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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

NH is filled with white male blowhards....

Migrant bills spur debate

Dozens of people, including many from out of state, packed Representatives Hall yesterday to testify on legislation that would give local authorities sweeping powers to limit illegal immigration.

"The point of this law is to get the local police into the game," said Rep. Andrew Renzullo, a Hudson Republican.

That says it all. Its a game for this local yahoos who wanna run around playing vigilante. Absolutely the wrong people to entrust with this duty.

Joan Molinara, a member of 9/11 Families for a Secure America, traveled from Pennsylvania to testify. Her son, a New York City firefighter, was killed during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and for her, strict local immigration laws are about safety, not race.

"If one state has the courage to stand up and do something, then others will follow," she said.

The domino theory (The idea that brought us Vietnam) is alive and well. If this is the case how come we don't have an income tax or a bottle deposit?

If these bills were challenged, it would be very difficult to defend them against a constitutional challenge," she said.

Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, said he's watching the debate, but he thinks immigration laws may be beyond the scope of the Legislature.

"I certainly don't think it's a big problem, but . . . I believe that the federal government has a responsibility to enforce the laws which are on the books," he said. "They need to step up and do that."

Gov. Two Sides... On two sides of every issue. DO you want know where Lynch stands on any issue? He is directly in the center and NOT YET taking a position. What courage, what vision… what leadership. If only his approval rating could single handedly make this a better state.


There are 26 degrees of immigrant status - from undocumented to full citizen. Is playing vigilante the best use of NH resources? One of those bills would require cabdrivers to ask for proof of citizenship when transporting folks accross a state border. We can barely fund our court systems now - do we want to clog them up with these cases?

The ugly reality is that this is all about distracting, wedge issues, and flat out GOP racism. If we really wanted to do something about undocumented workers, we'd examine the failure of our trade policies.
Well said Susan. Ohio, Florida, Texas, Washington and I am sure many more, are seeking, or already have, to implement State Patriot Act laws. This sure seems like one in Cowhampshire... You will probably hear things from law enforcement such as "obligated to uphold the law" even if the issue is out of their scope of training and jurisdiction.

I am all for legal immigration but witch hunts are not the answer. I really think trade compacts need more publicized scrutiny.
I think the white male characterization is a bit much. We have many female blowhards, too.

In any case, while we do have our share of blowhards and crackpot citizens, so does every other state. It's sometimes more visible here, though, because we have a very large legislature and a small population, and we also tend to favor large local boards and councils; the result being that we put an unusually high proportion of our blowhards in positions where they actully have a bully pulpit from which to do their blowing. And then, every four years, we invite the biggest blowhards from all the other states to join us for a few months.
As long as we can have the National blowhards here first, things will be right (pardon the pun) with the world... However, equivocating on every issue is something Lynch does very well. Avoiding a loss is apparently more important than maintaining a straight back.
A tactic he learned well from Shaheen, btw.
Yo, Richard - the numbers of male blowhards vs. female, in positions of power, does not compare, at this juncture. When the numbers match, we'll know we've achieved equality.
I recently heard some mad crazy dissproportionate numbers. It appears that this land of equality (quite clearly a relative term depending whom you ask) is ranked 67th on the planet in democratic pricipled Nations, with women representing 51% of the population but holding a mear 15% of the eleceted office for the Common Citizen. Third World, supposed backward Countries are leaps and bounds in front of this land of the free. The Allmighty Whitey Righty Male reigns supreme. Tragic. Have there not been revolutions over such issues??? Back to sleep complacent Americans, ZZZzzz.
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