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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Republicans are strong on the military?

“Stretched by frequent troop rotations to Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army has become a “thin green line” that could snap unless relief comes soon, according to a study for the Pentagon.”

from thinkprogress

Keep this in mind as well. We are currently providing some 48,000-60,000 troops to support ongoing, endless UN missions around the globe. The cash, troops and materiel for these deadly boondoggles, supported by your tax dollars and under the leadership of some of the most ruthless traitorous scum to their own people, is not only unconstitutional, some of these countries have been feeling the
UN bayonet of democracy for decades now. Nice use of our sons and daughters, and in my case, my nephew. I hope, God forbid, if he gets blown up wearing a friggin blue helmet, his buds can find most of him so I can bury him here... God speed Jimmy...
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