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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Silencing the Majority

Time to save the Filibuster!!

Given that the judges and justices have life tenure, for the democratic minority party to have this kind of input seems not only reasonable, but necessary. But now the Republicans want the Democrats, to have no input at all.

That is particularly unfortunate given that Senate Democrats represent the majority of Americans - as Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne Jr. has pointed out.
Dionne found, based on July 2004 Census Bureau figures, that the 44 Democratic Senators represent 148,026,027 people, while the 55 Republican Senators represent 144,765,157. Independent Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords, who votes with the Democrats on such issues, represents 310,697, making the gap even greater. { From the Left Coaster}

If the filibuster is ‘nuked” that means when Bush puts up his Ultra Conservative Anti Abortion Nominees for SUPREME COURT all the Dems can do is watch.

Long story short the republicans need 50 people to vote to get rid of the filibuster. We have all 44 Dems and Jeffords. We have McCain and Chafee.
These are the swing votes. We need four of them.

Collins (ME)Hagel (NE)Snowe (ME) Sununu (NH)Gregg (NH)Lugar (IN)Warner (VA) {from the DailyKos}

Pick up the phone and call. Tell them that you what Gregg/Sununu to vote KEEP the filibuster and the right of the minority in the senate to have a say in judicial nominations. Make sure you tell them your name and address.

Judd Gregg(202) 224 - 3324SEND AN EMAIL
John Sununu(202) 224-2841SEND AN EMAIL

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