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Friday, April 08, 2005

If there are 2 things I hate it’s the DLC and Joe Leiberman

DLC Democrats! These are the democrats that make you ashamed to be a democrat. These are the democrats that people site when they say that voting doesn’t matter. These are the democrats that people point to when they say that all politicians are in the pocket of large corporations.

Basically the DLC is the part of democratic party that want to cash in on corporate money like the republicans do. The difference is that DLC democrats do it but betraying core democratic principals and republicans have no principals to betray.

Recently we have seen a beautiful glimmer of hope rise up to out shine the business as usual politics. It has been the arising of the grassroots. [, Howard Dean, Bloggers, etc.] They have proven that you and I, the people, will come out if we are given non DLC corperate whore candidates, AND that there are enough of us that our little under-a-$100 donations can equal or beat corporate funding.

Besides being corperate whores, and betraying core democratic principals, the DLC strategists have lost the democrats BOTH the house and the senate. The got away with this because they had Clinton. Now they don’t and many DLC politicians have lost political office. Now there failures are exposed to everyone. Yet they are still trying to hang on to power. They have even attacked viciously Howard Dean,, and even Michael Moore for some reason.

Another way the DLC is trying to SLEEZE their way back to power is by taking credit for popular democratic leaders that they have nothing to do with.

Here is a story about that from DailyKos.

Here is some disheartening news. Rep. Sullivans blog repoted a few days ago the the DLC has named Lynch swell guy of the week. Tragic way to step into spring. Let's hope it isn't the Lynch death knell.
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