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Monday, April 18, 2005


Here is a story from Terri Jones

For those of you out there who are complacent and under the impression that every is OK in the land of the free, think again.

Recently, during one of my trips to Lancaster, I made my usual stop at a well known shop on Main Street. Being acquainted with two ladies who are volunteers, we exchanged small talk about the weather, etc. The subject of President Bush came up and I voiced my unfavorable opinion about him and his administration. I was firmly told that "We do not talk about HIM like that here."

At first I thought they were joking, but as I continued to add a few more comments, I was told "Stop it, right now!" in a very loud manner. I kept my mood as light as I could, wished them good day and left.

I cannot help but wonder--would these ladies turn me in if they could? Would I be visited by the thought police in the dead of night? Would my family be watched and monitored? Would my property be seized by the Far Right and my life given over to their mercies?

I will continue to visit the shop, but I will never feel the same about these two
ladies again. I am sure readers would be amazed and appalled if I were to reveal
their identities.

They are your neighbors, your mothers, your grandmothers, your aunts and maybe your very own sisters.

This is shocking. To think that a kindly grandmotherly type can morph before you eyes into the volunteer thought police just because you criticized “dear leader”. Where do these people get this attitude? Does it extend to any president? Would they have violently defended Bill Clinton?

Even the mainstream media praise parade doesn’t impart this kind of hero worship. This is the underbelly. This is the violent anti-Americanism of the unholy marriage of church and state. People like this could only have gotten this pro-Bush hysteria from their church. Only Televangelists, focus on the family type hate groups, or demagogic talk radio could breed the kind of hysterical hero worship. And how do they actually think they have a right to tell someone, ANYONE to not talk about something. It is shocking, sickening, and disturbing.

I have to disagree that these people are "normal" though. The mainstream media may be a lot of things but they don’t push this kind of brain washing. Normal people do not act this why, [yet]. As the election showed this is certainly not the New Hampshire mainstream. What you stumbled on to Terry was the fanatical right, in your own home town, hiding behind of the faces of people you thought you knew. Being from the south this is something I am all too familiar with. If there is a single most dangerous threat to all that great about America it is them. There totalitarian theocratic mindset. This kind of violent animosity against expression of criticism of a mere political leader is the beginning of the end of freedoms.

We are only allowed the freedom to love their leaders [“dear leader”] and the freedom to hate the enemies they point out to us. I hate to compare vicious inhuman monsters to mere evil idiots. But this kind of elevating of politicians to the level of holy men is classic dictatorship brainwashing. So I will have to bring out that tired big comparison. It wasn’t just the KGB or the SS that controlled people in those nations, it was the average citizenry. Your neighbors who LOVED Stalin, your niece and nephews in the Hilter Youth.

If it was me I would never return to that store or talk to those people again. But if, as you say, you are going to go back you should walk right up to those ladies and tell them to their face what they really are. For all the bad things George Bush has done, it is people like them who are a hundred times worse. People like them who believe their opinion is the only right one and somehow entitles them to tell other people to silence theirs. Not only are they ignorant and Un-American, but they behave like children and act like fools.

It is completely unacceptable that these cult members of the Bush Cheney Neo-Con Death Cult can behave as if they have the monopoly on goodness and any disagreement with them is blasphemy.
I'm thinking a cool, well worded letter to Eileen Alexander and the Democrat could do some good here. Terri, I would be happy to pen a letter for you if you call me with somemore info. I will be (uncharactersitcally)discreet but I will make the points Jon so aptly expressed. Josef Goebbels said they speak not to hear themselves but to elicit a reaction. This is the type of spinmeister the Righties study from and hail as a great political leading machine.The Patriot Act is so intrusive and huge that if your "friends" actually understood how easy it could be to permanantly damage someone, they would not be touting the words af a maniacal, rightwing, selfserving evangelic with delusions of Christhood. Tragic is not the word here.
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