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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Got this email from John Gallus

This is an email I got from John Gallus about and email I sent him expressing my opposition to SB 121.

I appreciate your input on SB 121. It will come out of committee with a recommendation of Inexpedient to legislate which should kill the bill.
Again, I thank you for your concerns and thoughts.
John Gallus

If we are gonna bust these guys balls lets give them some credit when they do the right thing.

For more on SB 121 check out Will's Post and My Post

Good job Senator Gallus. However I'm not going to put his campaign sign on my lawn just yet. Clearly our publicizing our support to kill the bill no doubt helped the committee to choose the cop out of ITL but we should still watch a bit farther down the road for this thing to come up again. Still as Jon said though, kudos where kudos are due.
I was out blogging and ran across your blog. From what little time I got to spend on your blog, everything looks good. I will return for future visits.

Best Regards,
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