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Sunday, April 10, 2005

GM gives everyone an example of why you can't trust the Mainstream Media, because of corperations like THEM!

GM is withdrawing all it’s advertising from the LA Times. This news comes a day after the L.A. Times published a column by its Pulitzer Prize-winning auto critic, Dan Neil.

Check out the Full story on the American Street Blog

“Neither GM nor Tribune would comment on the amount of GM's advertising spending at the paper, but Morgan Stanley's Arthur estimated that the lost advertising would amount to roughly $10 million to $15 million on a full-year basis.”
From the ABC News Story

Is there anyone out there who actually thinks this sort of pressure isn’t being applied to the mainstream media on a regular basis? The only thing unique about this story is that :
1] This sort of thing usually happens behind closed doors before the article runs
2] The editors kill the story right away so as not to piss off the advertisers in the first place.

The Mainstream Media’s ownership by and dependence on funding from Large Corporations plain and simply compromises their integrity. I believe that there are a lot of good and decent journalists who attempt to bring dignity and integrity to their profession in what is admittedly an increasing hostile environment.

I hope they can see that those of us who are criticizing them [at least on the left] are hoping to liberate them from these corrupting influences not to add additional pressure to get them to promote our agenda.

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