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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Republicans on the DeLay dole...

Here is a tip from susanb.

Next time you hear mention of Tom DeLay - don't forget his good buddies:
Charlie Bass took $14, 233 in campaign contributions from the Bugman's PAC.
Sununu got $15, 703, and Bradley $15,000.

No wonder Bradley was heard defending him on NHPR - and turned tomato red when asked about taking campaign $$ from DeLay at his extremely unsuccessful (unsuccessful for him - HUGELY successful for constituents) meeting in Moultonborough on March 29.

Bradley will get another warm Carroll County welcome in Eaton, on April 23.

Entire story Here

Poor Jeb was embarassed in Kensington, on Saturday the 16th when a woman asked him about the campaign contribution, and pointed out that he'd voted with DeLay 91% of the time this past year. He had a tough day - first in Nottingham, and then Kensington. It's not going well for Congressman Bradley.

A quick search at reveals that Bradley's top campaign donors are defense contractors. BAE Systems and Insight Technology. No wonder he doesn't seem too interested in a quick end to the war - he's certainly benefitting from the gravy train.

Charlie Bass is also collecting from both companies - just not as much.
I'll shed no tears for Bradley and Bass for having tough days. I hope their toughest comes in the form of landslide "D" victories in the mid terms.These 2 are the wrong people representing the State of New Hampshire citizens.
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