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Friday, April 01, 2005

One win for responsible birthcontrol

A surprise bill that saw action in the Senate yesterday was SB30. This had bipartisan support and is expected to pass the House in a few weeks. The legislation allows for a collaborative emergency contraceptive program that will be voluntary to pharmacies that wish to participate. The "morning after pill" saw extremist Benson veto the bill last cycle but Lynch spokesgal Pam Walsh assures us our current our Good Guvnah will sign this important piece of legislation for reproductive rights should it pass the House. The primary sponsor is Senator Lou D'Allesandro, with support from Senator Bob Odell and several Reps including our own minority leaders Jim Craig and Terie Norelli with help from Sandra Keans. I am very glad to see this type of positive logic after such narrow minded, short sighted, obdurate thinking from solons and issues with my earlier post. RISE UP!!!

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