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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Stop the Republicans from Killing the Filabuster

Stand with Senate Democrats against this Republican abuse of power: Click Here.

See the ad - and count yourself among those personally supporting its message. Click Here
- John Kerry

Help get rid of Delay

Ask your Representative to stand up against Tom DeLay’s abuses.
- True Majority

Please sign our petition urging Congress to remove DeLay from his leader post at the link below.

Stop the nomination of William Myers III

William Myers III, a former mining industry lobbyist, is President Bush's nominee for a court that's supposed to help protect the beautiful, scenic areas in America's West. And if we want to keep the West wild, we need to act quickly.
- League of Conservation Voters

Tell congress that we need an exit strategy with a timeline.

As it considers another $82 billion for Iraq, Congress needs to insist that America has an exit strategy from Iraq with a timeline, that we do not construct permanent bases in Iraq and that we end war profiteering by corporations. Please sign our petition urging Congress to act today.

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