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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Libertarians: Anarchists without Integrity

I am reading a book right now that is discussing the American tradition of Anarchism, I am at a point where it discusses how a group of right wingers started to steal the word "libertarian" and use it to describe their anti-government free market ideas.

This book aptly points to the glaring problem with libertarianism.

Freedom from the pikes means death for the minnow.

In the US economy 10% of the citizens possess 85% of the nation’s net wealth and this minority is precisely who will benefit from every reduction in the nations social welfare budget. Just dismantling the government will benefit the rich, not to mention the field day that corporations will have mowing over local citizenry, the environment, etc.

The metaphor I like to use is children at recess. Even if the “teacher” supervising the children is negligent, shows favoritism, and is generally cruel merely sending her away turns the playground over to the bullies.

Right wing libertarians want less government for one purpose. To steal from others. At best they only want to utilize without restriction that which belongs to everyone for their own personal benefit, at worst they want to be able to abuse, intimidate, and rob unrestricted.

Right wingers have found that “Might makes Right” doesn’t sell. So they started peddling, “Freedom from Government!” as "libertarians".

Instead of pushing the philosophy of “Let The Bullies Decide” libertarians are promoting “Send the Teacher Inside!!”

The result will be the same. Those with power steam rolling over everyone else. Replacing the "state" with robber barons.

Anarchist thinking realizes and works toward solutions to this problem.

While libertarians either ignore it or look forward to it.

"My contacts with Libertarians always leave me with a certain amount of contempt for their philosophies, which all seem to rely on the assumption that, if you can string together enough vague and high-sounding rhetoric, you can ignore both (1) all of human history and (2) what everyone else on earth now wants."
The discussions I have had with self purported Libertarians is pretty interesting. I continually ask the same question of how they would like to see funding to so many of our essential services, including schools. To a person, "they" have not given me ANY solutions. The maxim "keep government out of our business" is all I hear from them. Sad that they keep voting for Righty king wannabees.
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