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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

National Call-In Week
Call your U.S. Representative toll-free: 800-426-8073!

On December 19, the House of Representatives approved a budget bill in the middle of the night that slashes aid Americans depend on – after having only a few hours to read the nearly 800-page bill. The bill protects powerful interests: the health insurance industry, pharmaceutical companies, and banks -- while it hurts people who need Medicaid, student loans, child care, child support enforcement, and disability assistance. Because the Senate made some small changes, the bill goes back to the House for another vote on February 1. Now they have plenty of time to learn how their constituents will be hurt – and vote NO.

Call your U.S. Representative toll-free at 800-426-8073 starting January 23. This number will connect you to the Capitol switchboard. The person at the switchboard can connect you to your Representative's office. After you’re connected with a staff person from your Representative’s office, tell them: “My name is _______________ and I live in (town/city). I would like Representative [Bradley/Bass] to vote NO on the budget cuts bill (S.1932). This bill will cut billions in vital services, including Medicaid, SSI, foster care, child care, child support and student loans. I urge the Representative to vote against this bill because it chooses special interests over families.”

This number is available from now through February 1 - the day the vote on the budget will take place.

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