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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

War Profiteering,,,, and how you can help.

A damn good question...

I would like to ask Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe to please help my family understand why my son, Pfc. Matthew Deister of the Maine Army National Guard's 172nd Mountain Co., has to pay for basic services while in Iraq and Kuwait.

Matthew has been deployed for 18 months and left home Feb. 1 with his unit.
Matthew and our family understand the reason for the deployment, as he enlisted during this war. But I, his father, can't understand why we are charging our soldiers for Internet and telephone services, food and even haircuts!

Did we not ask these fine men and women to go? And yet, we continue to charge them for simple services that should be provided at no cost.

Matthew has to pay $5 per hour for Internet service. Anyone who knows about the pay structure of the service can understand why this is such an outrage. Matthew makes Pfc. wages while overseas.

If you deduct what he pays for the Internet, telephone and haircuts, you can see the reason I am very angry right now. I have never been so angry about any situation. We require them to go overseas and yet continue to allow people to profit off their needs.

Richard Deister
Buxton, Maine
Maine Sunday Telegram

I called Richard last night to thank him for speaking up. He's a nice guy---really nice guy---who is concerned not only about his son's situation, but about all the members of the 172nd Mountain Co. and their ability to pay for basic services that the Pentagon should be picking up on their behalf. For me, charging for internet access is the last straw.

Can you spare 5 bucks for one hour of internet service for the 172nd? If yes, email me at and I'll tell you where to send it.

from dailykos

Nice to see you back schoolboy.

This is tragic. I work for a lady whose son got shot in the chest,recovered, then was in another direct combat action where he shattered his ankle after they blew up the tree he was in as a sharp shooter, then he picked up some desert rot all over his body from some desert fleas and is back here now actually fighting for his Tri-care. Nice way to treat your troops. Oh yeah, any new VA members get to pay an additional $250- membership fee plus a co-pay every time they get checked out.
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