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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wish we had a forward thinking governor like this.

Cuba's state-run food agency, Alimport has cut a deal with Maine's Governor, John Baldacci. Maine will begin to export 20 million dollars worth of seed, potatoes, fish and dairy cattle to Cuba in 2007. Mr Baldacci is the third state governor to travel to the island this year for trade talks. Despite the 40-year trade embargo, food sales to Cuba on a cash basis were approved by Congress in 2000.

Lynch will be forward thinking when the Righty NH legislature tells him to be forward thinking. I did get a nice holiday card from the Lynch fam. Nice!!! I'm all awash in misty holiday cheer. Although that mist might be the defrosting from the fact that I just froze my eyelids closed with the -14 degree temps in Satrk here.

I wonder when they are going to figure out that the company check I used for the ball belongs to me so they shut me off the list? heheheheh.
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