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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kucinich in Rochester, NH 8/24

CBS News’ Jeff Greenfield will be covering the Kucinich campaign in Rochester, NH, on Friday August 24th. Tentative plans are for CBS to air the segment based on this tour and an interview (to be taped later in the day) on Monday night August 27th.

Candidate Dennis Kucinich and his wife, Elizabeth, will begin their tour at 3:30 at the office of Dr. Terry Bennett; he is the last independent GP in Strafford County and serves patients lacking health insurance. Some of these patients will be on hand to hear about HR 676, the bill in Congress that seeks to establish a single payer health care system. The tour will move to the downtown area to engage in some retail politicking, and then on to the Café at the Governor’s Inn for a meet and greet event from 5 to 6PM. The public is welcome to join the campaign at any point along the route or simply come to the Café at 5PM.

Please direct questions to NHCampaign Coordinator, Susan Bruce who can be reached at

Due to a sudden change in schedule, Congressman Kucinich will not be in NH on August 24. All NH events are cancelled. Dennis and Elizabeth will be in Kennebunkport on Saturday for the peace rally/march.
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