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Sunday, January 08, 2006

I guess he will just have to resign in disgrace and take a multimillion dollar lobbying job... not bad for a bug killer

Fox News has the story.

Tom DeLay said this wasn’t going to happen. From the AP, 10/3/05:

The criminal charges are “so frivolous, so over-the-top, so embarrassing to the judiciary that we ought to be able to get it out of here pretty quickly,” DeLay told “Fox News Sunday.” “It will be over and be over very, very soon. And I think I will go back to be majority leader.”

UPDATE: The AP has more.

UPDATE II: DeLay releases his official resignation letter.

from thinkprogress

No Longer House Leader, but not resigning... yet.

DeLay told the Chronicle Saturday that in recent days he discussed his situation with GOP leaders, including Hastert, and considered several options, including resigning from Congress. In the end he decided against quitting Congress because ‘I still have a lot to contribute to the Houston-Galveston area.’”

form think progress

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