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Friday, August 29, 2008

Rest in Peace

Will Cowie died this week. He was killed in an electrical accident on a jobsite in NY.

Jon Easton founded this blog, with a lot of help and input from Will. They let me join the club. I had a lot of fun with them; smart, funny, feminist, men.

One of my favorite memories of Will is from the summer of 2005. Former NH Governor Benson had asked the legislature to form a commission to study same sex marriage in NH. The commission had some public hearings around the state. The first one was in Littleton, chosen undoubtedly because the GOP controlled commission expected low turnout, and a lot of redneck northern hicks talking about sin, and doom. What they got was a room filled with over 100 people. There were 6 who testified against marriage equality. Early in the evening, a tall, good looking man in a suit, with a military haircut, and carrying a Bible came in. Most assumed he was there to expound on how same gender marriage would be an affront to God.

They were wrong.

That man was Will Cowie - who explained who he was, and how he felt - which was that we are all equal, and should all have the same rights and privileges, and he didn't see anything in that book he was holding that said otherwise.

I loved Will. I'm going to miss him.


EDIT: If you miss Will's voice you can do what I do. Go heAR.

Will Cowie is Great, that is all.
Thanks Jon. You're pretty great, too.
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