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Friday, August 24, 2007

Better late than never...

This afternoon on The Situation Room, CNN ran one of their "Keeping Them Honest" segments about Crandall Canyon mine owner Robert Murray , examining the safety record of Murray Energy's 19 other mining operations.

Murray correctly claimed that the safety record of Crandall Canyon was "almost outstanding, much better than the national average" — though tragically, that was obviously prior to the collapse that trapped 6 miners 18 days ago and launched a risky recovery mission that took the lives of three rescuers one week ago tonight.

CNN looked into Murray's other mining operations, though, and found some shocking statistics: Of Murray's 19 mines, 7 were underground and 4 of them had accident rates above the national average. CNN specifically cited Murray's Illinois Galatia mine, which CNN reports has racked up 3,485 safety citations in the last 2.5 years, and has had an above-average rate of injury every year since Murray bought it.

Murray's Galatia mine has racked up 968 safety citations in 2007, almost a quarter of which are considered "significant and substantial." Murray challenges many of the citations — but has also paid approximately $700,000 in fines from 2005-2006. Great information to have — but wow, is it ever late.

more @ huffington

If f*ing took them long enough.... after they basically let the mine OWNER be the press liaison for the disaster which MSHA [Mine Safty and Health Administration] regulations prohibit. Then Murray allowed CNN reports to enter the mine DURING the rescue , I believe another violation of MSHA. But hey, Murray needed to buy some good press right CNN? Well he got his money's worth for at least the first 17 days. Richard Stickler, the MSHA chief, was a Bush recess appointment because Sen. Byrd had a hold on him for the dismal safety record of his own mines.

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