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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bush visits NH

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- While President George W. Bush spoke to a crowd of business and political leaders inside the Radisson Hotel on Wednesday, more than two dozen protestors gathered outside.
It was 100 people at peak - as counted by a Union Leader reporter - not likely exaggerate. An organizer of the protest was asked about the 2007 budget:
"That will give so much money to the military while taking from food programs that feed the elderly," said Susan Bruce, of the New Hampshire Citizens Alliance. "It's just wrong."

Glad to see you made it out of there without an indictment. I have no doubt that you are now on the NSA snooper list. Nice. Incedentally, business groups such as those that "sponsored" the Bush visit are fairly well connected to the Chamber of Commerce, as I am sure you regular learned Liberal Patriot blog visitors are aware. In case you thought your tax $$$ do not subsidize these groups, think again. Here in little ol' Stark, we have several thousand $$$ directly funding groups such as Northern Gateway Chamber of Commerce to name just one and a portion of your County tax contribution fund even more groups that sponsor and allow Bush access to the bully pulpit. I unwittingly helped Bush to campaign, as it were, and continue to bs the crowd with my dime. I am not that comfortable with that scenario.

Well done SusanB...
You're right Will - most people aren't aware how right wing the Chamber of Commerce is.

I got on the snooper list back in the 1980's - and I'm doing my best to stay on it. I won't go out quietly. (as anyone who knows me knows!)

Is Jon still amongst us? What has become of that trouble making pinko?
Ahhh yes, Jon. He is currently battling the sickness once again. I am very concerned for the lad. The last time I saw him, early last week, he looked more green than... well I don't have a green metaphor here but Kermit the Frog will have to suffice. He assures his regular faithful fans he will be back blogging and fighting the fight against the Right soon. He is also working on his doctorate or phd or mba or cia, one of those degrees.
We're here
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