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Monday, November 21, 2005

Geoff Wetrosky disgraces himself and democrats

This is from a Letter to the Editor in the Anti-Union Leader:

On the night of Nov. 6, two days before Manchester's general election, Republicans say they spotted Geoff Wetrosky, campaign manager for Mayor Robert Baines, lifting campaign signs belonging to Baines' opponent, Alderman Frank Guinta. They followed Wetrosky all the way to the home of state Democratic Party Chairman Kathy Sullivan. They called the police, who showed up at Sullivan's home and found Wetrosky in possession of the signs.
This is just stupid. If your opponents signs are in an illegal place you report it, if it is too soon before an election for anything to be done about it than you add your signs next to theirs. You should NEVER take an opponents signs EVEN if they are in the wrong place. What do you think voters who see someone pulling up and removing signs is going to think? And if you get caught that's going to look REALLY bad?

This certainly puts the Dems arguements for clean, fair elections and reforms back into era of James Michael Curley and the toilet. Physicians, consider this, heal thyselves.
This is SO bad.
You should hear the lame attempts at blowing this off from NHDP's Kathy Sullivan....
What's the justification??
On top of it, he voted! He doesn't even live in NH!!!!!!!!!
Wetrosky is never prosecuted for vote stealing -- moves to Mass and is still working for Kerry.

There is rampant fraud in NH of just this kind and it is NEVER prosecuted unless you are a Republican.
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