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Friday, April 15, 2005

Grassroots use Carrot and Stick to keep Democrats on Straight and Narrow is launching radio ads against select Members of Congress who voted for the credit card industry-written bankruptcy bill yesterday. While most of those targeted are Republicans, one of them is Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), the second-ranking Democrat in the House.

Hoyer is pretty solid on most issues. But the bankruptcy bill was an issue of economic fairness that should be core to the Democratic Party's mission. Moveon's decision to smack Hoyer shows that they understand that lawmakers change when offered both carrots AND sticks. If all Moveon did was offer praise to Democrats, it wouldn't be helping the Democrats or, more importantly, the progressive cause. By once in a while taking a Democrat out to the woodshed, they will be helping to enforce more Democratic unity down the road.

From the SirotaBlog

Pay attention democratic party faithfuls we do not serve our party by looking the other way when democratic politicians whore themselves out to corporations and betray CORE democratic principles. We grassroots trouble makers are saving the party from itself!!! DON'T SHUT US OUT!!!

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