743-3751
Robert L. Theberge (d)<-- Berlin (603)752-5672
Stephen G. Prichard (d) Grantham, NH (603)863-9403
Lawrence D. Brown (d) Milton, NH (603)652-4306

If you live in any of these areas CONTACT THEM NOW!!!


Social Security Battle Unites Dems, Splits GOP

Right to Choice under Nuclear Attack

Howard Dean: GOP 'Evil,' 'Corrupt' and 'Brain-Dead'

Final Curtain Falls on Iraq WMD Myth

Guard Members Denied Ground Zero Retirement Credit

Marines Break Code of Silence on Fatal Deficiencies

another word on DISCRIMINATION !!!

Todays article in Fosters further discusses and solidifies my contentions in earliers posts first and second that A) Soltani is a bigot, opposed to Civil Rights and a mean guy and 2) that Lynch has remained reticent and loathe to publicize his position of support or lack thereof, for New Hampshire Citizens Freedom to Marry. I am sure this will no doubt be my last stone cast as a registered member of the party of the people and will certainly meet with more scathing e-chats telling me that my sentiments concerning our Good Guvnah are unwarrented and not appreciated. Let me tell you something, "The hottest places in Hell are reserved for men of inaction." I paraphrase Dante here but you learned Lefties get my point. My guy was Representative Paul McEachern. He had the baggetts to announce publically what this state needs in revenue and for properly funding services and everything in our State lives. This truth and candidness is no doubt the reason he and I are not sitting in elected office currently. I can however sleep at night with a clear conscience. "Truthfulness is sometimes ruthlessness". Some long haired dead white guy said that. (of course he was still alive when he said it). TRUTH!!! and INTEGRITY!!!...The stuff of great men. Let's get more of that stuff promised during the campaign. RISEUP

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New Pope a Friggin Idiot!!!

New Pope Benedict XVI has blasted J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books for "undermining the soul of Christianity".

Nicknamed 'God's Rottweiler', Pope Benedict is set to confuse Catholics across the world because his predecessor John Paul II praised the multi-millionaire for her Christian lifestyle.

story here

YOu know what is really sick! I mean REALLY SICK... is when this idiotic senile dirtbug Ratzinger will say that a children's book undermines the soul of Christianity yet he has not said one fuckin word about priests who molest children. This new pope is one disgusting pile of filth.

And if you are a catholic I'm sorry... not because I offended you, I am just sorry that you are catholic.

Maybe the new pope is just jealous of Rowling's Best Seller status. Well he need not worry in germany where his books are outselling the new harry potter. Thanks germany making us feel better about not being Canada.


Here is a good article from earlier this week on some legislation by some forward thinking states and some not so good legislation from others. Heavy hitters in the GOP take advantage of the Massachusetts advantage. Robert Sheer writes in The Nation and it is worth the read.



A great article in todays Concord Monitor adds a bit more fluff to my reporting the truth earlier this A.M. Lynch spokesgal Pam Walsh adds a few words and I don't think this will be the last we have heard from the Guvnah. I certainly hope not. I'll tell you this, I have received a few hot personal e-chats regarding my earlier post on this equal rights issue. Maybe I won't be welcome at the midterm convention??? But this is not about me... more as it happens. RISE UP!!!!


Recent Senate Votes

John D. Negroponte to be Director of National Intelligence - Vote Confirmed (98-2)The Senate confirmed John D. Negroponte to be the first national intelligence director.
Sen. Judd Gregg voted YES......send e-mail or see bio
Sen. John Sununu voted YES......send e-mail or see bio

Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act - Vote Agreed to (99-0, 1 Not Voting)The Senate passed an $81.26 billion supplemental spending bill to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Sen. Judd Gregg voted YES......send e-mail or see bio
Sen. John Sununu voted YES......send e-mail or see bio

Recent House Votes

Energy Policy Act of 2005 - Vote Passed (249-183, 3 Not Voting)The House passed this $10 billion energy bill.
Rep. Charles Bass voted YES......send e-mail or see bio
Rep. Jeb Bradley votd No...............send e-mail or see bio


The LOB saw some very tawdry and hateful action yesterday. Civil Rights opposition leader Representative Tony Soltani chairs the Same Sex Marriage Commission created to find what the New Hampshire Citizen feels are the road blocks to advancing Civil Rights and why Freedom to Marry is such an issue. Rep. Soltani packed the hall with suspected White Supremests, Radical Right Evangelical anti civil rights activists and a whole bunch of ringers supporting Soltani in his partisan attempts to keep the role of many Citizens in discriminatory disgrace. Equal rights is Constitutionally guaranteed and Solatani, along with Brian Gould, Benson obstructionist and anti civil rights activist in his own right, are sworn to include penning discrimination into the New Hampshire Constitution. Soltani is the litigator strong arming many local planning board members in the Nottinham area to recuse themselves for supposed conflicts of interest against Solatani client USA Springs. I didn't see Soltani recuse himself for voting against legislation bringing moratoriums on further well drilling into the Nottingham aquifer.

This Same Sex Commission chair has received notice from another Benson holdover, AG Kelly Ayotte, to allow some members of the gay community that were appointed by Governor Lynch from allowing these experienced folks to participate on this purported non-partisan commission. The arrogant Soltani pulls parliamentary moves that would make Tom Delay and Trent Lott proud.

This whole debacle is a mess and I am disgusted. I urge you all to contact House Speaker Doug Scammon and certainly Rep Soltani and at work 736-3320 and fax 736-3321 and at home 736-9653 and tell these elected officials of "We the People" we want the commission to recognize all the sentiment of all the people. I also urge you to contact Governor Lynch and TELL him to denounce Rep Soltani and put his support behind a citizens Freedom to Marry. Lynch has remained painfully silent and I will take any opportunity I can at the upcoming mid term convention to get him to support the very voters that got Mr. Lynch is his cushy corner office. Lynch strains his arms and lips reching across the aisle to smooch Righty butt and it's time he acted like a Democrat, not a Righty party hack. WE SHALL OVERCOME !!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

True Righty values.

I just LOVE this stuff. I am again peeing just a little with laughter at the latest round or Righty indictments from worse Righties turning even worse.(???) You may recall my thome on old gal basher Righty Chris Doyle and his affinity to breaking the law and breaking elderly bones. Now we have a local Righty solon getting some fringe benefits from some young girls and selling them beer. That's right. Bud Light is the girls drink of choice and John Ward is there go to guy. Representative John-Budman- Ward, R-Littleton was charged this past friday with prohibited sale of alcohol to minors in Newbury. His gal pal was awaiting the strong and virile Rep Ward to return with the 20 pack of light amber nectar and gave John some...change. I am quite sure that at the arraignment scheduled for 22May2005 in Durham we will see Represntative Ward and his dad and other party lackies prostrating themselves to the judge to let the young randy solon off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Tragic. I think we should ask where the moral value arguement goes when a young frosh hottie is waiting her political prince to return with the brews!!! Freeze!!! You're under arrest. Heh-heh-heh.

The Fish Rots From The Head Down

State Rep. John Ward arrested on liquor charge in Durham.
Accused of providing alcohol to a minor

DURHAM — Local police arrested a state representative from Littleton on charges of purchasing alcohol for a minor.

Republican John L. Ward, 21, of 67 East St. in Littleton and a University of New Hampshire student, has been charged with prohibited sales, a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and $1,200 fine.

Police allege Ward purchased a 20 pack of Bud Light at Scorpio’s Provisions on Madbury Road, then got into a car driven by Margaret T. Calvert, 20, of Newbury, Deputy Chief Rene Kelley of the Durham Police Department said.

Durham police officers working an alcohol enforcement detail, which is funded by a grant from the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office with the mission of combating underage drinking, observed the vehicle drive away from the store, Kelley said.

Soon after, the officers saw the suspect get out of the car without the alcohol, Kelley said. Police stopped the vehicle on Strafford Avenue and discovered the alcohol and no one of the legal drinking age.

Calvert was arrested and charged with unlawful transportation of alcohol.

Police investigated and arrested Ward the following night at 2 Strafford Ave., the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

Both were released on $500 personal recognizance bail and will be arraigned May 19 in Durham District Court.Ward is a member of the House Education Committee, according to the state Web site.

this is the whole article from Foster's Online

Coos County Committee meeting update.

Big news on the home front. Stalwart trooper Bob Fink has given up the Lancaster comfy chair to Jon Easton. Big time and long time activist for the people. Bob no sooner gave up his seat, in the next breath took control of the Lancaster Fair manning time table coordination. This guy just won't quit. If you are interested in working the Fair, let Bob know as the days close in to the fair date. It should be around the last week in August and the first week in September.
Other meeting news was that we were treated to no less than 3 sitting House Reps with Martha McLeod, Bernie Buzzell and Scott-Superman-Merrick. Bernie gave a riveting and emotional testimony of how the Righties are selling out the working class and kicking out the elderly from the nursing homes. This amazes me since so many of the Righty goats in Concord are passed the time when they should themselves be nursing home patients.
We had the privilege (???) of having in person Nick Clemons, NHDP Exec Director, and Johanna Voss, NHDP field director. It is quite clear to this political junky that Nick got his used car training at the same place as his predecessor Mike Vlasich, the Gypsy used car Emporium in Nashua. Nick will no doubt be on the Lynch staff if the Centrist makes it in the next cycle. Hey Johanna, save yourself, run!!!
Big coordination and progress from the Coos County Righty headbasher Paul Robitalle and his local chairs that attended and an allout concerted effort to beat the tyrannical Righty oppressive meanies this next cycle. I can't give you any good sentiment from Nick and Johanna because spin is not what this blogoscyte is all about. Suffice it to say that the continued standard operating procedure of the NHDP will remain top down support and funding. Crap. I'll never get in as a "D". It's all up the the locals!!! Anyhooo, it was a well attended event and thanks to Nick and Johanna for taking that loooong trip up. I'm sure they know how we feel driving down to the Concord area for all the festivities there. I don't think they care... but they know how we feel. At least Nick showed. Mike didn't give this North Country the time of day.

Thanks again Bob and get some rest. Good luck Jon and if you need any help well, call me and I'll see if I can get anyone to help you. Thanks especially to Reps Martha, Bernie and Scott for your much appreciated words. Always welcome here!!!!! The next Coos Dems ho-down is scheduled for 22May2005, in Berlin at the train station. I may be there. I may not. Hope to see you. VIGILANCE!!!

Bush Continues Ritual Slaughter of Barers of Bad News

The State Department decided to stop publishing an annual report on international terrorism after the government's top terrorism center concluded that there were more terrorist attacks in 2004 than in any year since 1985, the first year the publication covered.

Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., who was among the leading critics of last year's mix-up, reacted angrily to the decision, saying "This is the definitive report on the incidence of terrorism around the world. It should be unthinkable that there would be an effort to withhold it - or any of the key data - from the public. The Bush administration should stop playing politics with this critical report."

According to Larry C. Johnson, a former CIA analyst and State Department terrorism expert, and U.S. intelligence officials familiar with the issue, statistics that the National Counterterrorism Center provided to the State Department reported 625 "significant" terrorist attacks in 2004.

That compared with 175 such incidents in 2003, the highest number in two decades.

The statistics didn't include attacks on American troops in Iraq, which President Bush as recently as Tuesday called "a central front in the war on terror."

read more about this from Knight Ridder

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sen. Rick "Man-Dog" Santorum to hamstring National Weather Service

[A] bill introduced last week by Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., would prohibit federal meteorologists from competing with companies such as AccuWeather and The Weather Channel, which offer their own forecasts through paid services and free ad-supported Web sites . . .

from Palm Beach Post

Read A Parody of this article called "Oxygen Makers Seek Ban on "Unfair" Competition" by BIllmon's Whiskey Bar

Critics say the bill's wording is so vague they can't tell exactly what it would ban.

"I believe I've paid for that data once. ... I don't want to have to pay for it again," said Scott Bradner, a technical consultant at Harvard University. He says that as he reads the bill, a vast amount of federal weather data would be forced offline. "The National Weather Service Web site would have to go away," Bradner said. "What would be permitted under this bill is not clear -- it doesn't say. Even including hurricanes."

But here's the real problem:

Also last year, the weather service began offering much of its raw data on the Internet in an easily digestible format, allowing entrepreneurs and hobbyists to write simple programs to retrieve the information. At the same time, the weather service's own Web pages have become increasingly sophisticated.

Combined, the trends threaten AccuWeather's business of providing detailed weather reports based on an array of government and private data. AccuWeather's 15,000 customers include The Palm Beach Post, which uses the company's hurricane forecast maps on its Web site, [...]

Another supporter of the weather service's efforts, Tallahassee database analyst John Simpson, said the plethora of free data becoming available could eventually fuel a new industry of small and emerging companies that would repackage the information for public consumption. He said a similar explosion occurred in the 1990s, when corporations' federal securities filings became freely available on the Web.

AccuWeather wants a monopoly on such data for commercial use. And Santorum sells legislation for the few thousand Myers has thrown his way.

From Daily Kos

All the Bitches in the House say "ROVE"

YO, I copied dis whole thing from my main shit stain ovah at Dah Left Coaster! You know I didn't think it up myself. My man goes after traitor Democrats as much as republicans. He iz a Badazz Lefty! Anyway.

Dez are dah 31 little House Democrat bitches dat voted to abolish dah estate tax on dah wealthiest families in dah country.

Dat will add $1 trillion in debt next decade at a time when we are fending off GOP lies dat dey ain't enough money for Social Security. Then dez little tracherous Hos came back and voted against consumers and in favor of MBNA and the ABA for the bankruptcy bill.

I don’t care if you call yourself a member of the "New Democrat Coalition" or whatever other Cover Yo Ass chicken shit label you want to give yourself. If you vote for the extremely wealthy one day and for the banks the next, where I come from they call you a Republican. [spit to get filth out of mouth]

Here are the 31 who did dah dirty deeds:

Melissa Bean, Illinois
Robert Marion Berry, Arkansas (Member of the New Democrat Coalition)
Sanford Bishop, Georgia (Member of the Blue Dog Coalition)
Dan Boren, Oklahoma
Leonard Boswell, Iowa (Member, Blue Dog Coalition)
Rick Boucher, Virginia
Dennis Cardoza, CA
Ben Chandler, Kentucky
Jim Costa, CA
Bud Cramer, Alabama
Henry Cuellar, Texas
Lincoln Davis, Tennessee
Chet Edwards, Texas
Bart Gordon, Tennessee
Ruben Hinojosa, Texas
Darlene Hooley, Oregon
Steve Israel, New York
William Jefferson, Louisiana (Co-Chair of the DCCC)
Rick Larsen, Washington
Jim Matheson, Utah
Carolyn McCarthy, New York (member of the NDC)
Mike McIntyre, North Carolina (member of the NDC)
Charlie Melancon, Louisiana
Collin Peterson, Minnesota (Member, Blue Dog Coalition)
Nick Joe Rahall, West Virginia (DLC Member)
Mike Ross, Arkansas (Member, New Democratic and Blue Dog Coalitions)
Dutch Ruppersberger, Maryland
John Salazar, Colorado (Ken’s brother)
David Scott, Georgia (Member, Blue Dog Coalition)
Ike Skelton, Missouri
Albert Russell Wynn, Maryland

Again, I hope dat Rahm Emmanuel spends his DCCC money next year on those more deserving [LIKE ME, Joeshit D Raggman 2006] than this crew.

I’m sure the ABA and MBNA will gladly finance the campaigns of these 31 next year, and the NRCC won’t run serious opponents against them next year, as a “thank you” for their votes with Bush the last two days.
And don't think for a moment that Rove doesn't know now who his bitches are in the House. He also knows after the last two days that these Democrats in the House will sell out Social Security.

Joeshit D Raggmann for Congress 2006!!!!

Kerry Supporters Need Not Apply!

The Bush Administration punishes Democrat backers
The Inter-American Telecommunication Commission meets three times a year in
various cities across the Americas to discuss such dry but important issues as
telecommunications standards and spectrum regulations.

At least four of the two dozen or so U.S. delegates selected for the
meeting have been bumped by the White House because they supported John Kerry's
2004 campaign.

The State Department has traditionally put together a list of industry
representatives for these meetings, and anyone in the U.S. telecom industry who
had the requisite expertise and wanted to go was generally given a slot, say
past participants.

The White House admits as much: "We wanted people who would
represent the Administration positively, and--call us nutty--it seemed like
those who wanted to kick this Administration out of town last November would
have some difficulty doing that," says White House spokesman Trent Duffy.

Those barred from the trip include employees of Qualcomm and Nokia,
two of the largest telecom firms operating in the U.S., as well as Ibiquity, a
digital-radio-technology company in Columbia, Md. One nixed participant, who has
been to many of these telecom meetings and who wants to remain anonymous, gave
just $250 to the Democratic Party.

From the May. 02, 2005 issue of TIME magazine

RadioReactive Politics

A great article on DailyKos about "reactive"politics:

I've been hearing talk in a number of places opining that the Democrats are
"too reactive". That is, that instead of announcing policy proposals of our own,
taking the initiative on issues, we are merely reacting to whatever gets tossed
our way from the other side. Shouldn't we be ignoring sideshows like Justice
Sunday and Ann Coulter, not letting ourselves get distracted by going 24/7 on
parlor games involving Bolton, DeLay, etc? Shouldn't we use the extra time to
promote our own agenda?

Hell, no.

Let's be blunt, here. The Democrats are coming off a ten-year period of
being spectacularly inept in national politics, and I would chalk a fair amount
of that up to being categorically unable or unwilling to react to thrown
attacks. It's not that Gore lost, or Kerry lost, or the House and Senate have
Republican leads -- all of those things happened by hair's-breadth margins, and
in and of themselves are not very indicative of anything resembling a long-term
catastrophe. What is of more import is the way those elections or particular
legislative agendas have been lost, often times in circumstances where public
opinion was clearly -- unambiguously -- on the Democrats' side. The problem is
-- and this is important -- current national politics has almost nothing to do
with policy.

We're all clear on that, right?

It's not about the facts of the argument, when there is no place where
the facts can be debated. It's not about reasoned discourse -- there aren't any
channels interested in showing that right now. It's not about deciding who has
the better proposals, on a given issue: there's simply no forum to present them
to. Every time I hear a liberal talking about how we need to be more "policy
driven", therefore, I get a bit confused. Isn't that missing every lesson of
contemporary politics? I'd love for our national discourse to be policy driven.
But that hasn't happened, and the Republicans have made it a major strategy to
make sure it doesn't happen anytime soon.

Read the rest of it here. Ok one more quote, my favorite:

The way the game is currently played is that you, the Democrat, suggest
some new policy; I, the Republican, then hit you with a cinder block, take your
wallet, and declare victory. See in the absurd pronouncements of lobbyist-funded
"think tanks", or watch it live and up-close on Hannity & Colmes, or explore
it at length in the new Calvinballesque rules of Congress -- it's all the same
strategy, if "strategy" can really be applied to such a thing.

So, fine. As a point of carefully considered Democratic strategy, I say
it's time to stock up on cinder blocks.

Frist-Judiciary-Progress Report

This American Progress report on how the Radical Right want to control the judiciary and are seeking to support Frist and his ilk in the race to the White House. Pretty good reading. I just don't know what these nutcakes put in the H2O to grow people that think like this? I actually like a good not cake but now...Hmmm. Only chocolate cake for me. RISE UP!!!

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