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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Will, I am think that the problem is that we are not radical enough...

Michael Reagan, talk show host and son of the former President, said today, “Howard Dean should be arrested and hung for treason.” (Via AmericaBlog)

from thinkprogress

Just a reminder that the podcast is being recorded today.

Yeah, I don't know if I would be comfortable asking for a lynching but I will mention to Fish and Game about opening up a spring and fall firearms hunting season on Righty politicians, media shills and activists. That would stem the planets overpopulation.
When truth equals treason, we are indeed in a big guano quagmire.

Howard Dean is one of the only Democrats who has the ovaries to speak the truth - one can see where he'd need to be eliminated by the rightards.
What is even more tragic is that too many (any) establishment Dems are knocking the guy. What on Earth are they thinking???
The Dems have taken the GOP talking points to heart - they believe that they have to move to the right, that's what folks want.

What they fail to grasp is that it isn't about a need to move to the left - we want an opposition party! We want Democrats who are willing to take a stand and be counted.

They're all afraid that Dean and Pelosi's anti-war remarks will hurt them during the elections. Apparently they'd rather cower and cringe than take a stand. I have a lot of respect for Rep. Murtha who is taking a principled stand, and saying he was wrong.
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