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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More on SB-121. Or is that moron?

In case you other 4 people that read this blog didn't get the papers today, I had the luck of getting some come-up-ance on our Senator from District 1.
Esteemed Editor, I am writing to inform our Citizens of another attempt to have their input and local governance stolen away from them by our elected officials. SB-121 is now in the Wildlife and Environmental committee in the Senate and our own Senator John Gallus sits on this committee. The Good Senator has already shown his obdurate thinking and affinity to usurp local authority with his championing of SB-458 last term, which is now law. This similar new proposal, co-sponsored by Senator Flanders and Rep.Alger, is an extension of existing legislation that will allow for motorized recreational vehicle trails to be built within 400 feet of public drinking water supplies and no limits on encroachment and setbacks to private drinking water supplies, wells and springs. This new legislation specifically states that the local legislative body shall not approve or dis-approve location, site plans or development of any trails to be built within that municipalities supposed jurisdiction.

Senator Gallus, Senator Flanders and elected officials of their ilk are continually inserting their infringing, special interest lobby funded agendas and ultimately increasing their personal State wielding power over their constituency. They are clearly stating that the local citizen is not responsible enough to make rules, or not make rules, in their own respective communities. Contact the Senate Wildlife and Environmental committee, Senator Gallus and our other local State level elected officials to vote not to support this egregious theft of local governance.
William J. Cowie, Stark. Jerry, are you getting this!!! See you in the mid-terms.

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