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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Manchester greets Bush

I didn't make it down to Manchester for this. How was it?
It was good, nio. At one point the Union Leader reporter counted 100 people. Lots of people, lots of creative signs - including one that read, "Expect Resistance."
Some disagree with the maxim that voters are idiots but I have another example of Righty moronic imbecility. (redundant nez-pas?)
As many of you know I have been spouting about, and certainly not supporting, the pork laden fire truck this Town is poised to receive thanks in no small facilitation by Bass, Burton and Gallus, the Purveyors of Pork Trio. Anyhooo, this is the logic behind sooo many staunch straight party tickets Righties thinking they have the key to fiscal restraint and economic sustainability. Take the fire truck and its massive (for this town) quarter of a million dollar matching grant price tag which we all pay for, but in the next article, vote to give the town a 5% reduction in your taxes. Savvy??? We need a fire truck here like I need antlers. The Bush, Bass, Gallus, Burton Homeland Security Grant extravaganza.

This is just the type of folk that go by and give the single digit peace sign to folks trying to educate these same confused, imbeciles to take the blinders off that obstruct the objective vision of common sense.

Can I borrow a sign for the Stark Town meeting??? I am on the ballot, apparently, as a sacrificial lamb for school board and Selectman. I do expect resistance.

Stark is even smaller than my little burg - is it a ladder truck? How tall is Stark's tallest building?

I met a guy in Manchester on Weds who lives in Southampton, NH - pop. 815. They have 8 cops - and cruisers. Can you imagine?

"There'll be pork in the treetops come morning." Eleanor of Aquitaine in "The Lion in Winter"
Actually it is a Spartan Pumper, oooh, ooooh, ooooh. One arguement from these brave firemen is that they can now, more properly support surrounding communities under the ever shady Mutual Aid plan. These surrounding communities have expressed their trepidation to me at having the Stark Volunteer Fire department members assist in extinguishing a burning pile of leaves let along a structure fire. I fully support this piece of equipment going to Groveton, Jefferson, Milan or even Woodsville, but not Stark. We don't even have enough CDL drivers in the SVFD for all of the heavy trucking currently in inventory.

At least I am getting a nasty taste and great heads up of where my base is not located for my Senate run.
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