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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

house intelligence

I spent a little time under the golden dome today - at the House Judiciary hearing on CACR-34, a proposed amendment to the NH constitution that would ban same sex marriage. Now, we already have a law against same sex marriage, and another that says we don't have to recognize civil unions or same sex marriages performed in other states. Some of our brilliant legislators (think Jack Barnes) decided that a constitutional amendment would be delicious in an election year.

Yep, if you want to inflame the basest of the GOP base, that's what you do.

The hearing was well run, and everyone was polite and behaving like grown-ups. The anti-gay crowd was not standing around out front with signs and ugly messages. The ugly messages were being presented in testimony by a few legislators and a few members of the religious community. On the plus side there were at least 7 UU ministers (including mine) present. The testimony being presented by our side was good. I had a brief chat with Mo Baxley from NH Freedom to Marry, who urges us to all keep contacting our legislators to voice our opposition to using the constitution as a way of hurting a minority population.

Also - president Bush is in Manchester tomorrow. Look for a certain northern hussy and her tribe to have a presence at Veteran's Park accross the street. Listen to NHPR for the hussy's radio interview with Dan Gorenstein. She's also mentioned in the Nashua Telegraph today.

Voice your values!

Rise up!!!
Come on down to Manchester, lambchop!
I would love to but I have to take care of some stuff for a recently departed Legion veteran pal. He died last week and I have to move his belongings out of the Berlin housing by tomorrow. Sad...

You have fun and I will be listening for your interview. I have an extra $25- if you need bailed out...
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