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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Richardson's Job Boast

He claimed he had created 80,000 jobs when government figures put the total at 68,100.


Democratic presidential contender Bill Richardson boasts of creating 80,000 jobs since becoming governor of New Mexico. Not yet, he hasn't. The state has gained fewer than 76,000 payroll jobs since he took office, and official figures showed a mere 68,100 gain when he first started making his inflated boast last year. He bases his claim on a definition of "jobs" that includes unpaid workers in family businesses and freelancers who don't draw a paycheck.

Richardson also claims he "made New Mexico 6th in job growth," which is misleading at best. In fact, the state already ranked 6th for the 12-month period before he took office. It has ranked 6th for a few selected months since, but it currently ranks 17th.


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