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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Caption Contest

Thank God and Sonny Jesus the Xanax is finally kicking in.
It's a good thing I had my face botoxed into this permament smile, my husband's an idiot!
You ever dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight?
I have a serious question here. Is the First Lady getting radiation treatments? My father had similar blotches on his neck/chest when he was going through his treatments.
I could kill you with a word.

(or a car)
The First Lady...or me? You may have just hurt my last feeling...
hehe... that is what the first lady is saying in that pic

"I could kill you with a word (or a car)"

Remember that she killed her high school ex-boyfriend by hitting him with her car.
How the hell can the Righty elite keep digging up Bill's and Teddy's road kill but they, the Righties, forget that bodies abound, strewn along their own highway to the crown paved with lobbyist contributions and military deferments???
It's okay when they do it. Poor little Laura was probably having PMS, on the day of the accident. You know how women get.

I'm sure that intern in Joe Scarborough's office was just clumsy when she "fell" and hit her head, fatally. Those rumors that Joe was schtupping her were just ugly rumors about a good Christian man.

And poor Rush Limbaugh was in terrible pain, and got help, after all.

Poor Newt Gingrich just kept marrying the wrong women.

And so on. It's only when Democrats do it that it's an outrage. Hence Bill Clinton recieved history's most famous fellatio. Teddy Kennedy murdered that poor young woman. Gary Condit...well, he didn't do anything, but he might have, so better to end his career and ruin his good name.

And so on.
Oh Karl! Do you really have a penis? That's so nice.
I'm not going to touch the "you know how women get". I can make stupid comments on other subjects. You did fail to mention Henry Hyde, Bob Livingston, Billy O'Reilly and certainly the current army of Righty Moral Values War Mongers under, or should be at least, indictmment. When did you stop beating your wife and kids indeed. But then again, space here is limited.
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