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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

More info on sign taking.

I recieved a tip from a reader that the Union Leader ran a correction on their Sign Stealing story. I haven't been able to find this online yet.


(20051122)--An editorial published on Page A8 yesterday incorrectly stated Democratic Party Chairman Kathy Sullivan's position on removal of political signs belonging to Mayor-elect Frank Guinta. Sullivan told New Hampshire Union Leader reporters she did not condone removing an opponent's political signs, but that comment did not make it into the final story. The Manchester Police Department responded to the incident, but concluded the signs were placed illegally on the right-of-way and no crime had been committed by Mayor Robert Baines' campaign manager, Geoff Wetrosky.

Read my previous post on the matter here.

Here is a link to the original editorial.

I believe this is the part of the editorial the correction is refering to.

"We don't expect Sullivan or any other Democratic Party leader to admit that a crime was committed, much less that one was condoned by party brass."

It doesn't actually say that she condones it. The writer just says he doesn't expect them to admit to it. It is inappropriate however if the Union Leader ran that insinuation when they had a statement from Kathy Sullivan saying that she did not condone sign stealing.

The comment that NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED is DAMN important to know and the Union Leader should run a follow up article on it!

We STILL are going to have to deal with this accusation for the next 15 years from Republicans AND it still is unaccountability stupid to touch an opponents signs for ANY reason!

The trouble is, it's a crime to touch ANY political signs in NH no matter WHO you are. It was NOT Wetrosky's purview to steal them.

The police have him on bigger charges, of which he is GUILTY because I personally possess his voter registration record which shows he voted illegally in a LOCAL ELECTION when he did not live in NH at all.

He is a John Kerry operative and we have caught thousands doing this.

Geoff Wetrosky, the campaign chair-man-child for soon to be former Manchester Mayor Bob “People love taxes” Baines was caught “liberating” Mayoral Candidate Frank Guinta signs and taking the liberated signs to his hideout at, where else, State Democrat Party Chairman Kathy Sullivan's abode.


This Geoff Wetrosky has been paid since April by none other than former presidential candidate John Kerry. Kerry has all kinds of former campaign helpers just like Geoff scattered all over the country working on local races.

Let me take a page out of the Sullivan play-book for a minute.

If Wetrosky stole signs, he would be committing a misdemeanor. Then by taking them to his boss from the Democrat Party she would then be receiving stolen goods, at least. But since Wetrosky is working for Democrat Senator John Kerry - that is who makes his check possible – he must have known his employee was involved in stealing signs. So he would be guilty of conspiracy.

The sooner we get to the bottom of this the better. A crime was committed and somebody lied. We need statements under oath from the whole bunch to compare against each other.

I can see it now. I will bet the farm Kerry will deny he knew anything about this. That would PROVE he was lying. (Suddenly I feel like a liberal)

You never know. This just may be the next Watergate.


Tax fighters in the November 8 races in that city faced the typical dirty tricks used in hard fought political campaigns these days. Sign stealing, mail not being delivered before the election, the usual stuff.

But there is a new wrinkle.

A campaign “professional” paid for by US Senator John Kerry and assigned as Mayor Baines's campaign chairman, was caught in the act stealing political signs in the wee hours before the election.

This low-life was followed directly to the home of the State Democrat Party Chair Kathy Sullivan's home at 192 S0. Mammoth Rd. All the while, he as jabbering away to someone on his cell phone as he darted in and out of intersections trying to out maneuver the Republicans following him.

The police showed up at the Sullivan home and caught the bandit, South Dakota resident Geoff Wetrosky, red-handed.

Our non-resident Geoff Wetrosky voted in Ward 8 using Kathy Sullivan's address at 192 So. Mammoth Rd!

So the sign stealer is a vote stealer as well.

Mr. Wetrosky is also known as a political activist who had in 1999 led a protest against Ollie North who spoke at the college Wetrosky attended.

Wetrosky has worked on other campaigns beside the Kerry for President campaign before showing up here in NH. In that regard he is typical of the hit-and-run types who soil our political primary when given a chance.

I wonder what the “Ethics” Governor thinks about his State Party Chair providing a free place to live for petty campaign criminals and vote stealers?

Let the shabby excuses begin.
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