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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Half full...

So we only got 25 Senators to vote for a filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee who, if defeated, would be replaced by someone just as bad by a president in the pocket of his radical right wing. Well.

Do you know how many votes the Republicans managed to get when uber wingnut Antonin Scalia was confirmed? 98. And Democrats had a majority. We didn't have to even think about a filibuster. We couldn't defeat Clarence Thomas and we had a majority, a huge push from women's groups and a very dramatic set of hearings that went into the wee hours of the morning. It is very, very tough to do.


When it became clear that the vote was going against the filibuster, Diane Feinstein, a puddle of lukewarm water if there ever was one, decided to backtrack and play to the base instead of the right wing. That's new folks. Given an opportunity to make an easy vote, until now she and others like her (who are legion) would always default to the right to prove their "centrist" bonafides. That's the DLC model. When you have a free vote always use it to show that you aren't liberal. That's why she was against it originally --- a reflexive nod to being "reasonable."

Obama had to choke out his support for a filibuster, but he did it. A calculation was made that he needed to play to the base instead of the punditocrisy who believe that being "bold" is voting with the Republicans. Don't underestimate how much pressure there is to do that, especially for a guy like Obama who is running for King of the Purple. The whole presidential club, including Biden joined the chorus.

The last time we had a serious outpouring from the grassroots was the Iraq War resolution. My Senator DiFi commented at thetime that she had never seen anything like the depth of passion coming from her constituents. But she voted for the war anyway. So did Bayh, Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Kerry and Reid. The entire leadership of the party. Every one of them went the other way this time. I know that some of you are cynical about these people (and ,well, they are politicans, so don't get all Claud Rains about it) but that means something. Every one of those people were running in one way or another in 2002 and they went the other way. The tide is shifting. There is something to be gained by doing the right thing.


This is a dramatic moment for the netroots. Get ready for marginalization, evocations of 1968 and 1972, calls for purging us from the party, the whole thing. That's what happens when the citizens rise up. Don't let it shake your will. We are the heart of the Democratic party and we can make a difference.

[emphasis mine]

You really, really need to read the whole thing.

from daily kos

This is obviously a tragic result of, as Susan and I have been saying, "our government". YOU sleeping out there!!! Get pissed off and do something about this mess. We (you) are the government that allow this shit to happen. Could someone please tell these elected asses on the D ticket to actually read Wellstones "Conscience of a Liberal" that is so touted by sellout Dems!!! Read some Sirota too. These guys were-are the party. You shit on me for casting the light of transparency upon your pathetic selves. Now eat your cake.

By the way, on the local tip. Berlin Mayor Bob Gallus Danderson has announced this A.M. on NHPR he intends to run a primary against Charlie Bass. It seems Charlie is on his own with no North Country enterage this season. I would love to see if he gets an invite to Scott Masons and Rita Richardsons bbq this summer.It's Gallus, Ray, Danderson, puke...

Our Country...Tragic...
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