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Monday, January 09, 2006

Bass Town Hall in Littleton

Congressman Charlie Bass is having some town hall meetings this week. He'll be in Littleton on Thursday night, at 5 pm at the Littleton Senior Center, at 77 Riverglen Rd. This is a marvelous chance to hold Charlie accountable for all of his recent chicanery. The House will be voting on the budget on Feb.1. The cuts to student loan programs are deeper than they were the first time. Ask Charlie about that $3,000 a year raise he and his buds gave themselves before Thanksgiving. Ask Charlie why, if he's so concerned about cleaning up the corruption in the House, he hasn't given Tom DeLay's $14,300 in campaign contributions back? Ask him about that sleazy deal he tried to broker to help Big Oil avoid paying to clean up MTBE pollution in NH wells.

I will be there, with black and yellow signs that say things like "Don't cut student loan programs to fund tax cuts for millionares." We need a big crowd - so join us!

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