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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bush helping the terrorists win....

In an attempt to defend his illegal spying, Bush claims the program is limited in nature:

SAN ANTONIO -- President Bush on Sunday strongly defended his domestic spying program, saying it's a limited initiative that tracks only incoming calls to the United States.

"It's seems logical to me that if we know there's a phone number associated with al-Qaida or an al-Qaida affiliate and they're making phone calls, it makes sense to find out why," Bush said. "They attacked us before, they'll attack us again."

Let's suspend our disbelief for a moment and accept his claim that the program tracked "only incoming calls." Thank you, Mr. President, for giving Osama the heads up that if he wants to avoid being tracked, he shouldn't call collect. Sleeper cells across the whole fucking nation just learned how to avoid the program you call "vital" to our national security.

The President, who decried the leak of generic information about the spying as "shameless" and causing "great harm to the nation," now singlehandedly undermined the effectiveness of his own program. Shameless indeed.

from daily kos

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